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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It's about time! Did you know: the pedophile ring is alive and well in Jerusalem, an open secret in the Rova and at Kever David, where those criminals operate.

Leo Zagami is a very knowledgeable author, and we need to again expose the truth about the Vatican. I have been speaking about these issues for years; I am glad Trump is finally taking on these vicious, terrorist criminals. The problem is a lot worse than even I was aware of.  I remember being at Kever David a couple of years ago and speaking first hand with Jewish young men who had been victims of their catholic priest neighbors - devastated for life. This is an active problem and it has to be dealt with promptly to protect our children! And the police in the Rova is there not to protect Jews, but to help the perpetrators, I have seen this countless times myself. Go to Kever David, test them and see for yourself.

Please, again, ignore the Xtian slant; I think the importance of this video outweighs the negative of listening to some questionable beliefs somewhere towards the end of the program.

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DS said...

SHmuel wrote:

Allowances to liberal ideas drove Sweden to oblivion. We have friends in Sweden who are not Jewish. They are terrified about what ended up being that society.

Degenerates must not be allowed to roam free in Eretz Israel.


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DS replied:

Problem is until now: they don't ask; they are so powerful, and because they are associated with the Vatican they are under that evil entity's protection, the UN protection, the PTB's protection, etc. I sure hope that with the recent tendency of the GOI and Trump's influence all over the world things are about to change. Evil cannot keep ruling in Yerushalayim, or anywhere for that matter. Mashiach times, where evil is being exposed and revealed - and hopefully punished too.

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David P. said:

It sounds like shit
and smells like it

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DS replies to David:

I don't like the language, but I can't argue with the meaning.