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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

CORONAVIRUS PART X: TEN AS IN THE TEN PLAGUES, JUST ON TIME FOR PESSACH! Exactly the point: thank you G-d, and thank you Dr. Kyle-Sidell and Mike Adams for your excellent work.


To all,

This coming article by MIKE ADAMS, again, clearly supports my contention that 5G is a major player in the Covid-19 picture we see in hospitalized patients with ARDS ( acute respiratory distress SYNDROME). Lots of people think this is conspiracy theory: NO, it's the TRUTH! And now we have the proof, just in time for Pessach. THERE IS A GOD!

You can see here the beginning of my post last night, which I didn't have time to continue today because of Pessach, and yet here I am again at 3:38 AM, writing. Why? I just got the FULL article of Mike in my mailbox ( I had seen a partial version on another site,  it piqued my interest and got my full attention), and the truth is, Mike did such a thorough job explaining the whole thing, he did the work for me! Thank you, Mike. Again, an incredible miracle: the timing couldn't be better.

The real hero of this story though, is the doctor in the video below, Dr. Kyle-Sidell, as you will soon see.

Yesterday I had been pounding the pavement claiming that 5G is involved in the SYNDROME we have been attributing solely to the lab-created Covid-19 virus created in the Wuhan biological weapons lab. However these newest findings by a truthful and honest Emergency Room and Critical Care Physician shed a whole new light on what is really going on: you can see that we are clearly dealing with a dual, even triple causation of the symptoms experienced by coronavirus patients in hospital settings and attached to a respirator. There appear to be three causal factors:

1. Covid -19 virus, whichever variant at the moment

2. Some extraneous agent that causes a LACK OF OXYGEN in the lungs of patients whose lung muscles function fine, who have no evidence of viral pneumonia, yet can't get enough O2 into their lungs - and we do know that 5G disrupts the O2 molecule so that the O2 can't be absorbed by the lungs

3. The effect of the ventilator itself, as described by Dr. Kyle-Sidell.

This doctor deserves a lot of credit for illuminating the situation as it needs to be.

OK, so this is as far as my own article went. Now it is Mike Adams' turn. He is explaining the mechanism so much better than I would ever have done. Superb work, Mike!

Read the whole story here:

We are finally getting somewhere! Just on time for Pessach, as Rav Berland had predicted.

Once we really understand the whole picture and the truth is out in the open, how will the W.H.O., Bill Gates and all their collaborators be able to put the genie back in the bottle? THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS. And this time too, G-d willing Truth will prevail.

Sorry, Bill Gates, we are NOT going to fall for your nice little plot of killing literally billions of people. THERE IS A GOD! You and your buddies are just despicable, awful human beings. Have a taste of your own medicine! Take the RFID laced vaccine you want to inject into innocent people! Go spend some time in a high-5G city hospital on a respirator and see how it feels! Good luck. Enjoy. From my words to G-d's ears.

Please pass this on far and wide, specially in the Haredi communities: unfortunately sometimes religious Jews are so gullible, they believe everything they are being told by the "authorities" hook, line and sinker - just don't rock the boat. But WE NEED to rock the boat now, it's a matter of life and death, don't you get it? By the way, you should know that Huawei started massively rolling out 5G in London at the end of February - they have 22,000 employees, that should tell you something. And a month later, this.....


Have a Happy Pessach everyone.



Do you realize that this is a repeat of what happened in Mitzrayim - Egypt?

On the 10th of Nissan the People of Israel tied up the Nissan idol of Egypt, the lamb ( or kid), and

On the 14th of Nissan  they sacrificed it to Hashem with total faith.

Today the idol of the PTB  and of the modern world is AI, artificial intelligence, 5G, and everything connected to it. Think of Elon Musk: he actually believes that through AI people can be gods. If that is not an idol, I don't know what is! And do you know that it is thanks to Elon Musk's satellites that cruise ships have/had 5G 24/7 and therefore so many dead on board?

Almost on the 10th of Nissan their idol, 5G, was tied up thanks to Dr. Kyle-Sidell and Mike Adams: 

Now we are waiting for  קרבן פסח,  the Passover sacrifice !

The sacrifice took place on the AFTERNOON of Passover Eve the 14th of Nissan according to the service at the time of the First and Second Temples.


On the 14th of Nissan at 2:00 AM exactly,  AFTER Bedikat Chametz but BEFORE the Korban, which should take place in about 12 hours or so, IF the Israeli gov would give us the OK, but they have apparently refused: much too risky for them, it might actually get G-d in the picture - oh, no, please!

At any rate, just now I am watching a riveting interview of David Icke - I am sure many of you know of David Icke, a very controversial figure. "They" will most likely quickly CENSURE this video, because he is bringing up very important and damning facts having to do with Covid-19, which make your hair stand up, having to do with mass culling of the population. One very important thing he mentions - and I had no idea, so if I didn't know, I bet many others didn't either - is that BILL GATES OF ILL FAME IS THE SECOND LARGEST DONOR TO THE W.H.O. AFTER THE US GOVERNMENT, so that he practically OWNS THE W.H.O. 

If you want more information on who Bill Gates is and what his plans are, take a look at this pretty good article:

And this less good but detailed one:

So wittingly or unwittingly, consciously or not,  every time a government agency or some official from a Health Department accepts the directives of the W.H.O. as represented by Anthony Fauci in the US, or Bar Siman Tov in Israel, etc., he or she is in fact advancing the agenda of Bill Gates and company, which is what they euphemistically call "culling" of the population, particularly the elderly, which in plain language is called mass murder. Now you see why "they" censure every video having to do with this topic? If people knew they are being set up by their governments for death, I don't think they would go along so easy. This is what is going on according to David Icke's sources, apparently reputable scientists and doctors. I  cannot vouch for it, but it is certainly concerning because it does make sense when you get a bird's eye view of the total picture.

Here is the interview:

I don't believe David Icke's statement that the virus itself doesn't exist, there are too many opinions of scientists who researched the genome of Covid 19, know it very well,  and are on our side of the story. I am no expert on this at all, so I can only rely on honest, decent people who have done their research. In particular look at this testimony:

You will notice that the year mentioned is 2015 when OBAMA was president, NOT TRUMP.  Quite shocking if true; and specially, if true, how could anybody deny that the virus exists and that it was lab created?

So no, I don't believe the virus doesn't exist, but the test they used for it is apparently defective. Still the politics, the manipulations, the agenda, are quite shocking, the methods devious to the max, the deception outrageous.

Very complicated situation.

May Hashem send us the Geula this Pessach. We need Mashiach now! 


PS: I am posting updates to this article in a new post called :

CORONAVIRUS PART X UPDATES.... Link added later, I am in the process of writing it.

There are just too many things to add to this story; this is only the beginning; Pessach, the New Year of Kings: the New Year of Mashiach, B"H. But WE need to help him in his task!



DS said...

Sorry about the graphics. I can't seem to correct this. AM not good at that at all, and it's too late. I hope you pay attention to the contents rather than to the presentation. My sincere apologies.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I don't understand why we're concerned about 5G in Israel. I'm looking at a map of all the different areas, especially Tel Aviv, Bnei Braq, and Yerushalayim, for 5 telecoms listed - and no sign of 5G anywhere here.

Here's a link to the map of Israel. You have to choose a telecom to see its color-coded & strength-coded network. 5G is bright purple and gets lighter with weakening strength (see the bottom of the page).

Even an overview of the whole country doesn't reveal even one particle of 5G.

I looked into the US too. (One can choose any country in the world with this site.) There's a lot of 5G in some of the larger cities. Example: Sprint has a huge 5G network in NYC; AT&T Mobility has a few in major cities, with a lot of 4G+ surrounding it (I'm wondering how much effect 4G+ has too). TMobile has a lot of it, with the 4G+ spidering out to/from some of the major capitals (including NYC). The 5Gs really stand out among all the other colors.

The biggest networks of all that include 5G were built by TMobile and Sprint.

But back to the site...a "pro tool" does exist for it (as there should be. It's a professional site, after all.). It says:

"Does a PRO tool for coverage maps visualization exist ?

Yes. This tool is mainly intended for mobile operators. It has been integrated into an existing cockpit that already includes internet performance statistics from all operators in a country, as well as access to speed-test results and coverage data. These data can be visualized by applying filters by technology (no coverage, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G+, 5G) over a configurable period (only the last 2 months for example). It's a great tool to track the deployment of new technology, monitor competitors and identify poor signal coverage areas."

The telecoms in Israel may be building 5G networks, and that wouldn't show up yet if they're not completed. But maybe in the meantime we should look at all strengths of all kinds of wireless telecom for the oxygen-deficiency problem. I think I've seen recent articles where this problem showed up in Israel, and they didn't know what to do. Most people in TA and other bigger cities here aren't thinking of high altitude sickness, or anything that resembles it. And NO 5G ANYWHERE HERE. A lot of 4G+, though.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

DS said...


Thank you so much for your comment. Actually 5G in Israel is one topic I was planning on doing a lot of research on; unfortunately right now I am swamped with obligations that have nothing to do with this work; haven't given up,though, I am gathering material, receiving info, etc. Just really no time to deal with it right now. I hope soon, B"H

In the meantime, thank you for the work you have done so far. I will keep it in mind, bli neder, once I get back into swing. Please remind me in about a week or two, would you, in case I wrote something related to it without mentioning your input here, OK?

Actually, my last post - which was still only links - was CENSORED by Google, I was not able to post it. Will try to get around it, but for now that's how it is. Was blacklisted again; it's really aggravating. The moment you start to write too many threatening things to the De..ep St..ate, that's what happens. They don't like it! In times like these, telling the truth is a revo....lut...ion...ary act, we all heard that, haven't we?

Kol Tuv