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Thursday, August 2, 2018

I haven't written this post yet: By error I posted before working on it, only my notes appear. When I have a chance I will organize them. But notice the flood in Maryland shortly after she arrived: coincidence???

REMEMBER “Multiculturalism” Prof. Pnina Peri (J Streeter), who berated a loud obnoxious diatribe against Tefillin wearer? [wife of Yoram Peri, a professor of sociology who served as president of the New Israel Fund; head of Bildenhorn Institute for Israel at U of Md]? The Coalition for Jewish Values, says it represents over 1000 Rabbis in the US, asked that Peri’s employers at the University of Maryland and the American University “immediately review the coarse load assigned to Prof Peri for the upcoming semester” as “one could not anticipate that the woman portrayed on that video would necessarily treat [religious students] impartially and with complete fairness.” “Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, CJB’s East Coast regional VP: “[…] She needs to be dismissed immediately […]. Culled from Hamodia News, June 7 edition.
STUDENT IMPRESSIONS OF PROF PERI “Most horrible person I ever met; on the whole one of the worst professors … lectures were factually inaccurate and she routinely berated students for pointing out … or disagreeing with with her; she denigrates Jewish practice and culture … I felt very uncomfortable as a Jew taking her class. Culled from Hamodia News, June 7 edition

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