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Thursday, January 17, 2019

SHUVU BANIM! This great oldie landed on my lap yesterday, and I find it very inspiring. So here it is....

I can see why the Rav is making so many enemies in the PTB, a bit like Rav Meir Kahane HY"D , just without the political bravado: he does what he does fearlessly, without any concern for political correctness, without any weighing of possible consequences to himself - proof is the severe persecution that has raged against him for years; yet he goes completely against the establishment grain, enters the WHOLE Land of Israel fearlessly, arouses Jewish souls wherever he goes, and last but not least, creates SERIOUS CONVERTS AMONG THE CREME DE LA CREME OF SECULAR ISRAELI YOUTH. See the video above, the names mentioned: it's earth shattering. That is a crime "they" can't forgive him: imagine, stealing their choice success stories, and converting them into Hashem's servants instead of their own servants? That cannot pass, this HAS to be stopped. So declare him and his Torah students a CULT, and persecute the cult; let's spread all kinds of lies about him, so people will turn against him!

It's one thing to play the religious card without shaking the establishment to the core: such as all willing "Mizrochnikim" who worship the state and coordinate with it at the same time they worship Hashem. But woe to whoever chooses to worship Hashem only! And that is Rav Berland's great crime.

I will gladly join in that crime. How about you? 

And you know what, I am not in any way changing my lifestyle or my appearance, I keep doing what I was doing before; it's just that my understanding, my Emunah, have changed. Now I have inspiration, I am connected to Hashem more than I have ever been. And I promise you, I DON'T worship the Rav: I just follow his advice, his writings and his appearances from a distance, whenever I get a chance. That's all. 

Doesn't it say: ASEH LECHA RAV? So I did.

And he is not my first teacher: I have had a number of them: all of them except for one are unfortunately not in this world anymore, although I very much love and appreciate them even after their passing. But for now he is the only alive Rav I can deeply connect to. So why not?



Anonymous said...



Sahbbat shalom umevorah, dear!

DS said...

Thank you, Orna Nitzevet.

Likewise, Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Tu Bishvat too.


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

This video and the post it accompanies answers a number of questions for me:

*Why the seculars and their government are after R' Berland
*Why in particular they let General Rehavam Ze'evi be murdered (or murdered him - I don't remember)
*The context in which Shuvu Banim was born
*The mindset of R' Berland during those early days - and the reason he couldn't depart from them, even now!

The only question it really doesn't answer is why Jews from within the very Breslev community R' Berland lives in are after him with the same, and even worse, intentions for him and his students, than the seculars into whose hands they play. Is this perhaps because all the history depicted here came before all that opposition?

Shabbat B'Shalah shalom umevorah!

DS said...

HDG, Shavuah Tov,

This is a very good question and remark. Before I reply to that, though, I wanted to stress that I also immediately thought of the murder of Rehavam Ze'evi, and somehow connected it to this additional reason for wanting to get rid of him - I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this had been a false flag, if you know what I mean, as there was a clear and spelled- out agenda of getting rid of all leaders of the Right and rabbis.

Now for your question: Rivka Levy is a wonderful researcher, an author, and a friend, and she wrote a first book about Rav Berland called "One in a Generation", which I partially read, a very well researched book, very detailed, about the early life of the Rav.

Well , lo and behold, just this week she finally came out with the second book, which details the whole saga of the vicious attackers within the Breslav world against Rav Berland.

See here :

I can't wait to read that book, frankly.

I hope this helps answer your questions!



Anonymous said...

Shavuah tov ve TuBISHVAT Sameah!
Now it might be a SIGHN for the GALUT=GALUTIANS???It seems to say:

To see this phenomenon going to happen on TU BISHVAT;
A TREE, fruit tree is connected to GAN EDEN just when it is in ERETZ ISRAEL.
That's the only way for him to transfer the NETZITZOT straight to us true its fruit! Getting it from GAN EDEN at the moment an OBSERVANT JEW take the fruit. Amazing experience!
It pains my heart seeing Jews outside of Israel.
Until they are safe home, we do not know for sure if they survive this...
Do you see the connection???

Likutey Moharan, the teachings of Rabbi Nachman, are much abused by kofrim and Goiym! that pretend to be Breslev also.
It is a very unfortunate situation because the LIGHT of Teachings of Rabeinu is pure and very strong.
I am fortunate to know the Sipurei Maasiot and many other teachings and stories from very early age thanks to my grandmother, but many other Jews not.
When they somehow get in contact with these individuals, they get hurt and their vision about Breslev become not so nice...
Many times are these people Jewish naive women.
Now by my own ratiolization, it could be, that same is happening with Harav Berland. The other side see the BRIGHT LIGHT and stuck to it. When they find out that its not possible to ABUSE it, they seek revenge.
When you see a Tzadik and then hear someone to sream: RAPE< ABUSE!! it might be very well the same, but mostly from their own. They RAPE and ABUSE. Like someone wise said it very clearly:
Anything is said by individual about the TZADIK, is his own MIRROR.
What i learned last years is that when someone say they are BRESLEV, they might be not!
When they say they are JEWISH, they might be not!!!
So it is important to ask Hashem for Mercy, RACHAMIM and give us DAAT to know what to do.
Soon, B'H the evil will be gone.
Remember when we where stuck on the way out of MITZRAIYM, there was no way out while we saw the huge army of Pharao comming.
Just for one reason.
HASHEM wanted us to turn to HIM.
the formula of

DS said...

Very nice, Orna Nitzevet: I liked your comment on more than one level too. The part discussing the Rav speaks for itself.

The part about the fruits: I was wondering why of all years, this year I am flying to Eretz Yisrael to Chutz laaretz to my family, leaving about HALF AN HOUR AFTER the eclipse, and bringing them loads of fruits from Eretz Yisrael. I felt bad to leave today but I had to. I figured the fruits would arouse their Neshamot even more; but I did not know about the connection between Pri Haaretz and Gan Eden. Now I understand why I had to go on Tu Bishvat. Hashem organized it so for me and my family for a reason!

It so happens that I grow fruit trees in my garden - in PETACH GAN EDEN, which is Hevron ( Kiryat Arba Hevron) - from scratch; and I feel like each one of them is like my child, growing from the womb. I was wondering how I can be so attached to them. Now I understand. Thank you!

Speaking of fruit: I feel bad about the way we take Maaser these days: in the times of the Beth Hamikdash we would take Maaser and give it to the Kohen, or the Levi. Today we destroy it. I feel it is baal Tashchit, and as much as I want to give a korban to Hashem, He never asked for this kind of korban, Maaser was meant as a means of support for Shevet Levi. I am not sure He is happy with us needlessly destroying HIS precious fruit. I would much rather GIVE IT to a needy person, or a Kohen or Levi. I feel this has to be corrected. Waiting for REAL korbanot!

What do you think, all of you?

Anonymous said...

Dear DS,
The Trumot i do with sugar, with Kavana putting the worth of fruit to a coin while saiyng the BRACHA, then to the sugar wich i let go down true the sink.
Can't wait until the REAL THING!
How beautiful, you get your residence in HEVRON!
Now about the fruit...when a TZADDIK forgot to do something...he get the chance to fix it while having his NESHAMA connected to ETZ PRI B ERETZ ISRAEL. He is actually stuck in until someone TORAH OBSERVANT get the fruit (this is the moment when the NETZITZOT are send into fruit, while A REAL JEW touch it and harvest the fruit), say the bracha and eat it!
So i pray that 'your' fruit brings your whole family and anyone who eat it TSHUVA SHLEIMA, TSHUVA PSHUTA TO RETURN!
Come home safe, all of you!

DS said...

Amen! Thank you, Orna Nitzevet.

Re: the sugar; do you mean Maaser Rishon? Maaser Sheni we always use a coin, of course.

I am not sure we are allowed to do Maaser Rishon this way: who taught you this? And how do I know that if I did it this way, my Machmir relatives would consider that they are Yotzeh? I would appreciate sources for this. Thank you.


Anonymous said...
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DS said...

Thanks, Orna Nitzevet. Actually I am going to visit my brothers, both Kosher Kohanim . One has a Smichah, the other one is very learned too. Neither of them would eat my fruit unless Maaser has been taken!

So?.... I don't believe they would accept the Maaser even though they themselves are Kohanim.


Anonymous said...


One more reason to bring them!
I mixed up the things while answering...busy with children...
So as from a Levi mother and a son of Kohen father to make it more complicated....born on Parashat Terrumah, we just do the CHAZON ISH.
But i have been told to must to do it with Kavana to be able soon to give to Leviim and Kohanim while doing so.
After 40 years in GALUT i could not wait to do Maaserot and Terumot here...and asked so many question, that the answer to me was, ok, no more asking, just do the CHAZON ISH :).
Take care DS!