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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Re: In honor of Rosh Hashana, and to be counted for the good, please make your voices heard in this new outrage. Please help counter the evil done by these unconscionable monsters, Dichter, Peres, the Shabak,Judge Rivlin, and the "supreme evil" court

What a terrible observation; but please, don't shoot the messenger: unfortunately, SHmuel has experience with these things from his earlier life in South America.

Let's make sure we follow this poor prisoner's whereabouts very carefully, asking lawyers and others to go visit him regularly, to keep the evil ones on their toes at all times, and to make sure they are unable to perform a "disappearing act".

May God have mercy on this poor man. He needs our Tefillot on Rosh Hashanah - and not just our Tefillot, our EFFORTS too!!!.


SHmuel said:

The unJewish degenerates are starting the "desaparecido" portion of their bestial acts. BEWARE!
Patriotic Jews will starts simply... "disappearing" as it happened in Junta times in South America.
I have been warning of that for a couple of years.

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