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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My, my, my, what a surprise: murders, money laundering, mafia, concentration camp gold, "diplomatic immunity" - Vatican evil deeds finally exposed: it must be the end of days!

Notice JP Morgan's name here, THE most corrupt, manipulative, fraudulent bank of America besides Goldman-Sachs, also a Vatican stronghold.

... And, surprise, surprise, Tedeschi shares a name with the GOTTI family - rings a bell (whether there is a family connection, I don't know)?

... One more interesting observation: "Tedeschi" in Italian means "Germans": could Gotti Tedeschi have some interesting family connections to Germany, in addition to the Mafia? ( only questions, at this point - no facts). 

...Notice his connections to Spain as well. 

Frankly, that scenario would fit in perfectly with what we know about the Vatican, about Calvi, and particularly about the current pope - here would be a man who is totally loyal to the pope, doing anything the pope asks him to do, thereby taking the heat instead of his boss Benedikt.... and the boss, as usual, coming out smelling like a rose - or is he?

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, head of the Vatican Bank, and his boss in full pomp, above
    Thanks to the Vatican Lobby for the latest link.

    Please refer also to the other, very suspicious affairs recorded on this blog:






    This speaker ( see "What an incredible story...") agrees with me regarding the Vatican's role. Interesting how he recalls the exact same events I just recalled!

    And see here too, at 6 minutes, the Vatican being mentioned:


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      Thanks, Dovid!

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      I just reviewed this post after somebody else accessed it. To my dismay all the evidence VANISHED, censored, eliminated. Somebody obviously has a keen interest in keeping this information covered-up. NO WONDER,when you realize that the DEEP STATE is in essence THE VATICAN. If you dig deep enough that is where you reach. Like digging a well and getting to the oil hidden there. Yes, the Vatican is the bottom of the well, where everything springs from. Actually, dig even deeper and you get to GEHINNOM and to SAMAEL, AKA the satan, the ANGEL OF ESAV = EDOM = ROME. So yes, if you dig deep enough you get straight to the DEVIL, LUCIFER, the real idol of the Vatican.

      Of course the face they present to the public makes them look like little angels, and decent, naive people born in catholic families have no clue and pledge allegiance to that satanic entity thinking it is divine. Hah!

      DS said...

      The first video is the Kaiser Report from Sept. 28th, 2010.

      DS said...

      The first video is the Kaiser Report from Sept. 28th, 2010.