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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ASKING SOME HARD QUESTIONS AFTER BARRY'S PASSING... And... who will say Kaddish for him???


To all,

You know, now that I think of it, I do find it strange that Barry passed away on 8/23, EXACTLY ONE DAY after the announcement by Tzachi Hanegbi that the Yemenite files would finally be opened this coming October .

The following article appeared on Arutz7 at 4:25 PM Israel time - 9:45 AM Florida time.

"Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Yitzchak "Tzachi" Hanegbi (Likud), plans to declassifygovernment files on the case of the missing Yemenite children by October.
Between 1948 and 1952, allegedly hundreds of Yemenite children were taken from their new immigrant families. Some were later discovered in Ashkenazic families, though the circumstances as to whether they were kidnapped, or forcibly taken away from their genetic parents and then adopted out, remained unclear. Many Yemenite parents were told their newborns had died in the hospital, and received no other information on the matter.
In an effort to finally bring the matter to light, Hanegbi is working to declassify government archives regarding the missing children.
Hanegbi, who was charged by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to review the files and make a decision within six months, himself decided to work harder, longer, and faster, to get these documents to the public as soon as possible.
Why? From his perspective, Hanegbi believes he is holding the hope of Israel, and closure for the affected families, in his hands.
Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Hanegbi explained that "It would be a shame to waste time, since I know how many families are tormented [by not knowing]. Suddenly, a ray of hope has been opened for them that exposing the material will help them understand what happened to their loved ones. I'm not sure that this would solve the problem for many of them, yet at least there is some kind of hope here."
Hanegbi is confused as to why the materials were marked classified in the first place.
"After I read the materials, together with others who are helping me on the matter, from the State Archives and the Justice Department, we do not see grounds for the confidentiality which was assigned to this material at the time, but we continue to read until we reach the ends of the examination."
"In its time, the government decided for some reason to classify this information for seventy years. This is not just, logical, or correct for today. I have no idea what caused the decision. We are putting out great effort to go over all the materials and files. As quick as I work, is as quick as I can reach a governmental decision."
Although there are "oceans" of material, Hanegbi is hopeful that most, if not all, of the files will be able to be declassified - the sooner, the better."

Then ONE DAY later, in the morning,...

"Writer and conspiracy theorist Barry Chamish passed away this Tuesday from an apparent heart attack. He was 64 years old....

Relatives say Chamish was found lifeless in his Florida apartment on Tuesday."

I know; Barry WAS a sick man, I can testify to that, having been involved in his medical care a few years back, as mentioned in my post yesterday. And yes, he would get confused at times. And yes, according to some report, he complained of being in an apartment without air conditioner with 95 degree F temperature, a situation that can be deadly for a man of his age with a heart condition. He could have died of hyperthermia. So yes, the medical version of his passing is very plausible.

Still, the TIMING of his passing is sure strange. Coincidence? Maybe. But with typical Barry Chamish  thinking, one cannot help but wonder if he was helped to pass into the next world!?

After all it is a known fact that Barry was HEAVILY involved in the parsha of the Yemenite children, having been involved with Rabbi Uzi Meshulam who was imprisoned for his role in uncovering the truth about the Yemenite children and LOBOTOMIZED in prison to the point that he became a vegetable. Barry knew all this and wrote profusely about it. You can find links to that saga on this blog, under the label "Yemenite Children".

And of course his articles are listed on Barry's blog, where he revealed all:

SHIMON PERES was the guilty party according to Barry. And we know Shimon Peres's infamous role in so many crimes against the Jews of Israel, as well as his ties to Rome and to the Shabak; his financial wheeling and dealing , etc.


After all, "disappearing" witnesses  is something certain figures on the Left of the political spectrum are very good at. Read up on several Hillary Clinton witnesses' mysterious deaths right before their being scheduled to testify against her or her husband and their foundation. Moreover thousands of files about George Soros have been hacked, and lo and behold his fingerprints have been found in all kinds of sordid situations all over the world including in Israel. Both of the above are linked at the hip. There is a huge amount of criminality springing from the Left. Where is Shimon Peres in all that?

I am not saying IT HAPPENED. I am saying we need to FIND OUT WHETHER IT DID OR NOT. We owe it to Barry to ask the right questions, and to find the answers, if possible.

Food for thought.


PS: CDG made a comment that my link above to Barry's article doesn't work. So, for starters, here are the links to MY articles on the topic. Meanwhile I will see if I can find Barry's. I remember reading very, very damning articles of his on the whole saga.

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DS said...

For some reason the link to the A7 article is not working. Try it here on your own. Meanwhile here is the full text of the article, which appeared at 16:28 on 8/23:

"Writer and conspiracy theorist Barry Chamish passed away this Tuesday from an apparent heart attack. He was 64 years old.

Relatives say Chamish was found lifeless in his Florida apartment on Tuesday. No time has yet been set for the funeral.

“With great sadness I must announce the passing of my father, the journalist and writer Barry Chamish, age 64,” Chamish’s son, Ariel, announced via Facebook.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Chamish moved to Israel in 1975, becoming a freelance writer and author of more than a dozen books. His work appeared in a number of popular American publications, including The Atlantic, and Chamish was featured in television specials on NBC and FOX.

Chamish was best known for his conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Despite an admission of guilt by Yigal Amir, now serving a life sentence, Chamish has claimed that a conspiracy emanating from within the Israeli government plotted the Rabin assassination.

In his 1998 book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? Chamish claims that based on police reports and ballistics evidence, Amir could not have been the killer.

Chamish also alleged other senior Israeli officials, including Rafael “Raful” Eitan, Haim Bar Lev, Leah Rabin, and Rehavam Zeevi were also victims of a vast conspiracy within the Israeli government and Shin Bet security agency.

After publishing his theory regarding the Rabin assassination, Chamish claimed to be the victim of a long-running campaign of harassment by the Shin Bet, which he accused of targeting him for his role in exposing the conspiracy.

Chamish’ work also dealt with UFOs and alleged alien sightings and encounters."

the link once more is:

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I agree, Barry's death timing surely should be investigated.

That link to al-HaAretz on Barry's blogpost on the 100K Radiations doesn't work because it is redirected to their home page.

DS said...


Thank you for your important comment: I rushed when I was writing this article, read what was on Barry's blog, but didn't dig deep.

For starters, I updated the post with links to MY articles on the topic. Apparently that addition might affect the quality of the viewing, I hope not.

Then we can always try to find Barry's own damning articles!

Evenstar said...

Sad news indeed. I've listened to Barry's show on occasion and even if I don't agree with everything he said he made me wonder about who's really controlling Israel (surely it's not the Jewish people, it should be obvious by now).

Anonymous said...

I believe Barry was cursed by the Sabbatean-Frankists. It only makes sense given his history of exposing their influence in the world today.

DS said...


This thing is quite freaky. Thanks for sharing with us. It is hard to believe that a pulsa denura done by sinners would have that kind of effect. In fact, it is supposed to turn against those that do that, if they are sinners themselves.

Hashem knows when a person is to live, when a person is to die. These people are no sages, they are no holy men, they seem to me to be using what appears as black magic. No holiness there whatsoever, on the contrary.

We shall say Kaddish for Barry and learn Torah for Barry and give charity for his soul.

May his soul rest in peace.


DS said...

Actually I studied the freaky video sent by these crazies: the pulsa denura that was done on the video, the REAL pusla denura, done by REAL Jews, REAL tsaddikim, was with Ariel Sheinerman AKA Ariel Sharon, in mind, NOT with Barry.

The other one, the fraud of a pulsa denura, was done by some crazy people. The blog listed with this video was created a couple of days ago only. One of the authors, a woman, speaks Hebrew and sounds like a mental case. One is an idolater, and the other one some muslim. What kind of pulsa denura can these three characters do? BS! Air, air, air, vacuum, fear mongering, empty threats by some blood thirsty thugs.

We, the Jews, will pray to the Almighty God to protect the soul of Barry. We shall say Kaddish for him, learn Torah, and praise Hashem in his name.

These three evil and misguided individuals are just trying to frighten us away from finding the truth about what really happened to Barry.

Avi said...

Hi Daisy,
I do believe that Barry passed away due to his heart only.
I share deeply your regrets.
The question is: whose hand will get on his archived documents !
Best regards, Avi

DS said...

Just for your information: these things ARE happening, right now, right in America!

And you think in Israel these things don't happen? And Israel is not in cahoot with the USA???

Barry would have been a prime target of such behavior. Keep that in mind.