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Saturday, September 27, 2008



by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Nazi Germany began with Hitler and a world financial crash. The Jews could not bring themselves to recognize what the unleashed beast of Jew-hatred, starting in Germany, would bring them.

It's now 2008, 75 years later, and rot that turns people into subhuman beasts is being seen around the world. Key indicators, such as: the U.N. at the behest of Saudi Arabia will meet to discuss the fate of the Jews under the ubiquitous heading of "addressing Jewish settlements". But, the New York Times doesn't want to "see and address" that. It ignores the present-day Hitler: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's current president. The NYT doesn't even photograph the huge demonstration against Ahmadinejad Thursday night. Instead it gives a full page to demonize the Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

In Israel the Leftists are already preparing for coming elections by encouraging hatred for settlers and the political Right. The launching of their political campaign first started in earnest by blaming settlers (without proof) for setting a pipe bomb that exploded in the doorway of a notorious Left-wing Jewish professor Sternhell of Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) who had recommended to the Palestinians that they should be targeting the settlers for Terror instead of "good Israelis".

The unproven accusation was immediately picked up as a fact by Israel's Left-wing Media like Ha'aretz. Like an arsonist who sets a small fire in order to cause a bigger fire, other leading Media picked up the lie. As to be expected, the New York Times picked up the signal to fan the flames. Isabel Kershner, a NYT Jewish reporter, wrote a lengthy articles entitled: "Radical Settlers Take on Israel to Thwart Possible Ouster From West Bank" with 3 photos and a map. (See article following - so you don't have to buy the NYT.)

A little truth mixed with a lot of unsubstantiated lies can too easily convince readers, much the same as Goebbels propagandized Europe to ramp up their Jew-Hatred to fever pitch as a warm-up to the Holocaust murder of 6 million Jews from all the countries Nazi Germany occupied during WW2.

When Ha'aretz and the New York Times (which includes the International Herald Tribune and probably some other affiliates) start pouring out the usual anti-Semitic trash in synch with the Quartet (U.S. State Department, E.U. - European Union, U.N. - United Nations and Russia) to "solve the Jewish Question" again, one can only be reminded of Hitler's Wannsee Conference where the fate of the Jews of Europe was decided to eliminate World Jewry - in phases.

Now this same plague of human lice are at it again - only this time it is the whole Jewish State and the Jewish people around the world who are slated to be eliminated - if they can.

But first, they have to get the world accustomed to the idea that Israel and her population of 7,282,000 million of whom 5,435,900 are Jews should be eliminated. Regrettably, Leftist Jews in Israel and America were easily recruited by dangling the elusive "peace" prize before their eyes - even as the Muslims in Israel and the Arab world swear to eliminate the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Promise a Left Liberal Jew the illusion of Peace and he will follow you through the gates of Hell.

Recall how Jews were so easily gathered up and put onto cattle cars as the Germans and the Jewish "Judenratt" promised they were 'merely' being re-located for work and better conditions so don't resist. As the millions arrived at such death camps as Auschwitz-Birkenau, the now famous sign over the gate read: "Arbacht Macht Frei" (Work Makes You Free). To add to their deception, Jewish concert artists were gathered with their violins and played beautiful classical music to calm the crowds emerging from the cattle cars.

Today, September 26th, erev Rosh Hashanah 5769, we have the U.N. meeting about "peace". In the Quartet we find the Russians who are arming Iran with nukes while sitting in these "Wannsee" type meetings, telling all that Iran and Syria are NOT deadly enemies of the Jewish State or the World. Jews in their mode of wishful thinking, seem to be uneducable.

Other members of this evil council are the European Union whose members pour millions of Euros into the hands of Terrorists, while telling Israeli Leftists that "it's all for peace".

The United Nations, which harbors some of the most evil, dictatorial regimes always votes against the Jewish State and usually votes against America but rarely if ever considers the Islamic regimes guilty of anything.

Thank G-d many Jews cannot be fooled by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in her crusade to appease the Arab oil nations by fulfilling their desire to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel.

Some of us are not surprised by what is happening globally: Super-Storms, bankruptcy of America's financial systems, rampant disease, crop failures due to drought or floods, riots in poor countries. We see the rising up of killer nations and their belief in pagan war gods, preying on other weaker nations.

Israel's fresh water resource has gone well below sustainable levels as a punishment for allowing the sick and warped of some of our Jewish leaders to abandon the Land to Islam.

The old saying from WW1, that "one finds G-d in a fox-hole" is coming true hard and fast. It has been forecast that only a remnant will survive, referring to Jews who will die "en masse" at the hands of their enemies. This is already in motion as Kadima Leftists slink away from confrontation.

But, those like the nations of the U.N., the Quartet are already suffering a global climate assault. Whoever thought America would have to pay for what a cabal of Washington Arabists and oil maggots have done to Israel? "Peace Now" equals restraint and begging for pity.

Today's generation of Nazis (we call them Amalekites) have resurrected themselves, be they radical Islamists or Jew-hating Europeans (whose own countries are being inundated with radical Muslims). The bill has come due and Planet Earth, with her billions of people will pay.

As America is being hammered with one hurricane after another, with her currency in free fall and awaiting another attack by Islamic Al Qaeda to hurry along its collapse - who can doubt that it's not just bad luck.

As banks fail and huge financial institutions are sold or simply close their door, don't be surprised to see the New York Times fail or be sold off in parts. Let's see if this winter starts with a small Ice Age across Europe and Russia. (By the way, the acorns are falling like a torrent in Chicago - which usually means harsh winter.)

I hope America doesn't have to pay the price for all  her leaders have done in colluding with Islam for its oil.

Addendum: To analyze the pejorative words and factual errors would necessitate another full article but, here a few items:

The New York Times "style-book" consistently uses the word: "Militant" when they should use the word "Terrorist" - as someone is committing an act of violence leading to death and major injury. However, Isabel Kershner uses "Militant" at least 3 times in pejoratively referring to settlers. In addition, in case her readers don't get the point, when referring to the settlers or the settlements, she also pejoratively uses the words : "Radical" 2x, "Extremists"3x, "Illegal"2x, as well as "Hard-core", "Occupied", "Vandalized". In addition, Isabel pens several outright factual errors, omissions and lies:

1. 2006, the Police brutalized unarmed civilian protesters, including some Members of Knesset at the evacuation of Amona, trampling some youth under their horses hoofs (photos available) but, Isabel claims that "thousands of settlers clashed with Israeli police officers who had come to destroy 9 houses....Traumatized by the resistance, the government put further evacuations on hold."

2. The NYT and most other Media consistently distort the demographics of Israel: "...2.4 million Palestinians live in the 'West Bank'"... the real number is 1.5 million Arabs and not 2.3. (Google "Yoram Ettinger" for the full story of the demographic weapon and lies).

3. "At Annapolis (Nov. 27, 2007) Palestinian leaders...promised to dismantle all terrorist networks". NOT done but increased - plus the ongoing teaching of Muslim Arab youth from age 3 to hate and kill Jews.

4. "Israel started negotiating with the Palestinian leadership in the early 1990s." Not true. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres were negotiating with Yassir Arafat (when it was illegal to meet with PLO leaders) at least in the early 1980s.

5. Yitzhar is featured in the NYT map but, Isabel skimps on the story of the "Terrorist attack on Shabbat September 13th, when an Arab Terrorist set fire to a home (luckily empty), tried to enter another home, repeatedly stabbed a 9 year old boy before throwing him from a 12 foot high porch - despite an IDF guard force in the area. 30 residents of Yitzhar responded later that day by entering the nearby Arab village of Asira el-Shamaliya, to where the Terrorist escaped, firing in the air (no one was wounded), throwing rocks and smashing windows." This is an understandably natural response to the near-death attacks, burning the house, plus 8 arson attacks against Yitzhar in the past 3 months. What would you do it that situation?  BTW, PM Olmert called the Yitzhar reaction a "pogrom". No wonder he had a 1 digit approval rating from all of Israel and is now out. (Maybe - he hasn't actually left his office yet.)

6. The tone and vituperation against the religious beliefs and rights of Jews to live in their ancestral Biblical homeland, on Land G-d gave to the Jewish people in perpetuity, is vile. It is almost impossible to accurately assess its assault on the mind-set of normal people, trying to get their real news from the New York Times. The NYT invariably sets the bar as to how far the Media in general can overreach to attack the Jewish people.

7. Last point and a key point: Why and How can the NYT devote a whole page to this issue in the middle of an American and world-wide financial catastrophe?

I hope some other investigative journalists further analyze this article following, plus other articles of the NYT, her affiliates and her followers. The NYT has given us much meat on which to chew - none of which is Kosher.


Radical Settlers Take On Israel By ISABEL KERSHNER New York Times Sept. 26, 2008 YITZHAR, West Bank —

A pipe bomb that exploded late on Wednesday night outside the Jerusalem home of Zeev Sternhell, a Hebrew University professor, left him lightly wounded and created only a minor stir in a nation that routinely experiences violence on a much larger scale.

But Mr. Sternhell was noted for his impassioned critiques of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, once suggesting that Palestinians "would be wise to concentrate their struggle against the settlements." And the authorities found fliers near his home offering nearly $300,000 to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now, a left-wing Israeli advocacy group, leading them to suspect that militant Israeli settlers or their supporters were behind the attack.

If so, the bombing may be the latest sign that elements of Israel's settler movement are resorting to extremist tactics to protect their homes in the occupied West Bank against not only Palestinians, but also Jews who some settlers argue are betraying them. Radical settlers say they are determined to show that their settlements and outposts cannot be dismantled, either by law or by force.

There have been bouts of settler violence for years, notably during the transfer of Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005. Now, though, the militants seem to have spawned a broader, more defined strategy of resistance designed to intimidate the state.

This aggressive doctrine, according to Akiva HaCohen, 24, who is considered to be one of its architects, calls on settlers and their supporters to respond "whenever, wherever and however" they wish to any attempt by the Israeli Army or the police to lay a finger on property in illegally built outposts scheduled by the government for removal. In settler circles the policy is called "price tag" or "mutual concern."

Besides exacting a price for army and police actions, the policy also encourages settlers to avenge Palestinian acts of violence by taking the law into their own hands — an approach that has the potential to set the tinderbox of the West Bank ablaze.

Hard-core right-wing settlers have responded to limited army operations in recent weeks by blocking roads, rioting spontaneously, throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles and burning Palestinian orchards and fields all over the West Bank, a territory that Israel has occupied since 1967. They have also vandalized Israeli Army positions, equipment and cars.

In Jewish settlements like Yitzhar, an extremist bastion on the hilltops commanding the Palestinian city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, a local war is already being waged. One Saturday in mid-September a Palestinian from the neighboring village of Asira al Qibliya climbed the hill to Shalhevet, a neighborhood of Yitzhar, set fire to a house whose occupants were away for the weekend and stabbed a 9-year-old settler boy, the Israeli Army said.

Hours later, scores of men from Yitzhar rampaged through the Palestinian village, hurling rocks and firing guns, in what the prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, described as a "pogrom." Several Palestinians were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

"The army was complaining that we were bothering them in their efforts to catch the terrorist," said Ephraim Ben Shochat, 21, a resident of Shalhevet Ya, an illegal outpost consisting of three permanent houses and a trailer halfway down the slope between Yitzhar and Asira al Qibliya.

"To us, deterrence is more important than catching the specific terrorist. We're fighting against a nation," Mr. Ben Shochat said. As he spoke, soldiers were in the process of reinforcing a small army post at the end of the path with concrete slabs. "We would rather fight and kill the enemy," Mr. Ben Shochat said, adding scornfully that the army, which guards Yitzhar and its satellites from the lookout post, "would rather hide."

Ten months ago in Annapolis, Md., Israeli and Palestinian leaders pledged to make every effort to reach a historic agreement for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza by the end of this year. The Palestinians further promised to dismantle all terrorist networks, and the Israelis agreed to freeze all settlement activity and immediately remove settlement outposts erected since March 2001.

In practice, only a handful of the 100 or so outposts, at least half of which were erected since 2001, have been removed. Construction in the official West Bank settlements goes on.

At the same time, the religious, ideological wing of the settlement movement has grown more radical. Those on the extremist fringe — like Mr. Ben Shochat, who belong to the so-called hilltop youth — are increasingly rejecting any allegiance to the state, backed up by an older generation of rabbis and early settler pioneers.

In Samaria, the biblical name for the northern West Bank, and in Binyamin, the central district around the Palestinian city of Ramallah, settlers recently ousted their more mainstream representatives in local council elections, voting in what they called "activist" mayors instead.

These new mayors, like the Samaria council's Gershon Mesika, reject what they see as the more compromising policies of the Yesha council, the settler movement's longstanding umbrella group. They are particularly incensed by the Yesha council's willingness to negotiate with the government over the removal or relocation of some West Bank outposts in exchange for official authorization of others.

"We are taking our fate into our own hands," Mr. Mesika said of the price tag doctrine. "We won't go like sheep to the slaughter." He added that the recent settler violence was something he understood, though did not support.

For many in the religious, ideological settler camp the rude awakening came with the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in the summer of 2005. Then, under the premiership of Ariel Sharon, a driving force of the settlement-building enterprise who turned more pragmatic, Israel evacuated all 21 Jewish settlements there, and razed four official settlements in the northern West Bank. Another watershed came in early 2006 when thousands of settlers clashed with Israeli police officers who had come to destroy nine houses built without government permission in Amona. Traumatized by the resistance, the government put plans for further evacuations on hold.

"Amona pretty much divided this public into two parts, the more militant activist part and the more passive part," said Mr. HaCohen, an Orthodox hilltop youth pioneer and a founder of Shalhevet Ya. The people, he said, "have to decide whether they are on the side of the Torah or the state."

Mr. HaCohen was speaking from a cousin's house in Jerusalem. Identified by the Israeli security services as one of the authors of the price-tag doctrine, he has been banned by the army from entering the West Bank for four months.

Born in Monsey, N.Y., Mr. HaCohen came to Israel with his parents as a child. He dropped out of yeshiva, or religious seminary, at 16 and went to settle the hilltops, he said. He got married at 18 and has since been living in and around Yitzhar.

Representing the messianic, almost apocalyptic wing of the settler movement, Mr. HaCohen peppers his speech with talk of redemption and makes it clear that in his land of Israel, there is no place for Arabs.

Like Mr. Ben Shochat, Mr. HaCohen, who is disarmingly soft-spoken, said he was not drafted into the army because of his religious beliefs. As a member of Yitzhar's first response security team, though, he receives regular combat training and has a personal weapon.

More than 250,000 Jewish settlers live in the West Bank among roughly 2.4 million Palestinians, not including East Jerusalem. The Samaria council represents 30 official settlements and 12 unauthorized outposts that it says were all founded before 2001; others, like Shalhevet Ya, have sprung up since then, at least partially on private Palestinian lands.

Local settler leaders argue that the only difference between an authorized settlement and an illegal outpost is the lack of the defense minister's final signature on the planning papers, and that in any case, full authorization did not help the settlements razed in 2005.

They complain of government hypocrisy. Rahelim, a Samarian community of 45 families founded in 1991, has been labeled an illegal outpost even though the state Housing Ministry built 14 permanent homes here in 1998.

Avri Ran, a charismatic guru of the hilltop youth, formulated the concept of the outposts around the time that Israel started negotiating with the Palestinian leadership in the early 1990s. The idea was to populate empty spaces of the West Bank with Jews to preclude their being handed over to the Palestinians.

Mr. Ran and his wife, Sharona, started out in Itamar, a settlement just south of Nablus, and moved from hilltop to hilltop, finally establishing a private ranch more than a mile east of the mother settlement majestically named Givaot Olam, or hills of the universe.

Like many of the settlers in this area who see themselves as guardians of Joseph's Tomb, a site sacred to Jews that lies in the heart of Nablus, the Ran family exudes a deeply religious, almost mystical attachment to the land.

The farm is said to be the largest Israeli producer of organic eggs. Mr. Ran's son-in-law, Assaf Kidron, an artist who works in stone, says the inclement winds that used to whip around the mountain have dropped significantly since Jews came to live here, proof of a divine hand.

Outside the settlement of Har Bracha on Mount Grizim, settlers have taken over a former army lookout post on the ridge overlooking Nablus and Joseph's Tomb, and just started operating a yeshiva to ensure a permanent presence there. Nobody has tried to remove the settlers, although there is an army position a short distance along the ridge.

In general, the relationship between the religious settlers of the area and the army is an ambiguous, if symbiotic one. Most young ideological settlers serve in the army and now make up an increasing portion of the elite combat units and the officers corps.

At the same time, two soldiers have been lightly wounded in recent settler riots.

"To go out and assault soldiers is wrong," said David Ha'ivri, who handles foreign relations for the Samaria council. But, he said, "It is to be expected that when force is used, there will be counterforce."

The army is appreciated when it sticks to providing security, Mr. Ha'ivri added, but, "We don't respect them in the role of enforcing building codes."

The army refused to comment on the effects of the price-tag doctrine, saying it was too sensitive. A spokesman for the Israeli police, the party responsible for law enforcement among the settlers, said that in the last two months, at least half a dozen arrests had been made.

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