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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Since you loved the Carlebach video yesterday, here is another appropriate one I love; and it's NOT for the pope this time, it's for us, AM Yisrael!

And here is the version of Carlebach's Orech Yamim song which, as beautiful as it was, rightfully arose the ire of many Jews, myself included (I had posted the video already in a previous post, on May 18, 2017) . Whatever their motive was, to wish this pope a long life is the most inappropriate thing I could think of; almost as praying for him to live a long life: why? For what? He is openly participating in causing Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael terrible harm.

Enjoy the music; I did; it is literally "music for the soul" to revive our failing spirits.

This passuk from Tehillim,  Orech Yamim Asbiyehu, from Psalm 91 

אֹרֶךְ יָמִים אַשְׂבִּיעֵהוּ וְאַרְאֵהוּ בִּישׁוּעָתִי "

 is also a good response to the venom coming out of the church lately:

BTW on this blog I have direct proof that all this was concocted right at Kever David in the Cenacle room by Benedikt XVI, when he had a meeting there with the World Council of Churches during his visit in Jerusalem in 2009.  I would have to find the exact post, don't have time now. The church is not letting off, will continue persecuting us for as long as they can; but our Ally, the Master of the Universe,  is greater than anything they can concoct.



DS said...

Anonymous said:

Don't forget, many Erev Rav amongst the rabbis and religious in this era before Moshiach.

DS said...

DS replies to Anonymous:

Anonymous, I didn't post your first comment yesterday:

"Did Shlomo sing this before or after he "hugged" some congregants? "

because it was sarcastic, nasty and hateful.

Now that you added your second comment:

"Don't forget, many Erev Rav amongst the rabbis and religious in this era before Moshiach", which was written without hatred or sarcasm, I will reply.

Yes, there are many Erev Rav amongst the rabbis and religious in this era before Mashiach. No question about it. From your comments I gather that you are also one of the religious, if not a rabbi - maybe.

This is what the Vilna Gaon had to say about the Erev Rav. Here is the source:

"The five types of Erev Rav:

Those that create strife and commit lashon harah (evil tongue)
Those who pursue lustful desires (prostitution, etc.)
Those who pretend to be tzaddikim, but who’s hearts are far from HaShem
Those who pursue honor to make a name for themselves
Those who pursue money
The Vilna Gaon goes on to define the erev rav:

…and the argumentative kind are the equivalent of all of them: they are called `Amalekim, and the son of Dovid will not come until they have passed out of this world, for it is of them that we recite timche et zekher `Amalek – “You shall erase the memory of Amalek”".

Now I don't know who you are, but I just want to remind you, based on that, that there are many characteristics of belonging to the Erev Rav, and one of them is the first one mentioned by the Vilna Gaon . Your comment was full of that.

The fact is, Carlebach, through his music, opened the hearts of countless Jews to Torah and love of Hashem. One of the traits of Jews is LOVE of Hashem and love of their fellow Jews. Carlebach might have - I am not at all convinced of that - acted inappropriately. Actually I went to one of his concerts with my son, and he gave both my son and myself an unexpected kiss on the cheek. I was taken aback by it, but did not feel that there was anything lustful about that kiss, it was like the kiss of a brother. Breached Shomer Negiyah? Yes. But lustful, sinful? The intent was one of pure love.
I will refer you to this scholarly paper regarding the issur of Shomer Negiyah, its status, deoraita or derabbanan:

What Carlebach did to me was clearly an issur derabanan. If he did it to me, he probably did the same to countless other women.

On the other hand, the Mitzvah of Loving Hashem and the Mitzvah of Loving your fellow Jew
are clearly Mitzvot deoraita. If Carlebach was able to bring even one Jew closer to Torah and Hashem through his soulful music, he performed a great Mitzvah. His music to this day is opening the hearts of countless Jews to love of Torah and Hashem. So his positive impact is very great and so is his Sachar.

On the other hand, loshon Hara, an evil tongue, and Sin'at Chinam of your fellow Jew is a great sin that the Erev Rav are guilty of.

So I ask you, who is more in need of admonition, you, or him? Please first look inside yourself, see if YOU are perfect and free of sin - I am certainly not, and I can guarantee you that not one person in this world is totally free of sin -. Then, if you find yourself perfect, ask yourself if you are maybe guilty of Ga'avah. Then, after that, please come and make a nasty attack on Carlebach.

Hashem is the judge, not you, and not me.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, the first Anon you are talking about is NOT the second Anon (me). First time ever that I wrote anything on your blog and that was about the Erev Rav now in the era preceding biat Moshiach. I don't know anything about who and what the other Anon wrote and in what regard. Just happened to see this chilul H' shown in the video above and had to respond about all the craziness, that's all. No connection to any other anonymous or comments on your blog.

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS said...


I am extremely sorry about the mix-up: for some reason I thought I had seen the same origin for the comment, then I saw I was wrong. My sincere apologies.

On the other hand I am glad I wrote this reply, as it was addressed to the first Anonmymous. I hope that person will see it and take it to heart.

I assume you meant the Chillul Hashem of the Jews by the pope, right? Nothing to do with Rav Shlomo Carlebach?

Have a Happy Tu Bishvat, and thank you for both your comments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you DS. Am glad you clarified the mixup. Yes, I was referring to the video showing the chasidim dancing.

DS said...

Of course, Anonymous! Thanks.