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Monday, May 2, 2011

Always good to remember who's who. Today's who's who: Shimon Peres - by Barry Chamish.... in case you forgot.

                                MR. POPULARITY AT ISRAEL'S GHOST DANCE
                                                                                   by Barry Chamish

In a ghastly poll of the Israeli people, Haaretz has determined that the winner by several lengths of the most popular politician race is the ever noble king of the ball, Pres. Shimon Peres.

"Out of 16 senior public figures, Peres was by far the favorite politician in a poll conducted for Ha'aretz by Dialog. Support for Peres came from all groups: religious and non-religious, ultra-Orthodox and immigrants from the former Soviet Union," according to a new Haaretz poll.
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Has all my work been for nothing? Have I wasted my life? No, no it can't be that. It's so much simpler. Israelis are self-destructive idiots lacking even a teensy drop of rationality. Yes, that must be the explanation.
        So far, only one other writer shares my wonder, David Isaac. But he is stuck in the Peres brought us Oslo mode and misses the full picture:
"There are more out than in." That was the favorite remark of this
writer's high school Latin teacher. What he meant was that there are
more crazies outside the asylum than inside. He was proven correct
once again with the results of a recent Ha'aretz poll that showed
that Israel's President Shimon Peres is the country's most popular
public figure.Shimon Peres is the chief architect of the Oslo Accords, the plan
which ceded large tracts of Israeli territory to Yasser Arafat, "the
father of modern terror." The ensuing chaos, easily predictable to
those who don't belong in a mental institution, resulted in the
murder of thousands of Israelis and the reinvigoration of Israel's
enemies who were inspired once more with hope that Israel could
indeed be destroyed.

To fill the gap, I have compiled a short list of Peres' crass criminality to prove Israelis are nuts. Before arriving at mass murderer of his people, we'll start easy; Peres is a paid agent of the Vatican. As we all know, Peres was initially left out of the Oslo negotiations. When he discovered this great new diplomacy, he wanted in. So, as Foreign Minister, he sent the pope a proposal for the Vatican to take over stewardship of East Jerusalem and agreeing to a PLO capital within its entity. This highly proven fact is not understood by any Israeli. The
closest to getting it is Jacob Gurewich in his book, The Enemy Within.
          Gurewich spends a good chunk of the book exposing the Vatican's deadly interference in Jewish survival, and in doing so has provided enough evidence to stop the inevitable canonization of pope John Paul II. However, the conclusion on Peres' role in the Vatican's relentless attack on Jews and Israel is weak: "No wonder that a villain such as Shimon Peres...handed over to Pope John Paul II on a silver platter the evil idea to internationalize Jerusalem."
           Bad news Jacob. There is much more. Peres spent his career offering Jerusalem to anyone who would take it.
Peres Raises 'World Capital' Solution for Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Shimon Peres, the head of Israel's opposition Labor Party, has suggested resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem by putting its holy sites under U.N. stewardship, a spokesman said Tuesday.
His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem's old walled city as a "world capital," with the U.N. Secretary-General serving as mayor.

We'll return to Jacob Gurewich shortly, but first let's chronicle Peres' insanity from my files. Write me if you want any of the full articles, or better, get my books. Let's begin with what Peres will do to gain power, like setting off criminal scandals to get presidents Weizman and Katsav out of the office he so revered. In Peres world that's all in a day's work. But did you know he bribed the Nobel Committee to get his prize?

Last week, Yoav Yitzhak, in the wide circulation newspaper Maariv, revealed that Peres gave Terje Larsen, the UN Middle East representative, $100,000 to secure him a Nobel Prize.
This week, David Bedein, writing in Makor Rishon, applied the coup de grace. He interviewed a member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Kaare Kristiansen, who not just confirmed the bribe but described Larsen's pressure on the committee in full detail.

And how many Israelis know that in 1984 Prime Minister Peres read the info provided by spy Jonathan Pollard with his morning coffee? He turned a one-time American arms for hostages operation into a mafia industry that came within a hair's breadth of bringing down the Republican administration. Forget what he did to Pollard, he cost us American conservative sympathy. The result was Bush number one forcing Rabin into Oslo in 1993. But once Oslo got the PLO moving back to Israel, Peres made sure they were able to kill the maximum number of Jews, ideally settlers:

We jump ahead to Barak's regime and a ridiculously underlooked item which appeared throughout the Israeli media. Barak's Regional Affairs Minister Shimon Peres and the CIA's resident spy, George Tenet had come to a little agreement: Peres assented to the PLO sending 40 "policemen" for an advanced CIA marksmanship course in Virginia.

We turn now to the juicy topic of PERES - SERIAL MURDERER. I filtered my files to bring you barely a few of his celebrated political murders. There are many more.
            In 1995, Shimon Peres oversaw the Rabin assassination with his chosen bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, pulling trigger.
            In 2005, Prime Minister Sharon shared tea with Peres in the Knesset. A half hour later he had a stroke and was accompanied to the hospital by Yoram Rubin.
            In 2001, Rehavam Zeevi threatened to resign unless Sharon fired Shimon Peres as Foreign Minister and provided real IDF protection for Hebron's Jews. Sharon refused and Zeevi quit. He was gunned down just hours before he was to deliver his Knesset speech exposing Peres before resigning from the government.
            Then on Friday, December 18, 2002; Wayne Owens, 65, a Utah Democrat who had represented Salt Lake City in the House of Representatives for eight years and who was a founder of Washington's Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, was found dead on a beach in Tel Aviv. The reason for his trip was to put an end to the corruption of the Peres Peace Center. His last meeting was with Peres' envoy, Avi Gil.

            In 2005, the chief Sephardic rabbi, Shlomo Amar, announced that he would declare the upcoming evacuation of Gaza's Jews as a sin, thereby turning half the country into opponents of the plan. This Shimon would not allow so, enthusiastically and personally, he led the vicious mugging of the Amar family:,7340,L-3087363,00.html

Mrs. Amar told investigators that she had been in the kitchen of her apartment at the time the alleged events took place. She said she only heard what happened the next day from another daughter, who in turn had been told by Ayala.
Mrs. Amar said she failed to tell her husband what happened because she did not want to get him involved. But it would appear she did know about the incident.
Despite her claim to investigators to have only had passing contact with Meir, her son visited her a second time just two days later together with Labor Party leader Shimon Peres.
According to Ayala, her brother threatened her with a knife, saying he could kill her "with one stab."

In 1952, Israel's prime minister Moshe Sharett said of Peres, "I utterly reject Peres and see his ascendance as the most malignant form of political corruption. It will be a cause of national mourning if Peres becomes a minister of government for Israel." It is commonly understood that the statement was made because Sharett viewed Peres' operation against the Sephardim with utter disgust.
            You have to wonder how many Rabin mourners voted Peres their fabulous favorite as most popular politician. Or how many Sephardic Jews voted for him. Or how he gets away with even his most blatant felonies. And the next section must be MASS MURDERER because in the fifties, Atomic Energy Commission czar Peres brought in American army x-ray machines and blasted every Sephardic child with hundreds of times the legal limit of gamma rays through their brains. If you voted Peres Mr. Popularity, I'd go on You Tube and look up the documentary, The Ringworm Children, for confirmation. But it's too late, your vote will still count. Nonetheless, you'll finally figure out that your winning candidate for popularity was the leader of a horrid experiment which led to 6000 dead in two years. If you count the 4500 mostly Yemenite children kidnapped by the government, Peres murdered over 10,000 "inferior" Jews and crippled another 100,000 for life.
            And the newly popular Peres wants to get back to his old atomic days but this time to shut down the nuclear nightmare he created. Jacob Gurewich tells us that:

Peres revealed a hidden secret to Clinton. "It's no secret that Ben-Gurion handed me the post to establish the Israel Atomic Energy Commission and to found the Center For Nuclear Research at Dimona. My aim is to control the IAEC again.

            At least and at last, Pres. Peres has found popularity, his fondest dream. His fingers won't sully the atomic trigger ever again.

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