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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CHEMTRAILS AND VACCINES, Part II: An appropriate title would be: "HOW TO CREATE DEMAND FOR OUR PRODUCTS!" It's all about murder and profit.

I know you have to guard your eyes from evil: you are not supposed to even look at an evil person; frankly I did not know what I was going to see when I opened the short video - below - of various Bilderberg attendees. Their drawn faces and dark vibes say everything there is to know about them. But one attendee in particular caught my attention: at 4:40 min., look at that uptight, guilty, angry face: this is Werner Baumann,  German CHAIRMAN OF BAYER, AG;  Bayer, one of the four firms heirs to IG Farben of Nazi fame that produced Zyklon B, the gas that murdered millions of our fellow Jews!

That same Bayer that is in the process of acquiring - or has just acquired - Monsanto of Round-Up and GMO fame.

This video  discusses Monsanto's Round-Up: a terrible and deadly product that is almost ubiquitous these days; shocking and devastating testimony worth listening to! [ But please stop at 20 minutes: the content after that is totally inacceptable and inappropriate ( idiotic Xtian propaganda and horrible antisemitic libels, my sincere apologies. I posted this before I had listened to the whole tape, I wish I could cut it halfway but I can't.)]

See what incentive Bayer has in creating cancer, look how involved they are in oncology, how much they profit from cancer. They also benefit from neurological diseases and other conditions listed as part of the side-effects of Round-Up.  I can see why they decided to purchase Monsanto: this way they hold all the cards in their hands, leaving nothing to chance. It fits right into their business plan! Maximizing profits!

Pretty smart strategy, isn't it?  Yes, they are brilliant but also unbelievably evil: on one hand they enrich themselves by creating diseases - by selling Round-Up ( thereby poisoning people), and on they other hand they enrich themselves by selling outrageously expensive medications used to treat those very same diseases caused by the use of Round-Up; a case of  self-propagated "repeat business" guaranteed for a very long time, if not for life. At the expense of humanity. How is that for a huge conflict of interest, for a company that prides itself in "MAKING LIFE BETTER", quote?

Murderers for profit, pure and simple: Nazis descendants of Nazis. 

By the way, Bayer is very active in Israel too, particularly in agriculture; no wonder there is so much Round-Up use here! No wonder there are so many diseases and cancer clusters here! Any wonder we are running out of hospital space?

However don't forget that Werner Baumann is only one of hundreds of Bilderberg  members; I didn't check the list of all the attendees, but as a rule they are some of the most anti-humanity people on the planet.  And these are the people who have been shaping our recent past, our present, and claim to shape our future too: these are ( only some of ) the globalists. And this is who we want to entrust our health to?  Our future to? With them we have NO future!!!

Granted some of the attendees are journalists, but even those journalists appear to have been carefully vetted - mostly leftists and globalists, as the following video shows:

The world is in a big, big mess; real Bilderberg members are enemies of Hashem: we have to fight them with all our might.

Thank G-d for Trump for taking them on by withdrawing from the Climate Change Conference. But we have to do our part too! Daven ( pray), do good ( Mitzvot),  perform Maasim Tovim ( good deeds), inform people, educate, and oppose these evil globalists through your Tselem Elokim, through whatever means Hashem has given you to do Tikkunim, doing all the good you can in this world to counteract these servants of the Satan.

My other message to you is: don't trust these Reshaim with your health: find simple, natural, and readily available solutions to your health problems. If you can't avoid chemtrails, Round-up exposure in your diet, etc. at least don't give them the pleasure of using their high-priced solutions for the diseases they have created! Educate yourselves, find alternatives, and starve their pocketbook : the solutions are there, for those of you that really want them.

We want and need Mashiach now. And guess what, he is on the way!

Rak Chazak Ve-Ematz


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HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I have a question for you, my dear friend the Doctor:

I use Sterily to clean my fruits and vegetables. What I know is that a Haredi invented it to clean them thoroughly, and it is very soapy and great-smelling. What I would like to know is whether it also eliminates sprays from them. And what is in it? There is no list of contents on the bottle.

And if that doesn't work, what will?

Many thanks!

DS said...

Dear Chava,

Thanks for your question. Actually I am wondering myself about Sterily: I started using it but I didn't like some of the side-effects ( I did have some side-effects, believe it or not), so I stopped using it.What I use instead is a good dose of salt, coarse salt, and let the herbs, vegetables, etc soak in that salt water for a good while, maybe 10 -15 minutes. You have to check the veggies afterwards of course; and if there are little bugs you can see them floating on the water. Maybe not quite as many as with Sterily, but from my understanding whatever you can't see with your naked eye doesn't count. What did Jewish mothers do when there were no pesticides and no Sterily? Of course you have to rinse out the vegetables very well afterwards so as not to ingest all that salt.

I try to avoid the "Gush Katif" vegetables because of the considerable amount of pesticides on them. Which ones they use I don't know but I would rather not ingest them. And if you buy those I would suggest you rinse them for a good amount of times, a couple of rinses, to remove as much of the pesticides as you can. But I frankly have no idea if rinsing the veggies will do the job: those pesticides look to me like they are fat-soluble and not water soluble; you can always see a small film of them floating on the rinsing water.

It's a shame that sterily doesn't list their ingredients. Professional secret, I guess, but it doesn't help US!!!

I hope this helps.


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

It does:

One thing I learned about making soap (I haven't done it, but I have considered it) is that basically two ingredients are needed: oil and lye. And don't tell me there is such a thing as soap made without lye - that's apparently a lie.

But the lye disappears and has no more effect once the soap is completely made. The reason I don't do it is because I have no experience handling the lye. And it smells awful, I understand. I don't have enough cross-breeze in my apartment to make it go away while I make it.

For the Sterily to be so soapy, it has to have at least some oil in it. And, since you mentioned that pesticides are fat-soluble, it would stand to reason that Sterily (or any oil-based soap, for that matter) would dissolve the pesticides out into the water you wash them in. But, that brings up another problem: what to do with the water.


Secret, shmecret. The Sterily label should tell us what's in it! And I'm really curious as to what those side effects you had were. By private email if you prefer. ;)

DS said...


I did not say that pesticides ARE fat-soluble. I didn't study the question. They APPEAR fat-soluble to me because of that film that floats on the water. But maybe I am mistaken. I am sure it shouldn't be to hard to find out if they are or not, but frankly I don't feel like doing the research right now.

Your point about pesticides dissolving in the water with Sterily if they are fat-soluble is well made. And if you wash any vegetables or herbs with Sterily you would end up with pesticides in the water, because I doubt very much that they would sell veggies or herbs and grow them organically without mentioning it at the point of sale. So it stands to reason that those very same veggies and herbs you buy, not labeled organic, are loaded with pesticides. So if you rinse out the water and rinse those veggies repeatedly, the pesticides enter the water supply. Wonderful! No matter what I am sure that the water here is loaded with them. I don't have a water filter but I am planning on buying one, because there are so many, many poisons in the water!

OK, I will tell you by private e-mail what my side-effects were!