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Friday, December 23, 2011

Urgent, essential, please watch and read now! And pass it on to your friends and family before it's too late. I am not trying to be an alarmist, but this is very serious, at least from what I can tell.


To all of you:

I just found this on the Alex Jones website (the videos linked below, I was not able to embed them). This is for real! Sources, data, paperwork, everything is here.True, Alex Jones also publishes a lot of BS, and there is a lot of antisemitism on his show, but this is for real!

The moment the collapse hits the U.S., that's it! We don't know when, but as you know Europe is on the brink. The banks for now have been temporarily supported by the ECB, but Greece is on the verge, the other Euro countries are in very bad shape, and it is all one deck of cards: one collapses, who knows how many others collapse with it. Whether the U.S. will collapse at the same time is anybody's guess. For now , as I said, the banks look OK. But it could change any day.

The moment it collapses, it will be too late!

So please, devise a plan and decide what needs to be done before it happens, now!

 And watch this guy who has his head on his shoulders. Never heard of him before, but he certainly deserves our attention.

Sei Gebenscht, good Shabbos, and a Happy Chanukah.


David contributed this video for more information on the previous speaker:

And here is another one. Finally somebody who points the finger where it belongs: AT THE VATICAN!

Thank you, Benjamin. Are you Mashiach ben Yosef?


DS said...

Ron said:

Dear DS,

Thanks so much for the links. You are right. It is for real and all that Alex and Joe are warning of will soon happen.

Things are hotting up and as Joe said, it is a battle of good versus evil of which while evil will prevail for a season. In due time however, America suffer annihilation for the evil which she has done. The prophet Malachi told us that in our day when it is all over, the righteous would walk out on the ashes of the wicked so we are not to fear what man can do, but rather to hold to the promise that “unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings.”


DS said...

Carl writes:

I was about to send this same message out, but you beat me to it. So I forwarded it to my mailing list, family, and friends. THANKS. It looks like Eric Phelps has some good videos on his website about the Vatican, Jesuits, and the Black Pope. I think I'll take a look at them.

Thanks for staying on top of things.

DS said...

Ezra writes:

Regarding the anti-Semitism on Alex Jones (I am not justifying it), look at it this way. Jews tend to excel in all endeavors, science, medicine, jurisprudence, government, economics, etc. etc.. Take the story of Yosef in our parshah this week. He is the archetype of Jewish success on the positive side. Members of our clan have also been involved up to their neck in various sundry groups, such as the Jewish mafia. Unfortunately, there are also too many Jewish financial gurus Wolfowitz, Rothschilds, Soros, etc. etc. among the "new world order" junkies. This naturally evolves hate in the eyes of many who do not distinguish between activities of individuals (who have largely rejected their origins and many of whom are intermarried) and the group out of which they have evolved. In one sentence, on many levels we are responsible for our own problems, especially when our religious leaders do not speak up. This is not Ezra talking, the Torah and the Tanach teach this innumerable times.

Hanukah samei'ach

DS said...

Anonymous said:

And Netanyahu too? What about Barak and the previous head of the supreme court? What about Aaron Barak past supreme ct. president?
Isn't this guy afraid for his life????

DS said...

This guy doesn't really know what's going in inside Israel, obviously. When he says Netanyahu, I understand Barak, Peres and co as well, of course. He is not that well informed about what's going on inside Israel.

Yes, he is afraid for his life, actually from what he says there were quite a few assassination attempts on him,.

DS said...

Here is an old comment by a Talmid Chacham friend, from a while ago:

The disunity of Germamia keeps Amalek from going forth to destroy the world. This is the bit of the wicked that keeps Amalek from going forth to destroy the world.
9:41 PM Count the princes. 300 + 365
me: I'm here. just trying to understand
9:42 PM 666?
And what does that have to do with the book of Rev.?
9:43 PM X: As long as Germamia remained a patch work of 300 city states Amalek did not take over to go forth and destroy the world. When Germany and Rome finally united, Hitler of Austria took over and did so
He was the 666th prince
The number of the Satan
9:44 PM found in the Book of Revelation
from our sources
me: Well. NOW, germania and rome are united in ONE PERSON, the POPE.
even worse!
X: yes
9:45 PM me: Is that the only part of the book that is worth something/ Is the rest all fantasy? Is it ROMAN SORCERY at all. this book of R?
X: found in the Gemorah in Megillah

My comment:

Amalek is out to destroy the world. Only a break-up of their unity will stop them.

DS said...
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