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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Again a rabbi. Again a family twice victimized. Yes, I am repeating myself; but this NEEDS repeating, as most people don't want to hear, don't want to know: WHO is really killing us?

What a nice, truthful, uncompromising person he appears to be: too good to be allowed to continue his work?

Three Dead as Arab Truck Hits Israeli Vehicle

Iyar 20, 5771, 24 May 11 08:55
by David Lev
( Three Israeli residents of Gush Etzion were killed Tuesday evening when their vehicle slammed into a truck driven by an Arab. The crash occurred on Route 60 between Neve Daniel and Elazar in Gush Etzion. Two were killed in the crash and the third victim, in a third vehicle, was critically injured, and died at Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

Two of the victims, who died at the site of the crash, were Rabbi Uri Dasberg, 65, of Alon Shvut, and Yocheved Altushler, 55, of Elazar. The families of the victims have been notified. Rabbi Dassberg's funeral will take place Wednesday at 11 AM in Gush Etzion.
The third victim,  a Gush Etzion resident in her 50s, died after being taken for treatment at Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Magen David Adom workers who arrived on the scene said that the vehicle driven by the couple had been “completely destroyed.” One of the victims was killed instantly, rescue workers said, while the second succumbed as the workers were trying to administer CPR.

The Arab truck driver was moderately injured in the crash. He was taken for treatment to a hospital in Hevron by a Red Crescent ambulance.

Police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the crash. Initial investigations show that the vehicle in which the couple were riding had crossed over into opposing traffic, although it is not clear why.
Arab drivers, especially of trucks and other heavy vehicles, have many times in the past been involved in what police call “planned crashes,” where they hit smaller Israeli vehicles on purpose, with an aim to killing or maiming Jews, knowing that their chances of serious injury are minimal. It is not known yet if this was such an incident.
Rabbi Dasberg was the father of Effie Unger, murdered with her husband by terrorists in 1996 as they were driving home near Beit Shemesh in their car. The young couple left two infants, who were raised by Rabbi Dasberg and his wife, Yehudit.
Rabbi Dasberg was a member of the Tzomet Institute in Alon Shvut, best known for its work in applying halachic principles to the use of technology in modern society. Tzomet has developed a number of devices for use in the medical area that can be used on Shabbat without violating Jewish law, among them the “Shabbat phone,” which allows doctors, dangerously ill patients, and hospital staff to easily communicate on Shabbat.

Rabbi Dasberg was co-editor of Tzomet's premier publication, Techumin, which discusses issues of technology and modernization in light of Jewish law, as well as halachic aspects of modern defense, economy, law, and science.

  •  SW. said:

We all know that the beasts use trucks and other vehicles to cause death intentionally.
The problem is the poison dwarf, Baraj and the Peresitic infestation.
They have to be harshly removed and sent to courts, new courts.
Then execute all of the islamic beasts found guilty of killing Jews.
BTW: I am quite convinced that the islamic excrement receives intelligence from israeli specialists.

  • Moshe said:

staged terrorism once again... need to find the reason they were targeted but this "accident" has shimon peres' and ehud barak's bloody hands all over it... mosh.out...

  • From Women in Green:
To dear Yehudit Dasberg and the entire Dasberg family,

Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) mourn together with the rest of Am Yisrael the terrible loss of Uri z"l to the People and the Land.

Rabbi Uri z"l, together with Yehudit, may she merit long life, are among the pillars of the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria- they never tire, always initiate and encourage. Their active participation in our activities in Netzer and Shdema gave us tremendous strength and chizuk.

May we all be comforted in the building of Erets Israel

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar in the name of all the Women in Green family

Attached are 2 pictures of Rabbi Uri z"l giving a lecture in Netzer


  • From Anonymous:
 Rabbi Dasberg who was killed sued [according to Wikipedia] the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority at the American courts and won (for the murder of his daughter and son in law whose children he raised); he was a man of tremendous moral and religious stature, a great loss.
"...Mrs. Dasberg explained, "The United States allows for punitive damages, but here in Israel, one can sue only for the direct harm that was caused. There is no such thing as awarding punitive damages, such that whatever small sum we would win would be taken off our National Insurance payments and that would be the end of it. This means that the Israeli government does not punish the PA, and in fact relates to the PA as a retarded child - granting it only privileges, but demanding no obligations and no responsibility for its actions. The Americans have found the way to punish them - money - while our government has not yet understood this, so we'll 'help' them understand this message.""


Anonymous said...

i am NOT defending arabs - but the israeli vehicle veered over towards the arab one, not vice versa - so although it is unquestionably a tragedy, why would you think that in this case the arab is to blame? it appears to have been a sad ACCIDENT

DS said...

Not exactly. Things are not as simple as you describe. I travel these roads all the time, and there are regularly incidents in which Arabs push us off the road,or throw stones at our vehicles, FORCING us to veer either to the right, or to the incoming lane. My own landlady of old lost a daughter in one such terrible 'accident': an Arab threw a stone at her car, she veered off to the sidewalk, her car overturned, and the girl was killed. One incident among many.