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Thursday, April 7, 2011

...My response to "Anonymous Amalekite" who made death threats against us - below....

Here is what one cowardly, murderous Israeli Amalekite ( I didn't say Jewish, I said " Israeli": not the same thing!) wrote in response to my previous post, "Pointing the finger at Amalek within Israel..." :
מתנחבלים! הלוואי שהערבים ירצחו את כולכם! מנובלים אתם! עופו מהמדינה שלנו לפני שנתפל בכם כמו שצריך
ישראלי ציוני


"Terrorist settlers! I only wish the Arabs killed all of you! You are despicable! Get out of our country before we dispose of you as we see fit.
Signed off: Zionist Israeli"

I thought it important for you to read this with your own eyes, so you can feel the palpable hatred spewing out of this Israeli Nazi. And believe me there are countless more like him! Successive antisemitic governments saw to it that those good- for- nothings flood our country, so here they are.

On the other hand, thank G-d, here are some sane, Jewish responses to his vile outburst, which give me hope, and show that the Jewish spirit is alive and well in our nation.


  • First of all, the father of SHALHEVET PASS, HY"D, of Hevron, who couldn't have said it better. Here he is, in all his glory and real courage, ( unlike the snake who wrote the anonymous words above):

 English version here:

...Then from S:

"anonymous" is a typical unJewish and probably even less, coward degenerate, a filthy murderer, cloned out from the rear end hair of a she hyena.

...And from nik:

go to my facebook page and hear how i have begun to fight back against this evil... i will now blog by audio on "cinch"podcasts... a few are up now and linked to my facebook page and on twitter... the battle for Divine vengeance has just been enjoined... we must fight back and we will...

meir kahane was fighting to secede and form eretz yehuda (judea) if and when israel pulled out the idf from the territories... this is the real reason he was gunned down by the slime... the time has come for this truth to come out and i will air this in public... everyone should go to google videos and take a look at the seminar he gave in '89 or '90 near syracuse ny... the 3 hour video in three parts entitled "why be jewish?" is masterful and must be viewed by every jew on the planet... only then will we begin to know the extent and the depth of the depravity and perfidy of the slime that is arrayed against us and which has been leveled at us all... only then will jews see why we must be ready to fight back if need be by all means necessary or lose our homeland in yet another planned and plotted worldwide slime holocaust wielded by them to trigger ww3... lo alenu... G-d forbid...

rav meir was fighting for "referendum or revolution..." so must we... it is now come right down to it... it is clearly now or never... Hashem yanakom damim for all our slaughtered kadoshim!!! i am nikmatdam... humble and imperfect servant of the one true G-d of israel... and i yearn for redemption but i truly ache for Divine justice and vengeance...

I have a feeling responses from our friends will keep on coming.....

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