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Friday, March 22, 2013


  • From Voice of Judea

Plague of locusts, grasshoppers on the eve of Obama’s visit upon a government that behaves like grasshoppers Plague of locusts / grasshoppers descended on the Jewish state as the nation's leaders have been infected long ago with “grasshoppers-syndrome” – falling over themselves to appease Obama. The President of the United States came to Israel without Pollard, as the grasshoppers dance Horah around him, waving American flags in their hands and grasping Israeli flags within their teeth.
Millions of locusts invaded Israel coming from Egypt: After covering Egypt locusts swept through southern Israel, swarming first Ramat HaNegev fields, Nitzana, Kadesh Barnea and moving further North as far as the Golan Heights. Tel Aviv also saw some of the flying insects. 
Foreign workers from Thailand began collecting the insects, active in the dark, to eat them.U.S. = acronym locusts (Artzot Habrit are the same Hebrew letters as in the word arbeh - locusts Measure for Measure, locusts upon Israel as our leaders prostrate themselves before Obama, who has clearly come to win over the hearts of the Israeli public before he launches intense pressure on Israel to retreat to the Aushwitz borders of 1967 and to demand the surrender of Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. Utter ecstasy and jubilation were betrayed by the inhabitants of Israel, according to U.S. Ambassador to Israel, "enthusiasm beyond all expectations and really exciting." Netanyahu and the other grasshoppers who lead Israel are myopic men of little faith who see themselves as grasshoppers and who replicate the sin of the spies sent by Moses to tour The Land: "And there we saw the - giants and we were grasshoppers in our eyes and so we were seen in their eyes. "(Numbers 13, 33.).The Gala dinner in honor of Obama by President Shimon Peres will be remembered as the highlight of the visit - and the guest list accordingly: Beauty Queen (Titi) Aeinao, heads of Shin Bet and Mossad, and intellectuals, science and academia. Much like the Academy Awards, the audience enters the parlor of the President on the red carpet waiting for the President who came straight from his speech to Israeli students.. Obama loyal to his typical insulting posture when it comes to “dissing” the Israeli government and Bibi, dishonored the host country and mocked the nation of Israel again, when he refused to address the Knesset in Israel, preferring to talk to the Israelis "above the level of the heads of state".  Human grasshoppers kneeling back (in the see the feature of a grasshopper, in Kohelet 12, the "and…  grasshopper" like an old man that is bent over) so too the Israeli grasshoppers bow before their King of Kings their - President Obama - the messiah who came to save us, with the Iron Dome, dollars, and false promises.All Israeli political pundits agree that Obama came to improve his battered image in the hearts of the Israeli public and to charm the audience. He is doing it in order to later further restrain Israel's leaders to not dare attack Iran and to impose a freeze on all construction in the “West Bank” and Jerusalem. Israeli leaders rush to embrace Obama and continue to move forward blindly in a world of illusions as they discover America. However, the bitter reality differs slightly: "America" ​​is equal to, in Gematria  "Barack Obama" which is the same Gematria as "hate" and "Pharaoh"!Swarms of grasshoppers, locusts, rats, and hail falling on Israel - and no one bothered to ask what and why! To be continued… 


Neshama said...

I saw the locust visitation in the news, but when did this happen: "Swarms of ..., locusts, rats, and hail falling on Israel..."? Link please.

DS said...

Actually, Neshama, your point is very well taken. the rat plague befell Iran and not Israel, and about the hail i did not hear. I published this article because i thought the general content was good, but you are right, this is inaccurate. no time to point this out to the author of the article. thanks for your comment!