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Monday, November 28, 2011

Latest interview on the Tamar Yonah Show, A7, today. Pay attention to the BLOOD LIBEL below, discussed in the audio too. We cannot allow this blood libel to fester, it has to be exposed before we get accused of a crime we did not commit! The Maharal did it, and we can too.

From Israel National Radio:

No, Aharonovitch never said that the Jews of Yesha need to kill a politician in order to put his blood in Matzah for Pessach... but close.

Come on, now: we know perfectly well what those 'price tag' operations are: Shabak inventions, created for the sole purpose of inflaming public opinion against religious Jews of Yesha, also known as settlers. Every single time the police arrested some poor Yitzhar kid using wild and baseless accusations regarding those acts as an excuse, that kid was released for lack of evidence.

We have seen this pattern already before the Rabin assassination, so it's nothing new to us. Throughout the centuries the BLOOD LIBEL was used against Jews, it was a very effective tool of control, repression and murder: it was used by the Church, it was used by the Muslims, it was used by whoever wanted to get rid of the Jews.... and now it is being used by Internal Security Minister Aharonovich,  the Shabak's supervisor, against the Jews of Judea and Samaria. What does that tell us? That THEY are planning to murder somebody important, probably a politician - see how they are already preparing the public's minds with posters of Bibi in Nazi uniform!  If this is not a warning to Bibi, I don't know what is. Maybe he is terrified, he is getting the message loud and clear, and that is the reason he is opposing any reform of the judiciary, he is opposing removing a dangerous bridge at the Kotel today, while everybody is crying that it needs to be done. I think somebody high up is threatening him, and is planning to blame the settlers for the crime. Double-edged sword, poisonous arrow, directed at Bibi -  and if not at him, then at whom??? We know all about the Rabin assassination, the third bullet, etc. etc.......

So, public, beware. If ANYBODY gets killed in the next few months, we WILL know who the culprit is - and it won't be our children, it won't be settler kids, despite the media and the police's outcry: it will come straight from the Shabak, the agent of the Left, and the agent of the enemy powers in Israel.

(Comment by Moshe:

all this means is that the slime are planning one... probably of someone fighting oslo tooth and nail... and they have security people "predicting" it to make them look good in and if they foil it or it happens and they can say... "see we told u this was about to happen..." anyway... don't believe anything u hear in the media... they are all a bunch of liars serving up disinformation to control our thinking and mindset and to control the topics of conversation in society... just go about your life and  ignore them as much as possible... don't allow them to have power over your thought processes... mosh.out...

..... And further comment by Moshe:

by the way... "the special team" they set up to "investigate" this potential assassination... is the team planning to carry it out and to shepherd the poor slob(s) being framed to take the fall for it... "the patsy" de jour... ala... jfk, rfk, mlk, rav meir kahane, rabin, both ghandis (the israeli one and the indian one) etc etc etc... ad infinitum... ad nauseum... they have perfected this ploy down to an exact scientific formula and in carrying it out... they have raised it to a fine art... damn slime... these amalekite scourge of the earth... mosh.out...)

Aharonovich: 'Price Tag Activists Potential Assassins'

Rightist Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu) warned of the possibility of another political murder in Israel, adding that a special team set up by Israel's police is investigating recent "price tag" acts.

Daniella Weiss: ‘Price Tag’ Acts are False Flags

In a conference of the ‘Price Tag’ phenonena, Daniella Weiss accuses agents of carrying out the acts of vandalism in order to frame and besmirch the entire right wing.

  12/6/2011, Kislev 10, 5772

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