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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

USURPERS IN TOWN: you can bet these developments are related! Welcome to a new round of terror in Judea and Samaria, which will be protected and abetted by criminal police as usual...

 Did I not tell you about USURPERS OF KING DAVID'S THRONE IN JERUSALEM? Well, here they are, in person, visiting us Erev Pessach - with consequences for all of us to be felt immediately.

Pope Benedikt's right hand man, Juan Carlos of Spain, has sent his son, Crown Prince Felipe, to Jerusalem, Erev Pessach, to come assert their usurped rights - for the papacy, of course, as well as for themselves - over Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and to give orders to Jerusalem to comply with their wishes, or else. The wishes being, of course, to tear our heart out, to divide Jerusalem and the Holy Land of Israel, to give Judea and Samaria to the Arabs, so that Rome can finally rule from Jerusalem, and the Arabs can finally finish the job that Hitler started.

...See who is catering to the usurpers: our whole government is but a front and delegation for those usurpers : THEY WORK FOR ROME. They serve them fully, out of love and out of fear.

 Isn't it time we reinstated our righteous Mashiach, King David's heir, instead? Where are you, Mashiach? We need you!

Juan Carlos's titles include that of King of Jerusalem, check it out here:

So essentially Felipe came here to claim his usurped inheritance and boss us around, and our traitorous president and wimpy PM, Peres and Bibi, gave him a royal welcome, when instead they should be chasing him away with our entire army, as King David would have done in a similar situation. The throne belongs to King David and his descendants, that means Mashiach ben David; it does NOT belong to the so-called 'king of Jerusalem'; any foreign king, power or pope who dares to assert rights to our kingship, who dares dictate to us, should be chased away by the full force of our army, the IDF. What is the IDF doing instead? Welcoming them with pomp and fanfare while withdrawing from Judea and Samaria! What is our government doing instead? Welcoming the usurpers to a royal feast!

Any protests here????? 

What shall we do? What needs to be done? Things to ponder, and suggestions welcome.

 Peres and the Prince: Spanish royalty visits Israel

Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia commemorate 25 years of diplomatic ties at Beit Hanassi, encourage technological cooperation.
Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain visited President Shimon Peres at Beit Hanassi on
The prince and princess visited Israel to commemorate 25 years of diplomatic relations between the
two countries. This is Prince Felipe's first visit to Israel, which comes after Peres' visit with the King
Juan Carlos of Spain in February.
The visiting royals were greeted by an IDF orchestra as well as children who had made aliyah from
Spain, that held Israeli and Spanish flags.
They then attended a meeting with Peres and Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jiminez.
"Israel welcomes you and hopes that your historic visit will help strengthen economic, scientific, 
technological, educational and cultural ties between Spain and Israel," Peres told the prince.
"I would like to thank your father, the King of Spain, and Queen Sophia, for the warm welcome
I received in Spain. King Juan Carlos bravely succeeded to lead Spain to democracy after Franco,
strengthening Spain and turning it into an open, peace-loving country."
Prince Felipe said that Spain is very interested in the technological cooperation with Israel, and
plans to promote this partnership by visiting Tel Aviv University later Monday.
He also asked Peres about the possibility of renewed peace talks

with the Palestinians.
"The gap between Israel and the Palestinians is not large and called be bridged," Peres said.
"There is no replacement for direct negotiations in order to promote the idea of two states for two
nations."Before leaving Israel on Tuesday, the royals will attend a 
breakfast hosted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after 
which they will be given a tour of the Israel Museum by Chief Curator Yigal Zalmona. At lunch 
time they will meet with dignitaries of the Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah. 

Report: PM Considering Pre-emptive Concessions

Nissan 8, 5771, 12 April 11 09:51
( Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is considering a package of political steps and benefits to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to be presented as part of a policy outline in the United States, according to a report in Haaretz. The moves are described as attempts to stop international pressure which is expected after a vote on an independent PA state in September.
The package includes "an additional redeployment of Israel Defense Forces units and more security control will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority. Some B Areas, in which Israel has security authority and the Palestinians only civilian authority, will be transferred to the authority's complete control. In addition, some C Areas, in which Israel has complete control,  will become B Areas," according to the report.
At the same time, Netanyahu intends to advance a return to negotiations via an international conference with the participation of Israel and the PA. His representatives will press Western countries to vote against the proposed PA state.

Yesha Council Slams Reported Concessions

Nissan 8, 5771, 12 April 11 11:14
( The Yesha Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reacted Tuesday to the Haaretz report, that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was considering further concessions to the Palestinian Authority, by saying, "Instead of behaving in a level-headed and intelligent way, Israel is sending out signals of panic. This panic is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Arabs and the international community smell it and, in response, increase the pressure and so forth."
The council statement continued, "In these days, when the south is absorbing the missiles of the previous withdrawal, it's amazing that someone is talking about an additional withdrawal. The correct course is to make it very clear that a unilateral Palestinian step will be answered by our unilateral steps, such as the application of sovereignty on Judea and Samaria or parts of it while activating the levers of political, economic, military and other pressure that the state of Israel has. This is the correct answer and not further concessions."

Israel Police in Nationwide Surprise Drill

Nissan 8, 5771, 12 April 11 09:55
( The Israel Police are conducting surprise drills around the country, Tuesday morning, to test their readiness for terror threats. The police stressed that the drill is not expected to affect the routine of civilians.
At the same time, there will be brisk movements of security and other emergency vehicles around the country.

Samaria Woman Survives Road Ambush

Nissan 7, 5771, 11 April 11 10:01
by Gil Ronen
( Malkah Mahon of Maaleh Levona in Samaria was the victim of an apparent attempt to murder her Sunday afternoon.
She had just driven out of Maaleh Levona and began heading toward Ariel, to see her son, when she encountered a vehicle with Palestinian Authority license plates apparently trying to carry out a U-turn in a bend in the road. Two Arabs were standing outside the vehicle. They motioned to her, inviting her to drive past them.
Something seemed wrong, however, and Malkah decided to wait for the vehicle to complete its U-turn. 
At that point the two Arabs approached her vehicle and tried to clamber onto it. "I started driving and they started pelting me with rocks and at the same time, the Palestinian car started ramming me several times and tried to knock me off the road," she told Arutz Sheva.
Mahon managed to drive away and to press the distress button in her car. The IDF contacted her and asked her to drive to Eli, where she underwent initial IDF questioning about the event. A representative of the Judea and Samaria police was also present. 
The attackers apparently fled to the nearby village of Sinjel.
Mahon's late son, Evyatar, escaped an attempted abduction at Eli Junction on 2007, and his presence of mind and courage helped security forces arrest the three Hamas terrorists who attacked him. He was killed in a traffic accident a short time later, at age 17.5, on his way back from a trip in the Golan Heights.
Residents of Maaleh Levona noted that this is not the first time that Arabs attempted an ambush against the community's inhabitants. Not long ago, a terrorist dressed as a haredi Jew tried to abduct a woman but a malfunction in his car foiled the attempt.
Judea and Samaria Police spokesman Gil Elhadad told Arutz Sheva that the attack was "very grave" and that "serious" efforts are being made to locate the suspects.

( By the way, this looks like a Moshe Feiglin type of attack: illegal U-turn on the road, attempted murder by ramming of the offending vehicle into the victim's car. This seems to be a common modus operandi lately. Also, notice that it is not the first time the Mahon family has been targeted: is it all coincidental, and if not,why? Who are the Mahon's? Who decided to eliminate them? Obviously they are a very courageous, even heroic family, judging by the behavior of their son, ZT"L , who was learning in the Yeshiva of Itamar - see below - and I would assume they are leaders of their community. Notice that their son was killed in a car accident as well, - maybe only an accident that time, who knows.... Still, the fact that he was earlier the target of an abduction is noteworthy; the question is, who wants to get that family, and why? Coincidences of this nature are rather unlikely, I would think. 

Notice also the name Barghouti appearing twice among the names of the three attempted abductors of Evyatar Mahon in 2007.  Barghouti, Hamas? I thought jailed Marwan Barghouti is a wannabe president of the P.A., a great friend of our leftist traitors, being visited in jail, wined and dined by them any chance they get: no family relation to the attempted abductors? I'd be very surprised. Judging from the source of the report on the abduction, below, I don't doubt for an instant the reporter's ability to spread disinformation - old stuff, but relevant.

So this latest attempted murder, thank God averted, of yet another Mahon family member, this time their mother, is most likely part and parcel of the infamous secret Oslo clauses drafted by King Juan Carlos' and Benedikt's friend, Shimon Peres, &co.)

We have come full circle.

Time to get rid of the traitors. Time to get rid of Chametz.

Happy Pessach.

...Unfortunately, Itamar had a terrible tragedy this week. One of our dear students of our Yeshiva high school, Evyatar Mahon that just graduated a few weeks ago was killed in a car accident. Evyatar was a resident of the community Maale Livonah and was buried in Shilo last night. Just a few months ago, Evyatar, was miraculously saved from an attempted kidnapping by Arab terrorists. Monday night Evyatar hitched a ride home and received a terrible head injury when driver that fell asleep behind the wheel and collided with an oncoming vehicle. He passed away yesterday, Thursday July 12, at around four o'clock. Evyatar, was a very special boy who always had a smile on his face. Evyatar's family, community, teachers, and classmates are all heartbroken. Our Rabbis teach us that when a terrible tragedy takes place, it is a sign from G-d that we must try and elevate ourselves and repent. Let us all take upon ourselves to do good deeds and improve ourselves.

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