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Monday, August 29, 2016

Chesed Shel Emet: helping Barry get a proper burial in Eretz Yisrael; please be part of this great Mitzvah!

Barry Chamish ZT"L fund for funeral in Israel and other related expenses.


Dear friends,

The saga of Barry's passing has been a long and painful one. Do you know that ten days have passed since his death and Barry has still not been buried? You must be wondering what could have caused such a heartrending delay, with nobody able to even say Kaddish for him, and the family anxiously waiting for his funeral - not to mention all his friends who also want to participate in the levayah.

I am in touch with his wife Cindy who explained to me what happened, and permitted me to share the information on this blog.

The last communication that anyone had with him was on Thursday, August 18 at 10:17 PM, when he communicated with his friends on Facebook, Since then, his wife, who was away for a few days, tried to reach him, but he wasn't answering. This went on until she finally called the police who went to his mobile home on Tuesday. There they found the body of Barry in his bodily fluids; he had been dead for about five days ( I will spare you the  details). So the family arranged for him to be taken to a funeral home, but for some reason the death certificate wasn't released until very recently. I have lots of additional information about the story which I will not discuss at this time. Suffice it to say that the family has decided to have him buried in Israel, thank G-d; I am sure that is what he would have wanted. But the reason the funeral was delayed for so long was twofold: first of all the issue of the death certificate; in addition, it costs a lot of money to have the body flown, first from Florida to NYC, where the Israeli consulate has an arrangement with a funeral home that routinely handles such transfers; and then from New York to Israel; we are talking about a lot of money which the family doesn't have.

I suggested to his wife that we start a fundraiser for Barry, and she did. The only thing I did was to direct her to the proper place for this fundraiser. I am not a beneficiary: all the money goes to this fund which will be in her name and will be used to reimburse both her and his children for the expenses. As a matter of fact they do NOT at this time have the sufficient funds to cover all the costs mentioned, so until we have raised sufficient funds the body of Barry is still on hold IN FLORIDA!

It is a great Mitzvah to bury a Jew right away.This delay is insufferable, I hope you will agree.

I have already found a very nice friend of Barry's who will be saying Kaddish for him three times a day for a full 11 months. Another friend committed himself to learn Mishnayot for the elevation of Barry's neshamah. But all this can only be taking place once he has been buried!

I am in the process of getting his full Jewish name. He is Binyamin, but I still don't know his father's name, in case anyone wants to say Kaddish for him as well. His mother's secular name was Ethel. 


Here below is the link to the fundraiser. Please donate as generously as you can. May Hashem send you all His blessings for this great Mitzvah. Thank you.

The rest of the funds collected, if there is a surplus, will be used for important things having to do with Barry's legacy. Please trust us that we will use the money in the most efficient and necessary way possible for his benefit, and for the benefit of the causes he fought for his whole life.

I have to mention that Barry, as you know, had numerous enemies. After all he fought some very powerful and  evil people. One such group found it appropriate to create a video rejoicing at his demise. They took credit for his passing in a ridiculous show of arrogance, claiming that Barry had passed away because of an alleged pulsa denura which they had performed on the day preceding the date of his originally announced passing, August 22. Of course the claim is preposterous since Barry  died a few days before that. And not only that, but they used plagiarized pictures of a real pulsa denura, the one done for Ariel Sharon ( that one worked!), to show their evil intents. Such people are simply despicable and have to be denounced.

Here is the link to their video, which was sent to me by an anonymous reader of this blog.

I am only mentioning this so you should know that Barry, really, did create enemies with his honest outspokenness. The more I read his articles, the more I realize what an amazing researcher he was, how brave he was. We have to find his enemies. If anyone had something to do with the misery he experienced the last days of his life, such evil people have to be exposed and punished! He shared with one friend recently that he felt "something was up".

Let's keep his legacy alive.

Kol Tuv



CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Obviously the haters had no other information about Mr. Chamish, z"l than what you wrote! May the liars who produced this video, and stole parts of other videos to make it, have the same fate they wished for him!

Anonymous said...

DS said...

Tamar said:

A fellow Jew is lying dead and un-buried for over ten days. We MUST do our utmost to prevent this atrocity. It is a great Mitzvah to be buried as soon as possible. This delay is intolerable, and I hope that those of us still alive can do the right thing and donate now, even if just a bit, to bury Barry Chamish z"l.

davidtre said...

Dr Stern
Are you saying that the government of Medinat Israel has no obligation to offer
burial and transport if requested by kin in a military cemetery to its soldiers?
I know both of his children Arik and Sally have served in the IDF

DS said...


Wow! That is one amazing observation! I have no idea. Very good question.

Since you know both his children, why don't you ask them? Maybe they can answer and help their father too. But I am not sure he would want a military burial; that seems sort of out of character for him. However, why shouldn't they help the family? Barry was also a soldier, as well as both of his kids, you are absolutely right ( although don't count on them, I doubt that they would do that much for him).

If anybody has more information on that topic, please share it!

Thank you.


DS said...

Chaya shared this amazing website that can help the soul of Barry:

Thank you, Chaya!

Howard Moskowitz said...

Please please help give Barry a last thank you and a proper burial.

DS said...

Thank you so much, Howard, for your support of your friend Barry, and your kind participation in both his burial and in saying Kaddish following that.

davidtre said...

Well done Dr Stern

DS said...

Thank you, David.

Sometimes Hashem puts you in a position where you just know you have to act. This was one of these situations. B"H I was thrown in the center of this saga - Hashem knew that I had the tools to help make this happen. It also taught me a lot, in particular about the enormous importance of a proper Jewish burial. What a difference it makes for the departed! Now he is buried a way a Jewish soul is supposed to be buried, Baruch Hashem: his soul can rest in peace after all the torture it went through. A true Chesed shel Emet.

May this help his children stay on the Derech.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov to all.