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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not only in Greece, mind you: fraudulent, illegal, should be fought tooth and nail, and the contract considered null and void; who could possibly be behind it, what do you think?

Which brings us to this, with the most recent update included - Nov. 24, 2011; surprised, anybody?

I had discussed this topic earlier; search the word 'Japan'. But honestly I am learning a lot today, had no idea about the convoluted reality underlying the stolen Japanese bonds. Thank you, Jonathan Levy, for doing what we all should be doing: suing the arch-evil Roman entity, and in the process unraveling its dirty secrets. 

Chazal describe to us the nature of Esav: violent, false, murderous, perverted, greedy, selfish, true disciple of Satan. Seeing Edom today, seeing Rome in its truth, without the phoney disguise it tries to project onto the world, is shocking and revolting; the Torah, however, knew about Esav's nature from the day he was born, even before he was born; only now is it being revealed to us, day after day after day. Truly Mashiach times we are living in.

Thanks to Ron for bringing this new info about Rome to my attention.

Vatican involved in Money Laundering: TeleGracia TV Reports from Protect Your Children on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Mightily Amazing!

DS said...

David said:

Good Work !!

The Sanhedrin should set up a real international court
and deal with these issues and be heard world wide !!


DS said...

S. said:

I believe that many countries fell for the multinational thefts scheme.
Just as much. I also believe that our own "elites" are preparing to crush us before they run.