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Friday, February 15, 2019

About global COOLING and its effect on food prices: I like this guy, he is smart, direct, very perceptive. Stock up quickly and accordingly!


Ezra Tepper said...

This guy is not onto whose manager Dane Wittington brings extensive data showing that the cold weather is geoengineered using patented spraying procedures for cooling down the lower atmosphere. The rest of the world, such as Australia, is experiencing horrendous warming temperatures of 45C despite the seeming solar radiation minimum. This is partially caused by the severe geoengineering-caused breakdown in the ozone layer, which nobody (except a few experts) is talking about.

Ezra Tepper

DS said...

HI Ezra, and thanks for your comment.

You make a very good point. If you'll notice, I shared a video of Dane Wittington - who is really Dane WIGINGTON - in one of my last posts, so I am very aware of him. Here

But as you know there are several interpretations of reality, for instance the approach that Hashem is behind all of this ( how do we reconcile Hashem's doing vs. man's? I am not sure).

I don't remember every video I posted with all its details, but when somebody seems to make a good point I like to share their view. I am by no means an expert about this, I myself am trying to figure all this out, frankly! SO every bit helps. And your comment did too. I will have to review both videos and try to find the unbridgeable discrepancies. Thank you.l