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Friday, September 5, 2008


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The following two stories speak of betrayal - perfidy - hatred of self and others. You will find leaders who can only be corrupt followers. They are pretenders and the people believed them, unable to see who to follow and who to reject.



by Hana Levi Julian   ARUTZ 7

forwarded with comments by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

What you read in the following is Bibi Netanyahu's variation on Arik Sharon's plan to subvert the Likud Party from the inside before Arik jumped ship to create Kadima.

In this case, Bibi is bringing the Left inside the Likud, in effect, making it a combination of Labor and Kadima, with those committed to the Likud policies of the Right-Almost-Powerless.

But, it's more than that. Bibi wants to follow the Rabin-Peres Oslo Plan, the Bush-Rice-Baker RoadMap and the Olmert-Rice Re-Partition of Israel and Jerusalem. Add Sharon and Olmert's Plan to evacuate and ethnically cleanse 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from thriving Gush Katif/Gaza and 4 North Samarian communities. That would enact a well-planned "coup d'etat", orchestrated from the inside by Bibi.

I wonder how long Bibi has been working with the likes of Bush-Rice-Baker and others in the U.S. State Department? The Re-Partition of Israel and Jerusalem has long been the prime objective of the State Department, in league with Saudi Arabia. Let us not forget that it was Bibi Netanyahu who surrendered as a gift to Arafat and the Muslim Arab Palestinians 80% of Hebron as well as sovereignty of the Ma'arat HaMachpelah, the burial cave of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Avraham and Sarah, Yitzhak and Rivka, Ya'acov and Leah.

The question is: How did they manage to recruit those of the Left, e.g., Rabin-Peres-Barak-Sharon-Netanyahu-Olmert to go along with the national suicide pact? What kind of coin did they offer or - as the Christians say: Was it 30 pieces of silver?

Would Bibi rather have the dirty work of abandoning Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley and a divided Jerusalem to be completed by Olmert first and then what wasn't yet given up would be abandoned under Bibi via a Leftist Likud?





"It seems like Netanyahu is trying to bring into the Likud, and into the government that he will create, people that either are from the extreme Left or people that were in favor of the Disengagement, even people who are still in favor of that act."

Moshe Feiglin, Likud member and founder of the pro-Land of Israel faction Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership), offered sharp criticism for what he called the un-democratic way in which Binyamin Netanyahu is seeking to expand his party rolls.

"If someone joins the party and wants to become a Knesset Member, he should become elected by all the members of the party," Feiglin said. "The whole concept of open primaries, for which Netanyahu himself pushed very hard in the past, is based exactly on that principle - the common knowledge and understanding of 20,000 people who will create the best list of Likud Knesset members."

Bibi's Strategy

According to sources within the Likud party, Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu will try to add Israeli public figures, some of whom have no prior political experience, to the party list for the upcoming fall Knesset session. While party sources see this as an attempt by Netanyahu to boost Likud's popularity in the polls, some existing members, like Feiglin, fear that the party will soon become overrun with left-leaning members, thereby endangering the security of the State.

Among the Israeli public figures Netanyahu is said to be considering inviting into the Knesset are former basketball star Tal Brody; businessman Yair Shamir, the son of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir; the grandson of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, of the same name as his revisionist-Zionist grandfather; former generals Moshe ('Bogie') Ya'alon and Yossi Peled; and former Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education Yechiel Leiter.

Gen. (ret.) Uzi Dayan and former Police Commissioner Assaf Chefetz have recently joined the Likud; neither has strong right-wing views.

Current members of Netanyahu's party lashed out at the chairman in reaction to news of this strategy, which would decrease the chances of many of the current members from receiving Cabinet positions if the Likud wins the next general election. In addition, according to some sources in the party, one of the methods Netanyahu is considering is to give every other spot on the list to a newcomer - meaning that half of the Knesset Members in the Likud would be effectively appointed by him rather than chosen by the Likud membership.

Another Attempt to Oust Feiglin?

The Likud sources revealed another motivation for Netanyahu's new plan to reserve slots: To prevent pro-Land of Israel activist Moshe Feiglin and his Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) movement from entering the Knesset. The last few years have seen Feiglin's popularity soar, and in the last Likud primary he came in second to Netanyahu with nearly one-fourth of the vote. In response to the threat presented by his rival within the party, Netanyahu has in the past repeatedly and openly attempted to oust Feiglin from the party.

"I really hope that is not true. To think that Netanyahu, who did everything he could to open elections to the authority of the [Likud] Central Committee and Likud members… to think that he is going to go backwards,180 degrees against the party's interest, against the party's members, all that just to go against me, is hard to believe."

An Open Door for a Leftist Likud Takeover: 'Scary'

Even more frightening to Feiglin are the names of some of the prospective Likud new-comers that may enter the Knesset through Netanyahu's plan, such as Uzi Dayan, Dan Meridor and Yehiel Leiter. The Jewish Leadership chief expressed concern that the traditionally strong Zionist character of the party would be threatened by people like these if Netanyahu's plan succeeds.

"The [Likud] charter talks in a very specific way about being loyal to the land of Israel, to the heritage of Israel,"

said Feiglin in an interview with IsraelNationalNews. Feiglin pointed out that most newcomers Netanyahu wants to place into the new party list are from the political Left.

"Having new names and public figures to join Likud is a good idea,"

he said. However, he added, "it seems like Netanyahu is trying to bring into the Likud, and into the government that he will create, people that either are from the extreme Left or people that were in favor of the Disengagement, even people who are still in favor of that act."

Feiglin pointed out that Netanyahu is "trying to bring in a guy like Uzi Dayan, who was one of the major founders of the Oslo agreements, and who did everything he could to bring about the Disengagement," as well as Dan Meridor from the Israel Democracy Institute, "who ran from one place to another to convince Sharon to do the Disengagement."

Feiglin also described one Netanyahu's pick, Yechiel Leiter, as a "so-called settler who came out with plans to destroy communities in Judea and Samaria" and uproot 11,000 more people as one of the figures Netanyahu is courting.

"So you see where this direction is leading us, and it's scary. It's very, very scary. I think everyone who sees these names should be very worried."



BY HANA LEVI JULIAN       ARUTZ 7  IsraelNationalNews.Com


Olmert, working cheek to cheek with Rice, is attempting to commit the Jewish State of Israel (as predicted) to Gaza-ize Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights and Jerusalem - even though he has absolutely NO legal right to do so.

As has been prognosticated, the abominable evil called "Amalek" will reappear to challenge the Jewish people and so he has.

As a quisling on a leash to Rice, Bush and the U.S. State Department, Olmert is ready, even anxious, to compromise Israel's security and sovereignty for whatever the betrayal will buy him. Rice needs his commitment as the last desperate gesture to 'Save-the-Bush-Legacy' and elevate Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) who will soon be gone.



by Hana Levi Julian ARUTZ 7 -

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plans to introduce an embryonic strategy for the next Disengagement, this one from Judea and Samaria, at the Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

A statement issued by Olmert's office Wednesday night said he will present a plan "that has been coordinated by Vice Premier Chaim Ramon on the issue of voluntary relocation and compensation from Judea and Samaria."

According to the statement, "The issue will be discussed but will not voted upon at this stage." Olmert said he "intends to hear comments on the initiative; continued treatment of this issue will proceed accordingly."

The exact same language was used prior to the expulsion of some 8,000 Jews from their homes in the Gush Katif region of Gaza and northern Samaria in the summer of 2005.

Outraged Response by MKs In and Out of Gov't

The Shas party said bluntly that its ministers would oppose any discussion of Ramon's initiative in the cabinet session on Sunday.

"This move lacks public, legal and human legitimacy,"

declared Shas party leader and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Eli Yishai. He vowed to block it, adding, "These delusional ideas present us not just as people with no backbone, but as actual invertebrates."

Likud faction whip MK Gideon Saar was equally outraged, commenting, "Olmert continues his attempts to create facts on the ground in the spirit of the extreme Left, in his last days in office. Olmert did not have a majority in the Knesset to pass this delusional law before he resigned, and he will not have a majority now either."

Even Olmert's fellow Kadima party member, MK Otniel Schneller, said that "if the 'expulsion compensation law' passes, the government should be disbanded."

Schneller, who lives in Maaleh Michmas in southern Shomron and is thus a potential candidate for expulsion, said "In a democratic country, boundaries are not drawn through government-sponsored bribery."

Time is Running Out for the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Olmert may have lost his race to put some form of final status agreement into place with the Palestinian Authority and create the groundwork for an expulsion from Judea and Samaria, however.

Channel 10

television reported Wednesday evening that the prime minister might be indicted for suspected criminal offenses as early as Sunday, possibly pre-empting the Cabinet's planned meeting on the nascent plan for Disengagement II.

Top police investigators were slated to meet Thursday to discuss whether to recommend indicting Olmert. According to the report, there is a general consensus among the investigators in favor of filing charges against the prime minister on at least three matters, known as the "cash-stuffed envelopes," Rishon Tours and the Center for Investment.

The police are expected to recommend to the Attorney General to file the charges against Prime Minister Olmert on Sunday. Olmert has said that he would resign if he is indicted.


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