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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It could be... but then again it could be that the Vatican itself purchased it: considering what the pope stares at when he goes to the bathroom.....and considering all the lies they have been telling...

Do you think the faithful who listen to his 'word of God' have any idea???

Thanks to Chaya for this last link: great find!

More and more dirt is being exposed about the Church; it's good. Pornography goes to the very top of the food chain, it's not limited to the small fry we read about. Remember the word 'pontification'? From now on Benedikt's pontifications will bear a slightly lighter weight, I'd say. I wonder what he will say in his Xmas address: will he discuss "art"???

Chanukah Sameach

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Moshe said:

so what else is new...? nu... these depraved butchers are sick to the core... as the old joke goes... question: when is it time for bed in the monastery...? answer: when the big hand touches the little hand..." mosh.out...