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Thursday, January 31, 2013

So "we can relax"? Part II: The cat IS out of the bag!

Aryeh sent this:

Bracing for New Economic Realities in Israel

(Wednesday, January 30th, 2013) It is perhaps among the most popular slogans used by hopefuls seeking elected office, “I will not raise taxes” and perhaps, there are some, the naïve, who actually believe it. It was only a few short days ago when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said “It’s against my DNA” in his reference to questions about planned tax increases. Perhaps one can make the argument that eliminating tax exemptions is not the same as raising taxes.
Nevertheless, it has been learned that Netanyahu’s bureau chief, Harel Locker, has been busy behind the scenes meeting with experts towards formulating the new plan which the prime minister hopes will push the 2013 state budget through. This plan includes widespread cuts that will impact monthly child allowance payments and more, the daily HaMevaser reports.
The announcement on Tuesday 18 Shevat 5773 that Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer plans to step down in June of this year has sent economic seismic waves through the economy, causing the market to drop and a yellow caution flag has been raised in the nation’s economic sector for the early departure of this key economic figure, one regarded as a leader in the international economic scene, signals instability in Israel.
According to HaMevaser, the planned budget includes major cuts in child allowance and other Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) payments amounting to 3 billion NIS a year for 2013 and 2013. The defense budget is also targeted, with a planned cut of between 5-7 billion NIS in the coming years.
One of the main targets in cutting spending appears to be the public sector, civil servants, who will feel the impact of a 3 billion NIS cut in both 2013 and 2014, cuts that will impact perks and other job amenities.
It appears the prime minister is remaining committed to his “DNA” statement and is trying to cut spending rather than raise taxes. Realizing the need to increase government earnings, certain tax exemptions will be eliminated. Atop of this list is the tax exemption given to educational funds (קרנות השתלמות), which the experts predict will bring an additional 2.4 billion NIS annually in state revenue. This is a ‘perk’ that is prevalent in the public sector.
In what will be a major blow to consumer, the value added tax exemption on fruits and vegetables will be removed, as well the VAT exemption for Eilat. Adding VAT to fruits and vegetables will deliver a major blow to the lower income families, striking the chareidi tzibur hard. Fruits and vegetables have been the staple for many families living on a tight budget, along with basic breads which are VAT free too. Adding VAT to the produce shelves will eliminate the last bastion of relatively inexpensive food items for these families. Yisrael Hayom reports that adding VAT to produce will generate an additional 2 billion NIS annually. The cancelation of the free shopping zone in Eilat will bring the government an additional 600 million NIS annually.
The master plan also includes system reforms, including a law that will prohibit “essential services” from striking, along the lines of the Public Employees Fair Employment Act, more commonly referred to as the Taylor Law. The reform plan also calls for the elimination of the nation’s labor courts.
Responding to the report of the broad sweeping cuts, Histadrut national labor federation leader Ofir Eini announced if the national government dares to target civil servants as reported, he will combat those efforts with sweeping strikes and other actions. Regarding the planned elimination of the labor court system, Eini feels these courts are “an integral arm of the national judicial system in a democratic society” and that such a move would be “anti democratic” for the labor courts are there to serve the national workforce and protect workers’ rights.

Yes, it is true, life in Israel is about to become a whole lot harder. So who is to blame? Is it Bibi, who as PM is out in the open and an easy target? Or is it the "hidden hand" of the NWO?

  Listen to Stanley Fischer's address yesterday, and pay close attention:

Uh, uh, slip of the tongue! ....Is he telling the truth?

Listen well at 0:54 min: "..maintained infl... "...

 Oops, what did he say, what word was he beginning to utter? The unspeakable word "INFLATION"? That's right! His true message was:

 " we managed monetary policy and maintained inflation".

But to the public what did he actually say? 

1.we managed monetary policy,

2.we maintained price and financial stability.

That is a lie. Thank G-d for the subconscious, and for freudian slips: Fisher's freudian slip revealed his TRUE monetary policy,  INFLATION, all the while telling the public that he maintained price stability. Those two are mutually exclusive. So, if he hid his true agenda on this, how can we believe his other statements? How do we know that his investments were done in good faith, to help Israel, and not to help prop up the banks, the Federal Reserve, etc? We do know that he bought 80 billion USD to prop up the dollar ( thanks for the tip, SHmuel). 

Actually Bernanke, "worst central banker ever" according to some, is also a great believer in INFLATION. Not by chance has he been nicknamed "helicopter Ben":

("Economists who advocate solving the world’s economic woes with an inflationary central bank, or even a trillion dollar coin, have lost sight of the basics of their profession.")

Apparently Bernanke learned very well from his mentor Fischer: inflation as monetary policy. Just don't reveal that to the public. We do see major inflation in Israel, which makes life very difficult and expensive, and triggered the social unrest of 2012. Cottage cheese revolution, anybody? Social protests, anyone?

What exactly are they trying to accomplish? This is all part and parcel of the New World Order, which seeks to impoverish/enslave populations while seizing all their assets and transferring them to a small worldwide elite, in essence reestablishing global feudal rule.

Just as a reminder, here is a brief bio of Stanley Fisher, NWO man "par excellence":

David made an astute comment about this, as follows:

It actually is very simple is it not,
Peres and Fisher represent the new world order here.

And here is my response to him:

 Not only that, but by hiring and/or keeping Fisher as governor of the Bank of Israel, Bibi did for Israel what Monti did for Italy, what Papademos did for Greece: two prime ministers whom the European Central Bank, etc., i.e. the NWO, undemocratically FORCED upon the people under threat of bankruptcy. So what is different here? Nothing. Here Fischer was elected by the cabinet, true, but what went on behind the scenes? Bibi AND Sharon before him both recommended him - on what basis? Interesting that the latest central banker of Greece recently left his position with a severance pay of 3.4 million Euros for cooperating with the Central Banks, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the BIS, with other words the NWO.

How much will Fischer take home for doing the dirty work here?

 The only problem is, the population here is so dumbed down - hard to believe they are Jews! -, they are so naive, so trusting when it comes to other Jews, they have NO IDEA that Fischer set up the system to tax the population to death for the NWO - all the while letting everybody point an accusing finger at Bibi and his cabinet (who are actually also to blame for picking him and going along with the fraud):

  •  stealth tax by inflation
  •   and taxes you can see on your bills, on your daily grocery shopping, etc.

 Isn't it time we all woke up?

  • About inflation as a tax, from two very respected and prescient financial analysts


  •  Peter Schiff and his early calls re: the 2008 sub-prime crisis:

  • A very interesting article on the ravages of inflation, the importance of sound monetary policy, and the U.S. bond market - did Fischer invest in U.S. bonds? If so we are in deep ....:

So I think my model of Iceland was right on the money:

 And by the way, the speaker is absolutely right: the banks are a CHURCH, as the huge profits go straight to the Vatican's accounts, after bankers' enormous pay-offs, of course( we are speaking here of central banks and their partners, the Mega-banks, not small privately owned banks, of course).

 While Greece buckled under pressure and today is a complete financial basket case, Iceland decided to tell the NWO to go to hell, decided to be self-sufficient, and today is a thriving, happy country.

So which model do we want for Israel, the Greek model, or the Iceland model? Stanley Fisher, with his new Bank Law and his policies, despite his misleading statements, is setting us up for the Greek model. Proof to that is the increasing deficit. If we don't take the bull by the horns and STOP him and the NWO before it is too late, G-d forbid we will end up like Greece.

In the meantime there are a number of measures that we can take. May I refer you to Hashkem for details:

And as for the PM, the cabinet and the Knesset, maybe it is tim they came clean about this?


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DS said...

SHmuel says:

There will be quite a few bags coming out of the cat... :))))
The whole scaffolding built on swamp land is coming down.
All around BS castles cannot any longer remain upright.
2012 ended with a 39 billion Shekels extra deficit. Over 10 billion dollars. This was kept secret until the election farce was all set up.
Examples to where the lion share of the wasted money goes...
Military officers retirement, salaries and conditions. That cannot remain as they are.
Free electricity plus huge salaries to Electric Company honchos. Neither.
Mekorot specials to selves also must be removed.
Special Government employees goodies. Must be cut.
Dozens of "ministers" and staff's. Must be eliminated.
The people must demand that corrections be made to the above, before any cuts are made or taxes raised.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here laughing in thinking the NWO is going to barge into Icleand and tell them we want to learn the native language and live on your soil. In all seriousness I shouldn't be so light but the nwo is on it's way and Israel is the target location and has been since the beginning of time. Like usa, Israel is being feed a warm dose of expectation then it's nap time! mm

DS said...

David said:

Been awake for a long time now I know the ONLY solution is the three Mitzvoth : King, Amalek, Temple,
In this order.
About the King, the Rebbe said he has shown up over twenty years ago and the only thing left is to make a reception.
About Amalek, the Rebbe said that we do not have to get involved, it will get done.
About the Temple. That comes after we get rid of Amalek and we have PEACE IN ISRAEL.

Neshama said...

Amazing Daisy. In the election just held, it was as if the "undecided" (motivated from Heaven) knew something was brewing.

Did you read about the upcoming Report on Incitement (how gross) that a Seientific Advisory Panel scraped together. They're comparing it to the 'Goldstone' fiasco. Front page of JPost.

DS said...

Thanks, Neshama. Now I did not. Will check it out.

DS said...

I checked it out, Neshama. Truly sickening. And then they will come five years later with an apology, when the harm has already been done. Part and parcel of the Vatican's war against the Jews. So much going on with them right now, they are escalating the attacks. I think, if you ask me, that they are panicking, after seeing that Am Yisrael is strong and not flinching.

DS said...


Here is the link to the JP article:

DS said...

See also:

So "we can relax"? Part III