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Thursday, November 17, 2011

This deal indeed raises questions, knowing Obama and Clinton's proclivities.... However, remember this, just in case WE are the reason for the armament - best video in a long time.

Check out the map on the first clip carefully: true, Israel looks even further from the UAE than Iran. However, Saudi Arabia isn't, the Gulf Cooperation Council as a whole isn't. So..... just asking questions.

Hmmm... Qatar now as well?!

Notice also Clinton's body language as she explains the reason for the arms build-up in the Gulf, and Iran's place in this scenario: she spews a very bizarre and convoluted sentence which is beneath her intellectual level and doesn't mean much. So, unless she is becoming senile, which I seriously doubt, or is exhausted, which she doesn't appear to be, my conclusion is that she is obfuscating facts, and is getting bogged down by her own misstatements. Notice the averted gaze as she states things that appear unrelated and untrue. She doesn't know what she is saying exactly - I think she is trying really hard not to reveal the true facts - and this weird statement is the result of her conflicting thoughts and emotions. At least that is how I interpret what I see and hear.

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1. Ron says:

Thanks so much for the videos, particularly the second which glorifies what God has done and is doing, (whereas the former is concerned about what man fears that man can do).

I have more recently become aware that even that State of Israel was formed at the behest of the Rothschild’s who orchestrated the Balfour Declaration in order to create a country that was entirely under it’s control.  Not only this, but it seems that Obama and Netanyahu were both handpicked by the CFR.  Of course the CFR is a tool in the hand of the Rothschild’s but what most commentators have not understood, is that the Rothschild’s are a tool created by the Vatican

So what we are seeing is that God has used the instrumentation of evil to fulfil His Word and promise toIsrael for our times.  Even the 6 pointed Star of David that forms your flag is said to have been intended to represent the Rothschild family red hexagram which Moses Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) placed above the entrance door to his original counting house but instead has fulfilled prophecy. 

Don’t be concerned about what you see happening around you.  There are hard times ahead for your Nation, but circumstances will not hinder the Plan of God.  Scripture will be fulfilled, just as you expect It will be.

Warm regards,

2. Mi. says:

so interesting.
Thanks again and again

3. A Guest359 says:
Guest359 (guest)Too many citizens support Israel for those in power to attack Israel. I think you may have it right. They have to arm Israel's enemies under false pretense. Israel will never be destroyed. G-d will not allow it.But I am afraid for you.

4. DS response to Guest359:
 Thank you, guest 359, for your concern and worry. It is the support of people like you that give us courage. May Hashem shower you with blessings.

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