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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Here is an extraordinary testimony by a trustworthy "truther" spilling the beans - I had already spilled a lot of those beans on this blog, but he goes much further. Kudos!

Normally I would not post SGT material- an antisemitic blog, not to mention Yoschke being recalled once by the interviewer towards the end of this video. However the interviewee here doesn't appear to fit that description, he is a truth seeker, a very intelligent, inquisitive and honest attorney, and I can relate to the content of his interview. Impressive and very informative! Still, he subscribes to the "Khazarian" fake Jews theory, - that is at least my understanding after reading one of his articles -, and he bashes the Talmud, and that certainly gives me pause.... We shall see. At any rate, what he exposes here is certainly very worthwhile. Go to his website, and judge for yourself! Some of his stuff is great, and some makes me want to run.


ADDENDUM, January 1st, 2019

I probably should have called this post:

"Campi Flegrei, introduction...", or something to that effect; but on December 24th, the day I posted this video, I had no idea what effect this interview would have on my further articles! However my contact with this author proved seminal to the subsequent post:

So these two posts are definitely connected. And there are more to come, B"H: after all we are talking current events, and those are developing as we speak.

Let's hope 2019 is at least livable. Of course happy and fulfilling, and Mashiach coming, would be a million times better.... we shall see, and we will daven in the meantime: what else is there to do? And of course let's do our Hishtadlut, do our best, our part in Avodat Hashem, in whichever way it comes to each of us, to help Mashiach come in the best way possible. Amen.


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