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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The full scoop on Agenda 21...and Israel; sorry for my delay, I only discovered these videos today. But now things are so much clearer!

Now look below: rings a bell?
Once you understand that the UN agenda in Judea and Samaria is, in fact, Agenda 21, and when you understand that the STATE of Israel is SIGNATORY to Agenda 21, things start to look different, don't they? Expect Bibi to talk the talk for us, but walk the walk for them.

As Rosa Koire explains, UN Agenda 21 has hijacked the green movement for their own designs. Off hand, we agree that the environment needs to be protected, but Agenda 21 is all about deceptive language, resources and land grab, and an anti-human agenda, therefore it is not compatible with realistic environmental concerns.

Moreover, it is being implemented on a local level, so it is really up to each and every one of us to determine to what extent Agenda 21 affects our quality of life, and to respond and react accordingly. I was not aware of the importance of Agenda 21 in our lives, I only watched helplessly as our water rates, electricity rates, transportation costs, etc, etc, climbed astronomically under all kinds of spurious excuses. I was blaming Israeli factors, and Shimon Peres and his minions, of course, (they ARE part of it, BTW!) when in fact local big business is only a part of the total, global picture.

Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, if we haven't already!

Shabbat Shalom, and Chodesh Tov. Adar is coming, happiness should be coming too, B"H.


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