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Friday, January 8, 2016

OMINOUS or "HOLMINOUS" ? Latest message from the Admor of Holmin dated January 6th, 2015, in Hebrew, plus the latest ominous news: the former can nullify the latter!

 Together with this information shared with me by Chava:

So that's why there was no train service for a very long time, all the way from the Central bus station in Jerusalem to French Hill and Shuafat, on December 31st, and then again earlier this week. The train company claimed it was because of electrical problems, but it sure was strange that they would be unable to fix those problems for so long, or that the electrical problem should recur, it didn't make sense. I guess "they" didn't want the public to find out about all these armed Hamas men in Jerusalem, specially after they made such a fuss over toy guns at a Jewish wedding, and about a masked Shabak agent provocateur brandishing a knife through a piece of paper -Oh no, how abominable, how dangerous, how "terroristic"! On the other hand, real live fire from hundreds of real live terrorists is a non-event, I suppose.

Shabbat Shalom



CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Who knew!!!

As my rabbi says, we make our own reality. Thanks to your advice earlier, I started back reading Zohar. But I still have to do some preparation in order to put more into it/get more out of it.

DS said...

N. said:

Didn't know about the train 'hold-up''. Shuafat is very close to French Hill.

If only these neo-maccabees had guns! The Haredi army will know how to fight HaShem's wars.....

.....Illegal immigrants have caused a sharp spike in brutal crime, but Bnei Brak strikes back despite government inaction, demolishing den.