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Sunday, October 18, 2020

A "southerly wind" bringing hope and common sense to the dismal Co....19 charade. Thank you, Vera Sharav! We all need to learn from her and stop bowing down to this modern-day Haman.

I do have a similar story to tell - from my days as the medical director of a mental health facility similar to the one Vera describes. WITHIN ONE DAY of my complaining about a general order "they" had given which went contrary to the patients' best interest, "they" asked me and my direct boss to resign. Also a government facility - in Texas; they went out of business shortly after that event. I had no idea this is a common occurrence within government facilities. Pretty bad! Shavuah Tov to all. May coming Parshat Noach be a propitious time for Hashem to B"H choose to destroy these evil, evil monsters ruling the planet as we speak!


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Vera is indeed a hero. Thank you for this.

DS said...

Glad you admire her too! Her message is very important to every one of us.


Unknown said...

How do you wake up all these all these people who are glued to there stupid Tel-a-vision that doesn't stop talking all day long about KORONA.....COVUD 19....ALL DAY LONG. I can't even convince members of my own family about this big Pandemic lie......indeed very very scary.

DS said...

Good question, Unknown!

I know what you mean: when people's minds are sealed shut, it is very hard to penetrate. I think little by little trickle down, bring evidence, and DAVEN! Pray that Hashem - God for those who don't understand that name which means THE NAME - open their eyes. But more than anything TV has to be eliminated! We haven't had TV for decades.

For instance the short video I posted last night

is pretty good evidence, and does not require a whole lot of attention span, although the man binging the evidence is extremely weird and a turn-off, I admit.

Maybe this helps?

I am doing my best: INFORM, EDUCATE, PASS IT ON. The more people see the light, the more we have a chance of winning this WAR AGAINST EVIL.

Hatzlachah! Wishing you success.