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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barry' column. Read below his PR, there is some good material, specially about Tsippi Livni.

                                                                    NEW YEARS GIFT EXCHANGE by Barry Chamish

     It's here. It's here. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly. It's too good to be true but it's here. My readers know what it is! It's my new DVD from my last engagement in Atlanta;
Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust.
     And if you're on my list, it's yours for free, along with the well received MP3-CD of the same title from Denver. All because it's the Rosh Hashana gift giving extravaganza.
     You've heard me speak:

      But those were mere interviews. Try me with a prepared lecture in front of over 200 people. Others did and the response has been overwhelming. Here is a typical response:

Dear Barry,
     LOVED THE CD!  I got to tell ya...your delivery was superb!  I think one thing special that stood out both to me and to my husband was that you were able to take a bit more time in explaining and your speech was not so "speedy".  I realize that there is so much information that you are trying your human best to get across to people.   Some who have never so much as heard of anything you are telling them and that must be so difficult.  Barry, your dots were all connected so well that anyone should be able to understand what you are saying in this CD.  And may I say...not just in the CD.  You did such a fine job and just at the right pace that anyone who listens to the whole thing should only have to say..."Oh, and I see where it is going from here."

And now the companion visual DVD has arrived. It is my gift for your sweet year. I can't wait to see your reply to both lectures. This is probably my last DVD. It is a beautifully filmed testimony to my most daring claim, that Judaism was infiltrated for its destruction. What more can I add?

      To complete the package, I'll e-mail you my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. The whole 293 pages are yours in an attachment just for asking. You heard right; the DVD, MP3 and book are yours to celebrate the New Year!

      This year was a circus compared to what's coming up. May we all be remembered for doing our best to seek the deepest truths in this one time Rosh Hashana gift exchange.


My patient readers get the scoops just by reading me. And some of the scoops reluctantly turn into news, naturally, without acknowledging the source, which you all know, was me.
Here are my five significant and exclusive stories of the past year:

1. Mercaz HaRav - After the massacre in May at this yeshiva, I went on the Tamar Yonah Show and proved, with the help of one eye-witness, that the police deliberately avoided shooting the killer. She dismissed the evidence. Not two months later, a terrorist drove a front-end loader through downtown Jerusalem past over a dozen armed cops, and was killed by a civilian. The public is still asking, "Why didn't the police shoot?"

2. Red-Dead Canal - I wrote that Israel Bonds nixed an ecological disaster called the Red-Dead Canal. Mere days later, Shimon Peres invited Spanish King Juan Carlos to Israel to help build the disaster in the name of borderless "peace." And look at the PR film selling the "project." It makes you want to hop in your Jetsons' aircar to visit the place: 

3. Got You, Shimon -  How many years have I written that Peres wants to rid Israel of its pesky borders? This year, I found the proof from his speech to the Bakersfield Business Conference:

Shimon Peres
Former Prime Minister of Israel.  Nobel Peace Prizewinner.
I believe that this man was mostly motivated by fear and a resignation to a state of affair in the world, which from the perspective of a coming world government, dictates the impossibility for Israel (or any country for that matter) to ever be independent. 
Here are some of his comments:
·         "Protecting our lands is not as necessary as in the past."
·         "The world has no borders."
·         "How can you conduct foreign policy if you don't have an enemy?  Enemies stem from nations; dangers are global.  It is the same with security; you need security only if there are nations, not if you do not have any."
·         "Business is now internationally minded."

4. No Masks For The War - Well before we discovered that Syria and Hizbollah had armed its missiles aimed at Israel with gas warheads, I reported that the Israeli government was taking away the only protection the public had, with no intention of returning it. My readers surmised why.
     Of the people, a correspondent from near Tel Aviv writes;
"Some weeks ago, crews of hilloni boys in unmarked or rental moving trucks combed through the Rishon LeZion neighborhood I live in, literally going to every apartment and demanding the masks.  People were scrambling until well past midnight to comply with the order. After having our gas masks confiscated (supposedly so that they could be upgraded) we learn that there will be no upgrade, and it's obvious that those people about whom you write have decided it's in their interest to make it more likely that there will be mass casualties when the rockets begin falling." 

5. Media - Considering the distance from home, I had a good media year with steady reports, for instance, on The Stan Monteith Show and The Bill Deagle Show  But I was not forgotten by Israel. The Jerusalem Post had me photographed holding a rifle at a strange location for a lecture, while Shofarnews published a front page expose of my whole story and philosophy.



    But this week, Maariv asked me to write my Slichot for Yom Kippur: Yes, the Maariv which published the poll of the year, proving at last, that my Rabin work had not been in vain:

Poll carried out last week  by Teleseker of a representative sample of
500 Adult Israeli Jews  for Maariv the week of 5 October 2007 and
published in Maariv on 8 October 2007. Statistical error 4.4 percentage points.

Percentage believing Yigal Amir's claim that he was not behind the murder: General population 28% Religious 46%

    I could have bluffed my response, with phoney atonement and regrets, but that wouldn't have been me. Here is what I wrote. Let's see if it makes the paper next year.

 In the late 1930's, associates of Zeev Jabotinsky went to Eastern Europe to warn the Jews to get armed or get out. They were admonished by the Jews wherever they went, calling them extremists and fear mongers. And when they were exterminated by the millions, do you think those who warned the Jews asked for their forgiveness?
       Today, the six million Jews of Israel face another Holocaust. These Jews include my children, family and closest friends. They didn't heed my warnings and I hope I never have to say to them from this world or the next, you should have listened. But I don't want anyone's forgiveness and I don't wish to give it out. Taking it would be an insult, and I don't respect the others enough to give anything, forgiveness or not, to them.
       I left Israel until the Jews wake up, because a series of near fatal "accidents," put me in jeopardy. I reported on Ariel Sharon's stroke, half an hour after he drank tea in a private meeting with Shimon Peres. He was taken to Hadassah Hospital by the man I proved murdered Yitzhak Rabin, bodyguard Yoram Rubin. The same assassination squad was back at work. There, Sharon was found to have weak blood vessels in the brain, so naturally, he was injected with blood thinners to finish off the murder.
       And just when I was putting the puzzle together, at age 52, I had a stroke.
       Ever since the Rabin murder and the emergence of Kach leader Avishai Raviv, I had been warning the victims of Israel's secret war against religion, that Kach was infiltrated by the Shabak. So while battling the stroke, Kach's Itamar Ben Gvir sued me for reporting his role in the final destruction of Gush Katif.  But he is not the only force I exposed while the Jews of Gaza were left to their abandonment. Shall we begin with the government-controlled Yesha Council who organized "protest" rallies in Kfar Maimon and Ofakim and Tel Aviv, anywhere but Gaza, the only place where a protest had to take place?
       Now if I was forced to hear forgiveness from anyone, it would be from those who carried out the roles of the criminals we call our government. Yediot Ahronot defamed the members of the Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Murder. So we sued. The attorney representing us, one Nitzana Darshan-Leitner, prepared a deliberately hopeless suit, guaranteed to hush up our fight for justice. Her "success" assured the end of Sharon. Then, there are the rabbis of Yesha, led by one Shlomo Aviner, who used enough religious gobbledly-gook to win the trust of the youth of Yesha, all the while he was working with the government to throw their relatives out of Gaza.
       Do we dare mention the IDF who threw the Jews out of their Gazan homes and beat them without mercy at Atzmona? And what of the Shin Bet working with the PLO to murder the higher ups like Rehavam Zeevi to the lower downs, the dozens of proud Israelis who wouldn't work with the authorities, who offered a proud Jewish voice of morality and survival, and who were hushed up for not joining the establishment mafia?
      I don't forgive the active participants of the IDF or Shin Bet, and I don't anticipate they'll even ask me for forgiveness. If there is divine justice, someday they'll need to beg forgiveness from a Higher Force, and He will never grant it.
      So now I'm in the United States and my 31 years of reporting from Israel are in demand on numerous radio shows; and my website receives hundreds of thousands of visitors on all its pages. This is my life in the past year. I tell my new audience of my interview with Ron Pundak just after he authored the Oslo Accord, how he admitted the Americans were behind the agreement and how his boss, Yossi Beilin doesn't believe in borders. That Oslo will end with a borderless Israel melded into a regional bloc. I tell my listeners of my interview with the water negotiator of the Jordanian peace accord, and how he predicted the Kinneret would die in 20 years from all the water we are giving to Jordan. I relate my work with Israel Bonds and how they decided that a Red-Dead canal would make the Dead Sea literally boil and permanently pollute the Negev Aquifer. I let them know that back in 1994, Israel had promised the Russians sovereignty over much of downtown Jerusalem. Or how Peres had promised the Vatican control of ALL the city's holy sites. And this all became news in the past year.
      And I tell the audience that Israel's leaders like Peres and Beilin take orders from the Vatican, while the others march to the dance of America's diplomatic headquarters, a think tank called The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). And it's all true. But my audience is largely gentile because the Jews have been persuaded to believe that Israel is all good, therefore, by implication, I must be all bad.
      And while the Israeli people are mostly good, their leaders, all of them, are thoroughly corrupt or have been corrupted thoroughly. The moral leaders have been forced out by severe threats or are unnaturally dead. And to defend the living crooks of Israel, the likes of Daniel Pipes of the CFR, have been wasting their lives spreading lying rumors about me on the internet, to the point, and this is no exaggeration, that I'm a Holocaust denier.
      However, those who know me are aware that I'm using my writing/talking talents to prevent a new Holocaust. And it may be too late. Israel is surrounded by 100,000 missiles. A mere 4,000 rockets spread over 34 days emptied northern Israel of people two summers ago. Imagine 10,000 missiles hitting Tel Aviv in the first day of the next war. Then imagine Israel knocked out right after. Then imagine the Arabs taking towns and separating the men and women. They rape the women in front of their husbands and then shoot the men in front of their wives.
     That is called a Holocaust.
     I have much to be sorry for. I'm far from Israel and feel safe. But I terribly miss my family and the goodness of Israel's people. Still, if my talents can somehow wake enough Jews to stop the deluge, I'll be thanked by some people some day, but never forgiven by anyone. That is how I'd want it to be.


    Olmert resigned this week and now Tzipi Livni sits on the throne. It'll be nothing but fun with this monster at the helm of the Good Ship Israelpop. The Gush Katif refugees have written nothing but fruitless complaints, getting them nowhere. But one, Rachel Saperstein, finally struck gold:

In my book Eviction (Pavilion Press, 2005), a compilation of my blogs, I included a chapter titled "Imagery of the Holocaust". In this chapter, I described the plans being developed by the Kadima party to harass the people of Gush Katif. Livni was quoted from the Jerusalem Post of that period. These are excerpts of quotes attributed to Justice Minister Livni:

"Internment camps are being made ready for those who refuse to leave willingly."
"The Jews will be relocated."
"All possessions of those who oppose the expulsion will become state property."
"Children of demonstrators will be removed from their parents homes and sent to be re-educated."
"Parents will be indicted for putting their children into danger."
The internment camps for families were built deep in the Negev area. Activists who fought for Gush Katif were imprisoned there without trial. Today, the camps are used for African refugees who have entered illegally from Egypt. These primitive camps, in a sweltering climate, are a testament to the perversity of Tzipi Livni.


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