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Friday, April 8, 2011

Moshe Feiglin's change of heart : what was it, spiritual enlightenment, or did he finally "get the message"? Bibi also "got the message" last summer at the Plaza Hotel, NY.

Pay attention to the manner in which this 'accident' happened. The driver of the offending vehicle made an illegal U-turn on a solid white line, managed to hit Moshe Feiglin's son's car, for no reason whatsoever of course, but thank God he failed to send the boy to the next world. And thank God the boy lived to tell the story, for all to hear, of how he was attacked by the offending driver. Moshe abandoned politics, and is suddenly a 'changed man', with different views, and of course UNWILLING TO OPPOSE BIBI ANY LONGER. What could have caused this sudden enlightenment of his? I leave it up to you to decide.

If your son, or daughter, or wife,  was hit in such a deliberate manner, and you were a controversial political figure with many enemies in positions of power, wouldn't you "reconsider your views" as well?

Notice also how the TV segment was doctored, how parts of Moshe's statements were cut, with the result that his confession of a change of heart was juxtaposed to his teary-eyed gratitude for people's prayers. The way this is presented, it appears that the reason Moshe changed his mind is because of people's prayers, which made him realize he had been wrong all along. I don't buy this explanation, this is pure cinema, pure illusion. Moshe did not tell us why he had a change of heart, but I think his body language is speaking for him: the man is scared, he is afraid to tell the truth: he has learned his lesson well. 

Welcome to the dirty world of Israeli politics, Moshe.

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DS said...

DP says:

To me it looks terrible
and true.

DS said...

nik says ( more than one part, it is long):

i wrote u a long piece that blogger comment erased and would not submit... i hate the slime that run the world!!!

but i will just rewrite it and let them be damned... and i will write a far superior piece in its place...

i wrote...

so sad but understandable for moshe to collapse like this to the slime... my heart goes out to him and to his family... i can only imagine the heartache and anguish he and his wife are being made to endure due to this ordeal perpetrated against them by the slime...

they have such an unfair advantage over us as is demonstrated so aptly by what we say in "al hanisim" during chanukah in recognition of how Hashem rescued us by giving over to us...

"the gibborim b'yad chalashim (the mighty in the hands of the weak) and the rabim b'yad ma'atim (the many into the hands of the few)..." but then it adds on three more descriptions of the magnitude of the great nes (miracle) by way of also His having given over to us... "the tamayim b'yad tahorim (the impure into the hands of the pure)... the reshayim b'yad tzadikim (the wicked into the hands of the righteous... and the zaydim b'yad oskey toratecha (the wanton sinners into the hands of those who are occupied with Your torah)..."

DS said...

nik part II:

now the first two are readily comprehendable... but what do the other three add to the greatness of the chanukah nes...?

i have heard it said... they add alot... a whole new dimension to our appreciation of just how amazing this miraculous victory truly was... because we have no idea about what obscene levels of insanity and depths of depravity that these above three categories of slime are capable of descending to... they are so twisted and so contorted in the dementia and sickness of their souls and in the disease of their hearts and minds that they are capable of anything... there are no bounds to their sadism and cruelty... they are viciously wild and ravenously despicable beasts...they are inhuman... they are diabolical... and they are vampires... quite literally...

and as such their capacity for indecency, murder and repaciousness are without limit...and this is what makes them so dangerous and so hard to vanquish... they have the will and the ability to do things we pure of heart and righteous of deed cannot even conceive of thinking about let alone actually carrying out and putting into action... and so we find ourselves outmatched in the quality of our souls and not just in the quantity of our forces and our arms... and this is unjust and unfair... the battlefield is not a level one for them and for us and it makes them much much more likely to prevail...

DS said...

nik part III:

this is what Hashem did for us in His coming to our aid and in the salvation He wrought for us by His givng us the extra ability and siyata d'shemayah to be able to overcome these long odds arrayed against us... both in terms of the the physical properties and in the spiritual qualities of the war... but alas this has not proven to be the case so far in our modern day struggle against the hellenists of our time... and we so desperately are in need of another chanukah nes exactly as the original one back then played out... but sadly Hashem has not seen fit to do so for us just yet and thus good people like moshe feiglin and the kahane family are made to suffer and grieve and lose heart and courage or just plain lose... lose family members...

when the chronicle of our time is recorded for posterity it will reflect this angst and this unmistakable desparity between the chanukah maesa (event) of long ago which itself was replete as well with many losses and many tears but at least inthe end saw release and surcease and freedom for awhile from tyranny and despotism... and the woefully lesser achievements so far of our geula b'eito.. a redemption of such suffering and sorrow that is as yet unrequited in final victory and full-restoration... and for this the land mourns and puts on sackcloth for our fallen warriors and heroes... and the G-d of heaven still waits for us to be worthy of moshiach tzidkenu... may this season of our first redemption finally mark at long long last the time of our yearned for geulah shelayamah when Hashem will wipe away all of our tears and grant us peace forever... amen selah..

DS said...

Comment unrelated to this specific post, but very relevant nevertheless, by J.

Israel is to blame!
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.Look how many times Israelis elect and re-elect the very same prime ministers and knesset members.They set policy.So if the IDF catches the suspects they will go free because the politicos will simply exchange them for the corpses of fallen IDF heroes.Ultimately you have to point the finger at yourself because you elected your leaders.

He is right. Our "leaders" will not save us. Israel's ruling elite will not save us. They are the ones represented by the 200-300 people who Prof. Yehezkel Dror says make all the decisions in this country. They will not save us. We have to do it ourselves, citizens. Don't wait to be led by the nose because we know where those 200 will lead us. Don't wait to be told what is happening by the media that the elite families control. We know they do not tell us the truth. Turn off the TV and find other sources of information on the blogs. Get up and get out and start remaking Israeli society in the image you want. Start taking action to accomplish what you want to see. Start finding ways to avoid doing business with the businesses the ruling families control and find alternatives. Buy local. Buy from Judea and Samaria. Use rabbinic courts or arbitration to resolve disputes. Stay out of their courts. Use banks only when you have to. Use barter exchange whenever you can. Get started building community self defense systems all over the country. The IDF cannot do it all and cannot be everywhere. Get the IDF to help you set it up. And prepare yourself to survive a breakdown of the grid. Do not be dependent on the elite if you don't have to. Do it yourselves.