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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is no joke! Food for thought, and quite scary. You Jews - and Christian friends of the Jews - in America, better think of this with your own future in mind.

Thank you, Cynthia - who commented: 

"I just heard this today.  He made this back in 10/10.  Why aren't we hearing him?"

Yes Cynthia, you are so right. Never saw this one; it is quite scary, and should make US Jews - and Christians- think about their future now. See what happened in Toulouse yesterday - France is coming to the US.

 I knew it, just didn't know how it would be done; this spells it out so clearly. Since May 2009 I have been warning US Jews on this blog that antisemitism was being heated up deliberately, BY ROME. I have been dissed, ridiculed, called an alarmist, ignored. My warnings were just premature, that's all. It is coming, you better believe it. Not only I have warned; first and foremost Eric Phelps has been saying this, using other venues to arrive to the same conclusion. And so had Rabbi Meir Kahane, and Shifra Hoffman. This video only confirms what we have been saying all along.

 And just to prove this point, see yesterday's news:

New York police have tightened security at Jewish sites in the wake of a shooting that ended the lives of four Jews in Toulouse.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 3/19/2012, 10:09 PM

770 Eastern Pkwy World Lubavitch HQ
770 Eastern Pkwy World Lubavitch HQ

New York police tightened security Monday at synagogues and other Jewish institutions following an attack hours earlier on the Otzar HaTorah Jewish day school in Toulouse, France.
Police spokesman Paul Browne said NYPD would increase patrols and tighten surveillance around more than 40 sites in response to the attack and other “events abroad.”
Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two young sons ages 3 and 6, and the 8-year-old daughter of the school's principal were shot to death by a gunman who arrived on a motorcycle. The gunman used two pistols in the attack and also left an unnamed 17-year-old boy critically injured before escaping the scene.
Two Paris synagogues have received threatening letters since Friday; one of the two was received on Monday morning. “You are the people of Satan, Hell is waiting for you,” was the message written in the letter, sources told the AFP news agency. Paris police have launched an investigation.
Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak noted in testimony before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday that the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist organization is likely to attack Jewish targets worldwide.
Iran patronizes, sponsors and generously funds the group, Barak pointed out, and itself is also dedicated to initiating terror attacks as well.
In recent months a number of Iranian attempts on Israeli and Jewish targets have been foiled in several international venues, among them Thailand, India and Azerbaijan.
 So, dear friends, open your eyes and ears, and don't be fooled by the calm before the storm. It is coming to your shores, to my deep regret.

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