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Monday, December 31, 2018

BOOMERANG! PART II: The supervolcano under Rome, Syria, and Jew hatred...Happy new year, enjoy, but don't forget to pray, and pray hard!


To all, Shalom!

Today is the last day of the secular year - here in Israel at least - and I wanted to quickly tell you an amazing story that happened to me recently. It is tied with everything going on in the world right now, particularly with regard to the Vatican and the Holy Land of Israel.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I had done a lot of research on the Vatican and Israel, specially in 2009, the year pope Benedikt XVI visited Israel. I wrote two major research papers on the topic, one tying in with the other, the first in 2006, then the next one in 2009, which you can find in this blog; not to mention countless other papers following the goings-on between Israel and the Vatican; all that while Benedikt was pope. I pretty much stopped the research once he resigned giving up his seat to the current pope, Francis.

Lo and behold, on Xmas day, December 25th, 2018, a very antisemitic website, link below, decided to quote my most important research paper about the Vatican and Israel, titled "Perfect Crime: The Vatican's Plot to Rob Am Yisrael of Jerusalem,...", as one of their main sources. Notice the long comment below the link to that article, "2009":

(The weird thing is, just a few hours before my article went viral thanks to that enemy website, I had posted a video featuring Wayne Jett, author of a new book which he sells on his blog using for PR reference the author of the website above; and yet when I asked Wayne about it he said he had had nothing to do with this; it was pure Siyatah Dishmayah!)

At any rate, this rekindled my interest in the topic of Rome and Israel. But what is even more remarkable is that against my wishes, I found myself in Rome twice in the last two months, forced to personally confront that irredentist city which proudly glorifies its cruel Roman past - so proud of the Coliseum built with the treasures of the destroyed Beth Hamikdash, where they pitted countless hapless Jewish and other victims against ferocious lions; not to mention the fact that the source of all antisemitism on this planet, the Vatican, sits in its midst like an evil queen. You even have a female idol of you know who standing at the entrance of its international airport! And all of a sudden my research resurfaces, on Xmas day, just on time for the new Syrian reality created by Trump.

If you look up the labels "Syria", " Vatican schemes and lies" on this blog, you will find that the evidence is clear: the whole Syrian episode was planned in Rome. And not only Syria: Libya as well (and al). The plan was to surround Israel with Arab enemies who would do the dirty work for Rome, which did not want to sacrifice its own soldiers.

About the inability of NATO to conquer Israel, and their approach, read the study of Professor Gaub of the NATO College of Rome, 2010, available here on NATO stationary, with a map:

 ( In a more recent PDF version of the paper which I am not including here, Gaub changed the title to NATO IN PALESTINE. The Holy Land is now called Palestine!?When she first wrote the paper in 2010 it was still called the Holy Land. This shows you the papal influence: she uses Vatican terminology; who else in Europe or NATO has recognized the "state" of Palestine as of yet, besides the Vatican??)

Here is a pretty good reference I had written in 2010, which gives you at least some details about the intense involvement of the Vatican in the planned conquest of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem:

Gaub wrote they would need around 50,000 - 80,000 men to invade/conquer Israel,  but would rather not sacrifice their own men. Better (my words) get useful idiots, willing executioners, if you like, to do it for them! 

You have to understand that the relationships are very complicated, but if you look deep into it - and this blog has all the evidence - you will see that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the CIA, the US, WERE all doing Rome's work; the Vatican is behind it all - although Erdogan is a recently rebellious wild card in their midst, which is why they tried to install their CIA puppet Fethullah Gulen instead with the failed coup two years ago ( read all about Fethullah Gulen's CIA/Vatican connections on this blog), so that Turkey is a problem for them at this time. And Saudi Arabia is changing too, and then there is Trump... so things are a bit murky these days, at least for me. The map has changed, the Deep State, read Vatican, is in trouble, at least on the surface. And of course Russia is a big player these days. You can read all about Putin's alliance with Benedikt in 2007, again on this blog. Not to mention Iran, a whole other story which I will leave out, it's a bit over my head. Where are things headed??

So now that Trump has withdrawn his troops from Syria, our enemies are salivating. Yes! Israel will be destroyed! The Russians will finish us off, kill us all, nuke us to death!

Isn't this what Rav Berland had warned us about on Chanukah, had told us to all come to Mearat HaMachpelah on Zot Chanukah to pray and say Tehillim for the safety of Israel because we are in great danger? Nobody knew about that withdrawal from Syria on Chanukah, did we? And I came back all the way from Rome on time, beating the odds, to be sure to be at that Tefillah that night! I even cancelled an important trip so I could be there ....

Hashem has His plans; we don't know what they are at the moment, but one thing is for sure: Rome will not get away with murder so easily. Look at the latest news out of Italy, which happened THE DAY AFTER XMAS, in fact, right after pope Francis had again called on Israel to pursue the two-state solution with the murderous PA/ Gaza:

Here is a map of Italy with location of the current earthquake. And below are a few links that show you the whole volcanic/earthquake map of this volcano and earthquake prone region; in fact two years ago there was another major earthquake not far from Rome. 

The freaky thing is, Naples sits on a huge caldera /supervolcano named Campi Flegrei that is expected to erupt anytime in the near future. That caldera is only a two hour drive from Rome! Not to mention a smaller volcano about 20 miles away from Rome. So it's only a matter of time before Rome gets what it has coming. 

Check the few websites I provided here for more information about the geology of Rome, Naples, Sicily, etc.

          Daily Mail, UK photo

Now another interesting thing is, on Xmas day, at sunset ( the time on my camera is EST) , I noticed that clouds were unusually pinkish red, so I took a few pictures, here in Kiryat Arba/Hevron. You probably know from my previous posts that I do carefully look at the sky when things appear unusual; and we know that Planet X causes pink/red clouds, so my impression was: here we go again, Planet X! Long time no see! And just then I received a video from a very knowledgeable YouTube poster, Scott, and his partner Dr. Albers. Even though he likes to talk a lot, Scott makes some very relevant points; in particular he discusses the Etna earthquake of December 26, as well as Planet X's effects these days again.

In conclusion, I would like to mention certain  things: 

On the website of our enemy, in the above-mentioned article titled Cardinal Joe...., the author brings up some important events that happened in the last few years with regards to the Vatican. In particular the fact that the pope made a TREATY in 2015 with the murderous PA, recognizing it as a state - yeah, right - ; and refusing to divulge to Israel what kind of deal they made with each other. It can't be anything good for us, that is for sure. After all Rome IS the source of all the antisemitism unleashed on the world since 2009; again the proof to this is to be found on this blog, if you care to spend a long time reading the evidence: it's all there.

A very interesting website discusses the kinds of deals the Church makes with different countries, always to its advantage of course, in particular it discusses the deal made with Israel, but they know how to twist reality to their advantage.

The fact is, they are an absolutely evil entity. Not by accident is the angel of Esav/Edom Samael, the Satan himself! And they deserve absolutely everything Hashem will decide to unleash on them, if and when He does. And if and when He does, I will not feel one bit sorry for them. However I would hope that all good Jews in Rome, and other good people of Rome - there are good people there after all too - will have enough time to run away from the planetary disaster the prophets promise will befall Edom at the End of Days. We are getting there, aren't we?

Oh, and Rome wants the Temple rebuilt with the pope at its helm. However a prophecy - which one is it again? - states that the Third Temple will fall from the sky; right? 

Then look at this absolutely freaky video, and tell me what you think! Again, from the same Scott and Dr. Albers:

Have a good secular new year, everybody. May Hashem send us only blessings. But we need to do our part: Tefillah, Tefillah, Tefillah! And Teshuva too of course.


Kol Tuv


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