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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ברוך דיין אמת - זצ"ל Barry Chamish


With great sorrow I heard today about the passing of Barry Chamish, author, journalist, fierce fighter of Israel.

Barry was one of a kind. I have known him for quite a few years; I was first introduced to his writings years ago, then met him at one demonstration on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, where he was selling his books. I forgot what the topic of the demonstration was, but for sure it was FOR the Jews of Israel, and AGAINST our internal enemies in the STATE of Israel!

Barry was a great lover of Eretz Yisrael, and a great lover of Am Yisrael. He had tremendous feeling and compassion for his fellow Jews, and fought fearlessly, at great cost to his own life, for the right of Jews to live as a free people on our ancestral Land. He fearlessly exposed the evil ones in the Israeli government, naming names and telling facts; an amazing whistle blower if there ever was one: Barry was very courageous, a man of truth, a fearless journalist who ferreted out dark secrets of the powers that be at great cost to himself. He paid a heavy price for his relentless search for the truth, forced to leave Eretz Yisrael in great fear for his life, and with good reason.

We worked together for years; he asked me to participate in his radio shows many times, and I did. His archives are full of my radio appearances; he kept them when I did not. We had numerous discussions about various topics of interest regarding Israel, our enemies both external and internal, the world scene as it relates to Israel: chief among them were matters related to the Vatican's dirty tricks against the Jewish People and Israel. He wrote several times about my articles, while I wrote about him.

When he underwent triple bypass surgery a few years ago, from the hospital he contacted me right after his surgery and asked for my medical advice. I spoke with his treating physician and helped Barry avoid unnecessary and harmful medications.

So we did have quite a working relationship. He even spent one Shabbat at our home in New York, making quite an impression from what I understand ( I wasn't there that week-end)!

Barry was a pioneer and a very talented journalist, a real one unlike so many today who only say what the PTB want them to say; he told it like it is. My take on him was he truly was a champion of "TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE JEWISH WAY".

It is with great sadness that I heard about his passing today.

Barry definitely earned his share in Olam Haba: despite his various quirks he was a great lover of Israel and a stauch defender of his people, and I am sure Hashem is very pleased with all the good he did for our people.

May his memory be blessed.

Daisy J. Stern, MD

PS: I was privileged to do the farewell tribute to Barry on his radio show, a Hesped if you like; just this last minute!

Here is the transcript of the interview featuring my eulogy of Barry,

thanks to First Amendment Radio, 

compliments of  Nick.

Thank you, Nick, for asking me to participate in Barry's last show, G-d bless him.


NB: see also the next post about Barry, dated 8/24:



nikmatdam ~ humble servant said...

yes so sorry to hear... boruch dayan emet... not only was barry the premier investigative journalist of his generation but hebwas a jew who loved his people and homeland and with great courage and conviction fought with all his strength to prevent the slide of israel and the jewish people into the dangerous decline we have witnessed since the disastrous oslo agreement... and for his heroic struggle and his noble self sacrifice he was made to flee for his life and with a broken heart lived out his days in exile far from his beloved israel... may Hashem comfort him most of all and reward him in gan eden with the peace and joy he gave up to fight for Hashem's truth and people and homeland... farewell barry... lech b'shalom and Hashem grant you eternal nechama (solace)... amen... kain yehi ratzon... your friend... moshe parry...

DS said...

Thank you, Moshe: you said it so well.

May his memory be blessed.

Anonymous said...

He will live on.

His soul is like a golden light shining forth from the Holy Ark.

He was the greatest investigative journalist.

Actually a real holy warrior!

I believe in Barry and his spirit.

He actually enlightened me in many ways and solved enigmas.

DS said...

Thank you, Jesse. Great and true words.

May G-d bless his soul, and his friends too.

Geuz said...

My deepest condolences to Webmaster here, and to all visitors.

The show by Barry Chamish at liberty archives was my favorite show for years.
All week I would wait for his new show.

Maybe Dr. Daisy Stern can take over his show please?
The interviews with you, often where the best programs he made.

DS said...

Dear Geuz,

Thank you for your condolences, we are all sharing in this great loss.

Thank you so much for your good words, I am truly humbled; it is good to know that one has a bit of contribution to make in this world! After all, what were we born for if not for this???

As far as taking on the show: frankly I don't have the time to do it week after week, but if Webmaster would like to offer me a slot every so often I would be happy to share my thoughts with you listeners when the situation arose ( and the time allowed!).

Let's make an effort to be determined truth seekers, all of us.

DS said...

Please see also the next article about Barry ZT"L




DS said...

... And the next

" in Memoriam"...