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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So "THEY want the Land": who wouldn't? Of course, the whole world wants Eretz Yisrael, apple of G-d's eye! Those olive trees they so passionately talk about really are lovely. There is only one small problem....

...  Hashem, who created the world, decided WHOM he wanted to give the Land to. And as mentioned over and over in the Bible, He chose to give it to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, NOT to some entity who decided to lay claim to it, the Fakestinians. So I want Trump Tower, does that make it OK for me to go grab it? You want to be Bill Gates - keep on wanting! Man has many desires, but Hashem decides who gets what; what are you going to do? He decided that His People Israel would get it - provided we merit to inherit the Land... and that is up to US.

So stop feeling so sorry for these people because they don't get what they want; let them join the club: so they want things they can't have, big deal! That is the way G-d created the world. Get used to it and get a life! 

And if you have complaints, "poor Gazans", address them to G-d, He will decide what to do about your complaints. Maybe He will decide that removing Hamas off your backs is just what you need to feel better. So stop whining, crybabies.

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