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Monday, January 14, 2019

Something is going on, Part II: Well, this would explain what it is, and why I was feeling so bad yesterday (and still am...).

I have to say, Dr. Albers is discussing these things as though this were such a matter-of-fact thing: "... This can lead to the end of all life on earth".... What's the big deal, right??

Well, for one, Hashem promised that He would never again flood the earth as in the days of Noah. Second, we do believe that Mashiach is coming, and a period of great peace and joy will be ushered in when he comes - for the surviving remnant of all these cataclysms and catastrophes. We only have to make sure we are part of that remnant, and the conditions for that are pretty clear, spelled out in our various scriptures.

At the same time, I can understand why I was feeling so bad yesterday; read the news in Jerusalem and in the rest of Israel: innocent people savagely murdered, at greater and greater frequency, with greater and greater savagery, by the subhumans living in this country, the ones screaming "Allah Hu Akbar"  while ending the lives of precious souls. Today it was in Jerusalem, the other day it was in the Shomron, every day a new event: tragic, sad, and so avoidable if only the PTB in this country were doing their job, and treated those animals the way they deserve to be treated...Dream on.... We need Mashiach NOW! 

It's not easy to have Emunah, to have faith, when it appears as though Hashem is hiding His face. But that's the challenge, that's the test for all of us. Hard times, and probably even harder times coming. But that's when we have to brace ourselves....not only during the ups, but specially during the downs; and it seems big downs are coming. Very hard tests.... until the end of the dark tunnel...

So all I can say is:  Yisrael Betach BaShem! People of Israel, have faith in G-d! 

(And nothing like Tehillim, in particular the Tikkun Klali which I have just discovered in depth, to keep us going. )

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דויד פיזאנטי said...


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Frankly, I'm not sure I believe what Dr. Albers says. The big clue for me is that she cites only her own papers! Where is the rest of the relevant physics body of knowledge she built hers on? Isn't physics an old enough discipline that much would be written already - at least since the "ancient" Greeks - and maybe the Talmud Bavli would be aware of it as well? Including properties of the Sun?

I have too many questions. Would הקב"ה (G-d) would give mankind in his present state (including completely evil people רשעים גמורים) so much power that we could replicate the effects of the sun from laser beams and the devices that make them (or so we're told)?

Part of the answer to this question would be: Where are the devices that would be shining and giving off sufficient heat to replicate the Sun's effect (including the apparent size of the star), whether on earth or in space? I don't imagine that even the Nibiru system would have sufficient effect of this sort without tearing the Earth literally apart; but even so, could the laser technology we possess even go this far without burning up large parts of the Earth by themselves??? They would also have access to HUGE supplies of something to burn, to give off heat and light, which ONLY HASHEM CAN PROVIDE...). WHAT ARE THEY?

How much supply of what is needed is really there to do such a thing for decades (since 1998 according to her - MORE THAN 20 YEARS at this writing)?

Add to that the evil ones' driving need to kill off a large part of the Earth's human population, starting with the entirety of ISRAEL (the JEWISH people - H's designated source of all this sort of knowledge and invention, including the Erev Rav)...and much more...too many variables there. I'm sure even the greatest higher-level mathematicians wouldn't be able to account for the full list. Inevitably something important would be missed, forgotten or left off.

AND...Could a "dark" sun still give off enough energy to keep us going, with or without Nibiru, until Mashiah is revealed? Do I misunderstand her concept of a dark sun?

And I'm pretty sure there's more. I don't want to be responsible for having left off even more variables I have no idea of.

R' Carlebach's song is GREAT!!! Thank you for that.

DS said...

Thanks for spelling it out, David: you are RIGHT!!!

DS said...


Thanks for your comment. I will have to think about what you wrote in depth, and review certain sources. There is so much falsehood in that field, as in all other fields; at least in medicine I can tell, I understand. Here, zero. I don't know, but even the people who know don't really know, and there is so much politization of the topic, think "global warming" and all the associated fraud and BS. She and her partner Scott seem to be quite knowledgeable, honestly, but then you never know, you are right. I understand they got rid of her in South Africa where she was teaching because they opposed her views. She was invited to speak and was received in Moscow for a lecture with open arms and great respect. She is clearly a serious researcher, the question is, is she right? I don't have all the sources of what she claims. I know Scott has been following the sun and solar system for a very long time.

Will need to be followed. But she is clearly not the first or the last one to connect astronomical events to all these cataclysms. I could find lots of sources for that. As far as the artificial sun, it shouldn't be too hard to find data about that, if it really exists it must be mentioned somewhere, somebody must have a lot of info about that.

Do you want to do the research? I don't think I will. However there might be physicists out there who do have the knowledge, the means. I think DOV BEAR BAR LEIB has a background in physics. Maybe I will ask him if he is willing to look into it.