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Sunday, January 20, 2013

More solid and believable testimony re: vaccines. Dr. Wakefield knows his stuff, despite having been maligned and ostracized. This doctor is HONEST, while the UN, the WHO, the CDC, the MSM, etc., are everything but.

Please disregard the ads; I am posting this interview for its medical contents.

Now listen to this even more explosive interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, whom I highly respect:


...Meanwhile, while pushing mercury by vaccines, the UN plays righteous and works to reduce mercury in the environment, all the while admitting the danger of mercury ingestion to fetuses and infants:

"Serious mercury poisoning affects the immune system and can lead to psychological disorders, loss of teeth and problems with the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory tracts. Mercury also affects development of the brain and nervous system and poses great risk to fetuses and infants."

Reducing Risk from Mercury

Mercury is recognized as a chemical of global concern due to its long-range transport in the atmosphere, its persistence in the environment, its ability to bioaccumulate in ecosystems and its significant negative effect on human health and the environment.  
"Mercury can produce a range of adverse human health effects, including permanent damage to the nervous system, in particular the developing nervous system.  Due to these effects, and also because mercury can be transferred from a mother to her unborn child, infants, children and women of child bearing age are considered vulnerable populations."



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