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Sunday, June 18, 2017

MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN : I know the language used here is not Jewish, yet this concerns us too.


Shavuah Tov to all,

I refer you to my post dated September 1, 2015:

In that post, regarding the upcoming "Sanhedrin's" Trial of the Nations, I had also discussed the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. I guess the inner connection I sensed between these seemingly unrelated topics WAS correct after all, and you will see why in a minute.

CERN is in the news again, particularly because their representative, allegedly their Director General, gave a presentation at the Bilderberg meeting just two weeks ago. I was going to discuss the following article about CERN which appeared today, below, when this video grabbed my attention. Lo and behold it discusses sights and wonders seen in JERUSALEM of all places, created by the CERN project in Jordan! My G-d, how devious can one get?! Please read the post above, particularly the paragraphs regarding CERN and its Sesame project in Jordan, and you will see that contrary to what the video claims, Israel IS involved in this dog and pony show; a truly Satanic production!

Now I understand other weird phenomena observed recently in Israel's skies, which I had highlighted in a previous post :

Stop watching the video at 7 minutes - the rest is treif.

( This video was removed without my knowledge; but thanks to David P. I received it again, here it is)

Now about the article below: its author claims that the concepts are Xtian; actually they are totally Jewish: any Jew who knows the Tanach even a little will instantly identify these words from Sefer Daniel:

In addition read Rav Ginsburg and various other Mekubalim about Creation, you will feel right at home with the concepts mentioned; it makes for very interesting reading though, I have to admit.

By the way, about a year ago, right around candle lighting time, one Friday evening in Kiryat Arba I was looking out my window to see where the sun was positioned regarding sunset ( I usually do that to make sure I am not late with my candles) when to my amazement I saw TWO SUNS instead of one, one on top of the other! It was very beautiful actually, but that is what ignited my interest in Nibiru and other such cosmic phenomena -you must have noticed that I write a lot about these topics lately; now you understand why.

So it's all connected: Nibiru, the two suns, CERN, Project Sesame, the Hadron Collider, Bilderberg, Nazis, the Vatican, the Interfaith movement, and the attempted Catholic takeover of Har Habayit. Why am I not surprised? The Vatican, just like the Nazis - like father, like son - have been involved in stargazing for many years now; so this is their plot, these are their tricks, this was their goal all along, conjuring things out of thin air like ancient magicians, pretending their god is performing "miracles"? They learned well from him! (Sotah 47a, Sanhedrin 107)

Unless they are trying to conceal  Nibiru's arrival - a remote possibility.

How complicated and how Satanic! There must be a reason why it's all coming together now. And the truth is being exposed, thank G-d: things will become clearer as time goes by: berur, berur ( clarification in scriptural Hebrew)!

Not easy times we are going through, but interesting ones for sure.


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