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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For those of you who understand Hebrew... I wish you all did.

The destruction of Maaleh Rehav'am  a week or so ago.

Received from the Women in Green.

One of the people on the video said it just right:''LIKE SODOM".

Exactly. The government of Israel - I should qualify my statement: the decision makers of the government of Israel and their minions  - has turned into the very symbol of abomination on earth.

What they did to those sweet, lovely young Jews is simply criminal - and they did it with such cruelty too. Heartless, inhumane beasts: that is the government of Bibi today, the Ministry of Defense of Ehud Barak ( still). The special unit of criminals dedicated to the eradication of Jewish life in the Heart of Judea and Samaria performed their criminal and illegal act with glee and murder in their eyes.

May they pay the price they truly deserve, every single one of the beasts who participated in this crime against humanity. And may their handlers, their paymasters, pay the price they deserve too; all the way to the top of the ladder, including every one of their accomplices.

May Hashem avenge the victims, and may He avenge the blood of every single victim of those animals in human form.

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