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Thursday, June 1, 2017

THIS IS GRAND!...It validates everything I have been writing since 2009 - See in particular my post/minibook "A Bird's Eye View on H1N1".

I have to say I have more and more respect for Donald Trump. On one hand his not transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem is of course disturbing; on the other hand, leave him some slack: what he is doing right now is absolutely essential for everybody in the world: and that includes every aspect of our life here in Israel:

  • the banking system: the Bank of Israel and our heavy tax structure that would be even heavier, strangling economic activity and initiative
  •  the Ministry of Health: forced vaccinations, cancer treatment modalities, etc.
  • the Ministry of Agriculture: GMO's, Round-up, pesticides, adulterated foods, preservatives, etc
  • Politics - think of the Bilateral agreement with Rome, the internationalization of Jerusalem,  land grab of Rome on our holy places, think Oslo and all the murdered
  • Religion - think interfaith originating with the pope, think deliberate anti-Torah agenda and persecution of Torah Jews, think anti-Yesha policies, think IDF corruption of Torah
  • the IDF: think of its cooperation with NATO, the pope's and Europe's army!!!
  • Social engineering and perversions: think LGBT abomination, think pedophilia centered in Jerusalem

This is a broad-based swipe at the totality of the system: it couldn't be more encompassing. I wish him well, Donald Trump is a good man and he is doing Hashem's work. 

So this is step I: nothing wrong with that! The embassy location won't change anything to the sovereignty of Am Yisrael over Eretz Yisrael ; it is all in G-d's hands anyway.

Just one caveat: Alex Jones invokes his man-god by name; what can we do, this is what Xtians believe in; as long as they don't try to come and introduce their Avoda Zara in Eretz Yisrael, as long as they don't attempt to convert us here in Eretz Hakodesh, as long as they don't get a foothold in the Holy Land, which I KNOW they are trying to do ( this is a topic for another day), I don't care, let them worship whatever they want: in this battle they are on our side ( I am speaking of the non-papist Xtians, the protestants, the evangelists, etc). We have a common enemy, and that is the Nazis, the satanists, the leftists, whose headquarters lie in Rome and Germany: the 300 princes of Rome and the 300 princes of Germamia - how does that Gemara go again? Notice that the pope is involved on their side. Of course! The whole thing originates in Rome and in Germany! The Nazis are back. I have told you all along that the vaccinations agenda comes straight out of the Nazi handbook; now I am being validated: you see, a major head of this hydra is a Nazi prince, Juncker! ( What an appropriate name, truly one big piece of JUNK! Junk, Juncker, Junckest!).

Mashiach is on the way, and Trump is obviously part of the process. We have to daven that he overcome his enemies, who are powerful and supremely vicious. The Embassy issue will be dealt with in due time; Trump's heart is in the right place, he is doing what needs to be done, and that is what counts.

Here is a great Shiur by Rabbi Kessin which discusses who Donald Trump is; listen to it, it is really worth it. The Rav says: the job of TOV SHE BE ESAV, of Trump,  is to do the TIKKUN of the whole world! And this is exactly what Trump is doing by pulling out of the global warming scam, the Paris conference: he is repairing the whole world! Wow, what greatness!  And the Satan, the Satanists, the Nazis, are going insane!  

(And by the way, Kathy Griffin who "mock decapitated" Trump on TV is an avowed satanist. Interesting??)

( Thanks to the blog Shirat Devorah)

Kol Tuv and Shabbat Shalom from Israel



DS said...

We agree. That is top priority and NATO as well. Incirlik TAFB must be vacated of US supplied nuclear bombs. Embassy may wait six months...


DS said...

Thanks, SHmuel: glad you do! You are pretty smart so if you do I feel validated again.