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Thursday, May 18, 2017

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem.....! Some good ideas coming, below

Writing to you from the Holy Land of Israel, from the mountains of Judea....

Nothing can resist the power of the soul, the power of pure Jewish music. Even this communist, Jesuit pope's soul has been stirred by it: look at him swaying! This music, the roots of which go back to the chants of the Levites in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, the Temple built by King Solomon - whose father King David composed the words of the psalm above - , is a testament to the deep connection of the Jewish People to the Temple  and the Western Wall, the Kotel . And now here comes one foolish Trump who, to be politically correct, thinks he can change what God Himself has decreed? So Jerusalem does not belong to the Jewish People? The Western Wall is not the remnant  wall of the Temple Mount? It is not the site that Jews the world over have been praying towards for the last 2000 years?? Foolish, foolish man who thinks he can make the rules! He does not make the rules, God does! This foolish man will bury himself and America along with him if he does not, immediately, recognize that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish People, and when he comes to the Western Wall, humbly accepts as his hosts whomever the owners of Jerusalem, the Jews,  choose. He can still change his mind and save himself and his country, or he can bury himself and his country as well.

Incidentally, it doesn't mean that I agree with these rabbis going serenading this major enemy ( by definition, the Vatican IS our enemy!) of the Jewish People and groveling at his feet, asking for favors. I think they made a serious mistake and serve the cause of interfaith, G-d forbid ; none of them will dare look us in the eyes after this ( although upon listening carefully I hear one man mockingly asking Rabbi Gluck if he asked the pope about the artifacts, I think Rabbi Gluck answers yes, and another man bursts out laughing; so they are not there only to grovel after all - good move and Kol Hakavod!!). Still, this video can serve as a powerful demonstration of our eternal attachment to Har Habayit, the Kotel, Tehillim, the Psalms written by our king David, and of course to Hashem, our One and only God; it can be used as a tool to show the goyim who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going, and that's Jerusalem! And we, the Jews privileged to live in the Holy Land of Israel, are staying right home, and that's Jerusalem, that's Har Habayit, that's the Kotel, that's all of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. And nobody will take us away from here, ever, unless Hashem so decrees.

PS:  Maybe the video below could be useful in our PR predicament regarding Jerusalem; this man, Jerome Corsi, seems knowledgeable, and he can give us good advice regarding our PR battle for Jerusalem; there is a follow-up video coming tomorrow too: let's follow his model, and use our collective brains to see how we can change the narrative about Jerusalem and Israel!  

At the same time, this video is proof that if Trump causes damage to Israel, he himself will be done with: the more he hurts us, whether wittingly or unwittingly, the more he himself will be hurt! So the key to his success is doing Hashem's work here in Eretz Yisrael, and not bowing to our enemies' demands. 

See also here:

"It is literally going to take a miracle for Trump to survive the next couple of years."

That's right: Trump needs a miracle: his election was a miracle, and only by miracle will he remain in power. And you don't attract miracles by going against G-d will!

And one more thing: see what the Rizhiner Rebbe Z"L had predicted about the meeting of these misguided rabbis with the pope in Rome:

"  "In the period heralding the Moshiach there will be an exceedingly great thirst for spirituality. So much so that some Jews [in their confusion Ed.] will travel to the pope in Rome to receive his guidance. This will cause a great storming in Heaven, which will result in the fall of many world leaders and kings.…"

Compliments of Shirat Devorah:

 Quite an amazing prediction! If the Rebbe is right, this will lead to the fall of either Trump - if he persists in his current views -, or of his numerous enemies - if he relents -: the Deep State, Clinton, Podesta, the international pedophile rings permeating the circles of power ( the center of which, incidentally, is right here in Jerusalem, on Har Zion! More info about this some other time); G-d willing the end of all  New World Order types and minions.

Interesting and powerful times we live in.

Shabbat Shalom,




It contains Jerome Corsi's secret.

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3.And finally, see this video that reminds us what is right and what is not about with meeting with the pope, and specially with singing to him and wishing him long life!

Thank you, Yeranen Yaakov and Yeshiva World News


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Yes, you bet, Daisy.

I say you should post that interview with Jerome Corsi revealing the techniques he mentioned, if you haven't already; it might also help with the Messianic problem here, if they are what he says they are. If we can understand the principle(s), we can defeat the lie the "Ephraimites" are selling and they won't be able to fight back.

DS said...


Check my new post: If I forget thee O Jerusalem Part II: it's all spelled out in there.

DS said...

See here: really interesting "Wort", which in essence agrees with my take on Jewish song, mentioned at the very beginning of this post.