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Thursday, March 7, 2013

This is the TRUE FACE of the UN and whoever funds them - think governments, think US, EU, think billionaire donors, etc.; discover their true agenda against Israel!

This is what one lovely friend of mine who worked day and night to create this video wrote to me:

We just made a new documentary exposing what goes on in UNRWA run PA schools and how they are teaching the children to insist on their right of return, to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and of all of Israel, through armed resistance. They are inciting hatred and violence, inciting children to want to grow up to kill Jews. The US in UNRWA's main sponsor and has given billions of dollars to support what is essentially terrorism.

The new documentary was just shown to some US Congress people March 5th, and will be shown at a home in Beverly Hills, 
Wed March 6th (tonight)

you can watch it here:

They are very short of funds and need your donations to continue their work. Please contribute generously to this extremely important work that exposes the truth about our enemies, the UN, Western governments, and of course, this local hostile population that has been indoctrinated for generations, and continues to indoctrinate their children to delegitimize and kill all Jews of Israel.

Here is my modified version of their poster for the L.A. event, with information on how to donate below; please do!



"Inside the UNRWA Classroom"

Produced and directed by DAVID BEDEIN, head of Israel Resource News Agency and The Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research which helps foreign press cover Israeli News.
UNRWA perpetuates refugee status for 5 million Arabs under the promise of so-called "right of return" to villages from 1948 that no longer exist.
The U.S. covers 30% of the UNRWA budget with taxes that fund war education for the next generation. Join us...

Wednesday March 6th, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

Private Home in Beverly Hills, please RSVP for address

All participants are asked to provide a contribution to attend this event. Funds will be used to promote this documentary and David's next film, which will expose the lethal nature of the U.S. funded and trained "Palestinian Security Forces" who may turn their weapons on Israel at any moment.

Your tax deductible donations will be put to good use.

David's books include: "Where Has All the Flour Gone: Whims and Waste of UN Arab Refugee Policy " (New York, 2011). David has also produced movies filmed on location in UNRWA Arab Refugee Camps: "Hostages of Hatred "(2004); "For the Sake of Nakba" (2010); "UNRWA Right of Return Summer Camp" (2011); "Palestinian Arab Refugee Policy: From Despair to Hope" (2011); "Inside the UNRWA Classroom" (for release March, 2013).
*RSVP Lily Steiner: or you can reach her by phone at (310) 505 1058 with the names and emails of those attending. Address for the event will be emailed to you.

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