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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

With all the hype about the "flu shot" in the US, it is a good time to remember what vaccines are all about....

... I have not investigated this year's flu vaccine - this year's influenza virus is H3N2 -, but judging by the fraud, corruption and false science sold to the public in 2009 under the guise of "public health", and considering that the flu "epidemic" is abating, I would suggest you think twice before falling for the media-fueled propaganda.

If I have time I will do a thorough research again, but frankly I doubt it.

Meanwhile, do a search on this blog, which is chock full of information about vaccines in general, and the H1N1 vaccine in particular, research done three years ago, on which I spent literally months of hard labor. Look for the labels: "vaccinations"," H1N1", "swine flu bird flu", "contamination of vaccines", "Gardasil", etc.

 And of course be very, very careful with all other immunizations, in particular for your children and grandchildren. What this lady is saying is true, there is an explosion of disability and neurologic disorders in the youngest generation ( not only in the youngest generation unfortunately, also in mature and older adults!), and my research three years ago predicted these outcomes; read, you will see for yourself.

And by the way, I am very proud of the fact that in Israel, only 3% of the public took the H1N1 vaccine - I found that figure in a global  table, while the government of Israel states that they administered 700,000 units, which would make it less than 10% - not sure which one is correct; still they are both better than a lot of countries. I do take credit for that accomplishment: the controversy I generated with my letter to the Ministry of Health started the debate over that useless, harmful and wasteful vaccine. Let's hope that Israel learned from their mistakes three years ago, and will not fall for UN backed propaganda this year. Today Israel is blaming Bibi for the increasing deficit; remember that 450 million shekels of that deficit were thrown down the toilet with the purchase of the H1N1 vaccine in 2009, most of which had to be discarded.

... And speaking of the devil....



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