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Friday, May 18, 2018

THE REAL TRUTH about what is happening today in Israel and the world. Chag Sameach! May Hashem send us Mashiach soon.

  • First this ( unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the video):

  • And also this:  - thank you, Truth Provider!

  • And finally this, just as, if not more, important ( frankly I think it is MORE important):

Until Bibi is willing to deal with the real problems of this country:

Until he is willing to DISREGARD the wishes of our clear enemies for our demise: the Vatican at its head, the UN, Europe, etc., as shown by their reactions to and involvement in the Gaza drama;

until he is willing to CONFRONT THEM once and for all, for the truth of who they are and for their dirty, unspeakably evil deeds; 

and until he once and for all DISMANTLES the enemies of Jews IN THIS COUNTRY itself, nothing will improve, and Torah Jews and lovers of the Land which Hashem gave us will continue to be slaughtered, tortured, and persecuted in Eretz Yisrael.

Chag Shavuot Sameach! May the light of Torah illuminate all Jewish hearts, and may Mashiach come very, very soon.


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