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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

... The protests continue: they will not go away this time; Am Yisrael has finally woken up: the Lion of Judah is rising! You have to understand the background, though, going back quite a few years....

 I received this video from Boaz; when I first watched it, I was so touched by the pastoral , stirring quiet surrounding these present day nomads following in the footsteps of our forefathers, the Patriarchs, Moshe Rabbeinu, King David, who were all shepherds and were therefore chosen by G-d to lead the nation; young Jews carrying their caravans like tents of old along the striking landscape of Eretz Yisrael, leading their flocks - until the brutal beasts arrived, the cruel, fascistic Erev Rav, all raw violence, all brutality, no soul, animal abusers too: beasts in human bodies ... and my heart sank. This, in Kochav Hashachar; this, in the very community whence a number of the tortured youths come from. This is the background - filmed in 1999 -; this is what the beasts want to stop at all costs, the beautiful biblical spirituality of young Jews lovers of the Land.... this is whom they want to KILL so they can control and exploit the beautiful Land and continue their illicit wheeling and dealing with Esav and Yishmael. THIS is our enemy, THIS is the Erev Rav, THIS is AMALEK within: you just saw them with your own eyes. And THIS is what the people won't tolerate any more. This raw evil has to be expunged from the Holy Land of Israel!

  • From SHmuel:

MK Tzipi Hotovely ,
MK Ayelet Shaked ,
Israel Ministry of Justice ,
Israel Hayom ,
IMOD public relations ,,
"IBA RESHET \"B\"" ,

Mr. Netanyahu and associates,
We do not condone violence by anybody against anybody else. What happened in DUMA is repugnant to us.  Regrettable we do not have a clue as to who done it.  WE utterly reject :confessions" under torture.
Since the nefarious Oslo deals our people and co travelers have suffered nearly 2000 "victims of peace", thousands of maimed for life as well as thousands who have been Pogromed against.
The suspect sthat created the Oslo processes must face justice.
In any democratic country NO ONE pre judges the guilt of anyone. THE COURTS, preferably freely elected, are the only body that can decide, based on legally obtained evidence, either guilt or innocence.
Yesterday we sent to many friends in the US and from there to 12 other countries, the following quote and a few lines with reference to certain secretly agreed protocols. Agreed among non elected functions here in the "israeli demokratiah". Those protocols are those that make torture of citizens, including torture of minors, an Israeli government institution.
While it is not easy to ascertain how many times and against whom the elements in question "authorized" torture, we know that minors have been tortured by the entities operated by Mr. Netanyahu. 
This is now heard piped by the usual elements serving the post Jewish cadres. The caterva involved point out that "the supreme court authorized it"...
Anyone surprised?
Having lived in locations where torture and worse were common, once teams of perverts are set up to effect torture, it does not ever remain limited.
Mr. Netanyahu correctly demanded yesterday that all of us denounce terrorism, and here I will do my part...   
The person in question and the operative in the payroll should not have much of a problem stopping the terrorism acts listed herein.
1. Mr. Netanyahu and his associates must stop terrorizing people by kidnapping young Jews and non Jews, even minors and ordering their massive torture.
2. Mr. Netanyahu and his associate Erdan must stop police terrorizing Jews visiting our Temple Mount.
3. Mr. Netanyahu must stop terrorizing Jews when he orders assaults against them at their homes.  Doing it at night and with babies being thrown physically out of their homes seems to be the preferred terror procedure.
4. Mr. Netanyahu must cease at once terrorizing Jews by himself or using his special teams that destroy Jewish homes and farms.
5. Mr. Netanyahu must stop terrorizing Jews by releasing from jail thousands of Islamic murderers of Jews back into their appointed tasks.
6. Mr. Netanyahu must stop his SShabak from terrorizing and torturing one and all.
There...Mr. Prime Minstrel Netanyahu.... see? I did my part.
QUESTION for Weinstein and his jolly gangs of perverted torturers...
Are you fellows torturing Donia Sarah Netanyahu during her new and timely "investigation" or the idea is to blackmail Mr. Netanyahu by terrorizing the Mrs.?
"[Giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which may [may be claimed to] be good for the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless." —Thomas Jefferson, 1791
And now my standard signature statement of self deprecation ...  Here it goes...Then again what does a simple Gaucho of very little brain like me know... To at least attempt to cure part of my limiting condition I went on and visited many Sites in INTERNET, and voila!   Israel's GSS specifically is listed there as example for Israel being one out some 25 countries where torture is an institution as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Israel is included in the same list with... Afghanistan, Albania. Algeria, Angola, China, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunis, Uganda, USA, Uzbekistan and a few other "tzeleigerim" that also scream, like our... PM and presidente that "we are a country of laws" while destroying innocent citizens   .                                                                                                                                                                          AH!  Before I forget... (see what I mean?), replace the word "Union" in the heading statement quoted, as we have NO union at all here in Israel except "coalitions" among equally ill fitting groups.. Replace the word "Union" with any other words representing the true nature of the dysfunctional ghastly mess the unJews created here.  Peresite criminal combina comes to mind.
PS: The only solution is for the people once and for all utterly plowing under the corrupt entente passing as a government system and FREELY elect new institutions and worthy Jews to lead us.

  • From Jack, attorney:

If they have evidence, why are they using torture?
If they have a case, why are they trying it in the media?

The Shabak is in the Prime Minister's Office. Their actions are the responsibility of the PM. Write to him and hold him to account for torture being institutional in Israel.

Begin Fwd message:



The Shabak interrogations of the Duma suspects are over. A few suspects have confessed to various crimes after weeks of alleged non stop torture. They will now be brought to trial for serious charges including murder, facing life in prison. But the struggle for clarification of what happened in the Shabak interrogation chambers is only beginning. 

The Shabak and the Courts have just issued an official decision prohibiting the publication of the details of the interrogation and torture methods they implemented during the investigation. 

It is time for all who believe that Israel is a democracy to publicly protest the government's transparent attempt at cover-up and to demand a full independent investigation of what happened to the Duma suspects in the Shabak headquarters. This is a struggle for justice for the suspects, and a struggle for the democratic, moral and ethical soul of the state of Israel.  

Among distinguished public figures who are demanding an independent inquiry is Rabbi Aryeh Stern, shlita, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.  

Protest This Motzaei Shabbat in Ramot

There will be a protest this Motzaei Shabbat, January 9, outside the home of Yoram Cohen, head of the Shabak. Protestors will demand transparency regarding the interrogation methods used in the Duma interrogations. Bring signs" What Are You Hiding?" 

Address of the protest is:  Rechov Yigal Alon  corner Hachoresh Street, Ramot, Jerusalem 


There is a need for an organized group to spearhead the demand for an investigation of the interrogation methods. A group called Meshilut already working on organizing such a campaign. See their website at


Everyone is encouraged to write to government officials demanding that the state of Israel conduct an investigation of the methods they used to extract confessions before trying the suspects in court. According to David Bedein,  "The Israel official who oversees all Shabak policies is the prime minister of Israel. Send him a short, reasonable letter. Best place to write to Benjamin Netanyahu is:

A list of all government officials including President Rivlin, Attorney General Weinstein and members of the Supreme Court to follow.  

For updates on protests organized by "Yehudi Lo Me'aneh Yehudi" send an SMS to 
055-6650946 and request to be updated on their events. 

  • On another note:
 My theory: Just as happened countless times in the US during FALSE FLAG ATTACKS , the patsy, who works for the CIA etc., promptly gets disposed of after the terrorist act , so he can't talk. I say THEY hired him, then got rid of him. Don't forget his father is part of the system, the family probably trusted the GSS.  One more politically convenient 'terror' attack, a diversion from the Shabak's and the whole government's crimes.

What do you think?

Terrorist's relative: 'Why can't Israel find him?'

Attorney relative who previously represented Tel Aviv shooter surprised 'Israel with its great power is unable to locate a little criminal.'
By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 1/6/2016, 2:49 PM

Nashat Melhem
Nashat Melhem
Police spokesperson unit
Attorney Sami Melhem, a relative of the Arab Israeli terrorist Nashat Melhem, criticized the security apparatus on Wednesday for its continued inability to locate his terrorist relative six days after the lethal Tel Aviv shooting on Friday.
Nashat murdered two people in a Tel Aviv pub, and an hour later he apparently murdered a taxi driver as well. Massive police forces have been scouring for him, but have yet to locate the elusive gunman.
"I'm surprised that the state of Israel, with its great power, is unable to locate a little criminal," the attorney said in an interview on radio Kol Rega.
"If it can't catch him, then who will catch him? Me? His father?," he posed, a day after Nashat's father Mohammed was arrested on suspicions that the family helped him escape and hide.
Sami Melhem said, "I'm doubtful that someone in the family knew about this incident," even though Mohammed was revealed on Tuesday to have spoken with Nashat just after the attack.
"I also have no doubt about the fact that there is condemnation of the act, condemnation that was already said after the attack. There is no reason to cooperate with a man like this, who did what he did."
Despite the attempt to downplay the terrorist as a "little criminal," Melhem has shown himself to be crafty, having intentionally thrown away his phone before carrying out the attack with an automatic assault rifle so as to make it harder to track him.
In the past, Sami Melhem represented his terrorist family member in court, after he was convicted in July 2007 of attacking a soldier with a screwdriver and attempting to steal a his gun at Karkur Junction to the east of Hadera.


DS said...

Jack says:

It works the other way also. Back in the '50's, maybe as late as the '60's, Fatah sent European terrorists with anti-Israel sympathies (I think they were Irish) to leave a bomb in a movie theater. They told them (or maybe just him) that it was a 5-minute fuse but when he set it, it exploded immediately, killing him as well as others in the theater. No witness to give info if he is captured.

Later, in the 1980's, an Irish woman had a "Palestinian" boyfriend. She got pregnant. He agreed to marry her. He sent her to meet his family back in Israeli-occupied Judea, and he would follow in a few days. The Israeli security person screening passengers became suspicious of her and when they inspected her luggage, found that her loving fiancee had put a bomb in it. I forget what they found out about his affiliations.

Or the gunman might be affiliated with a terrorist organization. The authorities say that ISIS modus operandi are written all over the deed. I do not know details.

There are several possibilities.


He adds:

The fiancee's name comes back to me from a dusty corner of my memory. Al Hindi.

DS said...

SHmuel said:

I fully agree with you both on this. This was not a regular, run of the mill job.
It uncannily happened exactly when the Netanyahu's darlings torture exposure was growing fast and needed to be covered with smoke and mirrors.
False flag.


DS said...

SHmuel added, after I thanked both him and Jack for the information on this post:

Always we try to stop the onslaught against Jews and Heritage. You are welcome DS.
There is a vast waste land of deceit "up there".
Very dangerous forces are desperate as their true nature is now exposed and will stop at nothing.
Heads up!


DS said...

Aryeh said:

Most likely he is in Aza and was smuggled to there within an hour after the attack through one of the undiscovered tunnels. I suspect that the police know this but the security services find it more enjoyable assaulting teenage boys and girls than going after adult Arabs. Where is the fun in that?

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Here is some background on why we see and hear what we see and hear on the news - and why most people have no idea who the "hilltop youth" are, why they exist and how important they are - and how others around the world can relate to them, on whatever level: "back to nature," "religious village" or whatever.

Does Our News Feed Free Us or Enslave Us?

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Great video, by the way.

DS said...

Chava said:

Absolutely worth watching the video. From well before the Gerush. Seems the "settlers" (villagers) have seen the bare face of the police state for quite some time.