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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bibi finally showing his true colors. Interesting that a military dictatorship should've been declared simultaneously in the U.S. and in Israel, in an obviously coordinated fashion. I guess they don't like to see their financial basis evaporate, do they.

...Since the Attorney General said there is nothing wrong with this picture, just as well post it.....

Incidentally, MARTIAL LAW was officially declared at the U.N. in Geneva  in June 2009, for all U.N. member states and by definition, simply by declaration of a pandemic - remember the H1N1 hysteria???.... So, if you wonder where this simultaneous development is coming from, don't seek too far: I guess they were waiting for the proper signal; the Euro crashing must have been it. Order given. Watch for similar developments in other countries too. They had it planned all along. If you ever questioned whether Bibi is a NWO member or not, I guess you got your answer today. Thanks, brother of Yoni Netanyahu, your brother must be really proud of you today!

Actually, you don't need to put him in a Nazi uniform: his nasty, contorted features speak for themselves; the mask is off.




    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/14/2011 - 19:00 Barack Obama John McCain national security Reuters White House
    Congress just passed the National Defense Authorization Act in a 283-to-136 vote. 190 Republicans and 93 Democrats voted for; 43 Republicans and 93 Democrats voted "against." Prepare to be arrested, without charge, if someone believes believe you engage in "terroristy" stuff. Good luck proving them wrong.


    Dec 13 (1 day ago)

    More on the bill passed by the US Senate last week that would authorize the military to arrest and detain indefinitely any person anywhere in the world, with no charges and no trial with only one military hearing to determine that they suspect that person of being a terrorist, which the bill does not define.

    People have characterized this as a "police state." Not precisely. It makes the US a military dictatorship. The military would define "terrorist" and "terrorism." The military would decide who is probably a terrorist and would be the one to conclude that the person is a terrorist in fact. The military would be, not only judge, jury and jailer. It would also be the legislator who defines the crime. If you want to see who Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, thinks might be a terrorist, look at this and this which includes groups opposed to abortion and immigration, as well as returning soldiers from combat overseas. The State Department lists as a foreign terrorist organization at least one organization (Kahane Chai) which is so classified solely for what it has said and not for what it has done.

    That is not all. If the President were to call a judge and tell him that the President wants a person convicted, the judge can tell him that he, the judge, is in charge of the trial and does not answer to the President. But the President is Commander in Chief of the military. If he calls a military tribunal and orders it to convict, it is an order from their Commander in Chief.

    Sadly, this bill has already been passed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives with nary a whimper by a 322-96 vote.
    Only six Republicans voted No. Like I have pointed out, electing Republicans is not enough. The established leadership of both parties has to be thrown out and the parties reconstituted in the Constitutional mold. No other has ever been agreed upon. It has been distorted and perverted, it is true, but only by stealth, taking advantage of people's ignorance. No other mold has ever been consciously agreed upon.

    This measure unites Americans of [almost] all political stripes. It puts the ACLU and the John Birch Society on  the same side of the issue. That's pretty impressive. As someone said, this is not a liberal thing or a conservative thing. This is an American thing.

    Do Republicans who voted for this bill really trust Obama with that kind of power? Would Democrats who voted for the bill trust George Bush with that power? Do they know who the President will be in five years? Ten years? Thirty years? Why did they enact it?

    There is not much time, citizens. Both houses of Congress agree with the thrust of the bill. They only need to conform their two drafts and enact the exact same bill. Pressure has to be brought immediately or America will become a military dictatorship. It will still have a very convincing democratic facade but it will be just that, a facade. Here is something to urge your Congressional representatives to do. And if they won't do it, they are derelict in their duty to defend the Constitution of the United States and their defeat for reelection should be a foregone conclusion. In fact, anyone who voted for this blatantly fascistic measure should be recalled at my onionion, of course.


    • PM Approves New Security Measures in Judea and Samaria

    Publish: 12/14/2011, 9:12 PM

    Prime Minister Netanyahu approved new security measures for dealing with disturbances in Judea and Samaria.
    Gavriel Queenann

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday accepted the recommendations of Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman for dealing with disturbances in Judea and Samaria.
    The ministers formulated the recommendations after meeting with ISA, IDF, Israel Police and State Attorney's Office teams, which were:
    1. The immediate issuing of administrative detention orders against rioters;
    2. Immediately increasing the number of those barred from various areas;
    3. Trying rioters in military courts;
    4. Giving IDF soldiers the authority to detain people; and
    5. Increasing both the number of special ISA, Israel Police, IDF and State Attorney's Office investigation teams and the resources for investigations.
    However, Netanyahu rejected the recommendation that 'rioters' be classified as terrorists.
    The recommendations come one day after an emergency cabinet meeting was convened to discuss a riot by some 50 angry Jewish youth at the Ephraim Brigade headquarters late Monday, during which the rioters clashed with soldiers and hurled Molotov cocktails and stones at IDF vehicles.
    In a separate incident on Monday the commander of the Ephraim Brigade, Col. Ron Kahane, was injured when stones were thrown at his vehicle. Netanyahu vowed to stop violence directed at the IDF.
    Prime Minister Netanyahu told reporters, "Those who raise a hand against IDF soldiers or Israel Police personnel will be punished severely.  Those who rioted at the IDF Ephraim Brigade base are like those who riot in Bilin."
    "It is important to me to emphasize that this is a small group that does not represent the public that lives in Judea and Samaria, who are loyal to the state and its laws and who condemn the rioting," Netanyahu added.
    The incident has been overwhelmingly condemned by community leaders and rabbis in Judea and Samaria who described the riot as "shameful and disgraceful."
    Also on Wednesday a delegation of Rabbis from Samaria led by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar met with Kahane and his officers to express their solidarity with the IDF. During the meeting they unequivocally stated attacks on IDF personnel were a grave sin proscribed by the Torah.
    However, they also criticized Israel's political echelon for using the IDF – the army of the people – to settle internal political disputes.
    During 2005 disengagement from Gaza observers predicted that using the IDF to destroy Jewish communities would estrange idealistic young people from the IDF due to shock at seeing soldiers execute orders that destroyed their lives and ran counter to national interests.
    Many of the young people became convinced that the peaceful, quiet protests that preceded the disengagement were a tactical mistake, because the government ignored them, although hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets against the disastrous move.
    Despite this, youth in Judea and Samaria continue to enlist in the IDF at a disproportionately high rate compared to their peers in other segments of society.

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