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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now you understand why the gov goes after them full force: THEY ARE INDEPENDENT! THEY REFUSE GOVERNMENT "HELP"!

Just got this in today. Thanks, J. Addendum to yesterday's video about the destruction of Maaleh Rehav'am.

Those young people are at the forefront of the struggle against Agenda 21 and dictatorship, whose stalwarts in Israel are Peres, Barak, Bibi, Livni and co. We need to support them any way we can. THEY NEED GUARDS, LOTS OF THEM, more than anything! They need to put the fear of God in those thugs: the problem is, the criminals are not afraid at all. Time for THEM to be afraid! That is what is happening in the US, the government is deathly afraid of the people, and that is the way it should be; that is what the Second Amendment  of the U.S. Constitution is all about, to protect the people against criminal and abusive government. Almost 800 government thugs came to attack them. We need to adopt the Second Amendment here too, it is a God given right to protect person and property. Time to bring the Second Amendment into the public discourse in Israel. How do we arrange that?? I propose:



What do you say?

You are correct in asking ,concerning the outlying communities in Judea and Samaria, what guarantee do we have that they will not be destroyed again ?

The truth is we do not have any such thing. There is no guarantee about any of the communities in YESHA or for that matter, anywhere in Israel!

What we have here is a extremely rare commodity. A group of young idealogical couples and single people willing to live in difficult conditions. What makes them unique is that they are willing to sacrifice what little money they have and take loans to help establish their homes and an outlying community, without any "assistance" from the government. That means no roads,water, electricity, sewage, public buildings of any type or services.

This has been their lot for the last two years until last Wednesday when the government came and destroyed half the homes built. Because they have chosen to remain independent and not attach themselves to strings attached govt. aid like many other communities wishing to"develop" they are isolated and left to fend on their own. The govt. and its willing lackies are counting on good people like yourself losing faith and feeling hopeless so as to not do anything to help.

Ma'aleh Rechavam is part and parcel of eastern Gush Etzion which is first in line on the chopping block once Netanyahu forms the coalition he is looking for.

This why we at Mishmeret Yesha have been working, physically, since last March to help this community establish roots. We have brought tractors to cut the roads, carve out lots, pour concrete slabs, dig sewage pits and in the last weeks put up electric poles and string cables.

Of course the root of the problem is a complete lack of a true ideological leadership, that has no vision, direction or will to do anything. That is not something that will be rectified shortly. Therefore we need to pull together all the positive forces helping share the burden and struggle to win.
Anyone who is willing to devote, volunteer time and effort should contact me by cellphone-054-300-2272.

This is a local address for those who wish to help locally

Tikun Haklal- Rebuilding Fund
c/o Atty. Ben-Yosef
25 King George Blvd.
Jerusalem Israel 94261

And then THIS. I used to work with the Central Fund for Israel, had a post office box with their name. Good and honest people. Hadassah Marcus, their mother, was handling it. I guess she must have retired, I hope she is still alive. Thank you, Marcus brothers, for helping out from the US!



This morning, early, i received a call from some one in the Shomron who received a phone call from a woman travelling to Jerusalem on the eastern Tekoah rd at the security crossing before Har Chomah.

She noticed a huge gathering of security forces on the side of the road preparing to head South. She pulled over and counted 12 full buses of Border Police, 32 military jeeps , five tank transporters carrying bulldozers and 12 police vans carrying Yasam-special riot police.

This young woman, having lived her whole life in outlying communities and outposts, intuitively knew something was up and tried calling her husband at home in Ma'aleh Rechavam(MR) to warn him and all the others that something major was underway. She could not call, the security forces electronically jammed all cell phones communications to isolate MR from the rest of the world. Yes, something major was underway.

This women dropped off her children at the kindergarten in Har Choma, decided to skip work, turned south and raced home to MR fearing her home was about to be destroyed. She tried every which way to get back home but that was impossible, she spent a very emotional nerve wracking 2 hours waiting on the side of the road .

Finally the road opened and a huge convoy of security forces began leaving the area. As she approached the mountain ridge road overlooking MR she saw a shocking site of destruction unlike anything that was witnessed since the destruction in 2005 of Gush Katif. All the new beautiful homes that were built with borrowed monies belonging to all her friends, all people that she and her husband had encouraged and worked tirelessly, so that they would come and build a new community in the Judean desert were massive heaps of rubble. Having been overtaken by the site she began sobbing uncontrollably while attempting to drive, losing control several times and running off the road. She finally made it back to the other end of the community and saw her home, all in one piece, having been spared the wrath of.................... .

Running around, being an emotional wreck she managed to piece together what had happened in the last hours this morning as she left to work.

Those forces she spotted at the security crossing split up, with the army jeeps heading off road to seal off all the wadis, dirt roads and overlooking ridges leading to MR for a surrounding 5 kms.

The Police and Border Police, all dressed in black jump suits (sound familiar)entered MR, armed with maps and ariel photographs surrounding 9 homes and ordered everyone out.

As this was happening a special military engineering unit cut off water and electricity to MR.

Once the 780 Police felt they had secured every square inch of MR they brought in 50 Arab laborers wearing yellow reflective vests and sent them into the homes to remove whatever household goods. Having completed that within minutes the bulldozers entered MR and tore into the homes completing total destruction within minutes.

They then pulled back away from the crushed walls and charged a second time, concentrating on tearing up the foundations and concrete slabs and dumping the the chunks of concrete on top of the destroyed structure.

 Nine homes were destroyed in minutes. One home, a family that had moved from the city two weeks ago, never lived or experienced Yishuv life before were in a state of shock having been ordered out of their home by black jump suited riot police, watching all their personal belongings tossed out on the ground. When the tractor tore through their front walls exposing the living room, the wife collapsed having fainted and has been in a state of traumatic shock ever since.

A highly organized and executed operation of this scale requires a great deal of preparation and is director ed from the highest political offices in Israel. A great many people were behind this atrocity, it will take some time to reveal some and hopefully all of them.

Mishhmeret Yesha has been involved in helping this important outpost develop with roads, water, electricity, trees and many other areas since last March.

Beyond the basic needs of playground, synagouge , Mikve and much more, now these young couples who have sacrificed all they own and are in debt to pay for the homes they just built and are now homeless.

Crucial funds are needed to pay the attorney representing MR at the supreme court who has been battleing a (4 Yr. old) Peace Now initiative and obtained a temporary stay order preventing further destruction and is now forcing the govt, to show cause and Justify this attrocity.

Those that are willing to help us begin rebuilding, beginning this coming Sunday, can make a tax-deductible donation to the Central Fund of Israel earmarked for Tikun Haklal and mailed To the ;

Central Fund of Israel 
c/o. Marcus Brothers
980 6th Ave. 
N.Y. , N.Y. 10018


 I think that the residents of Maaleh Rehav'am whose homes were destroyed by Ehud Barak's forces have a very good chance of winning a lawsuit against Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and whoever else concocted and participated in that arbitrary, unfounded, illegitimate assault against their persons and property. Even in the Israeli justice system there was no legal justification for the destruction perpetrated by the criminals in uniform, it was a clear violation of property owners' civil rights, and even Asher Grunis admitted that this should not have been taking place - unfortunately a few hours after the fact. They should find out exactly who ordered the operation and go after those individuals, whether in this country or foreign officials. Time for Jews to defend themselves! If we could do it in Persia, we certainly should be doing it in the Land of Israel! Down, and I mean DOWN,  with all Amalekites, even those, including Ehud Barak, masquerading as Jews and residing among us.

After all, it is a Divine command, isn't it?

Happy Purim.

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