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Monday, May 8, 2017

I can totally identify with this candid professor of physics: I have experienced very similar reactions since I initiated the vaccine controversy here in Israel in 2009!

This is what happens to people who search for the truth, in whatever field they may find themselves, be it science, be it medicine, be they political whistle blowers, etc., etc.

But see what Rav Berland has to say about this; it is so true: it takes real courage to be a whistle blower, to dare tell the truth when everybody believes propaganda lies, and one pays a stiff price in reputation, financial rewards, sometimes one sacrifices one's freedom or even one's life! But look at the results!

“The Rebbe says that in the merit of those who accept upon themselves disgrace, people are saved from getting killed.

Everything happens in such a timely manner these days, it's magnificent! The Hand of Hashem is here for everyone to see: first the article on the blog Mystical Paths, then the video on Infowars, then the manifest of the physicist, then Rav Berland's Dvar Torah which comes from Rabbi Nachman... everything is  marvelous! Everything fits together just perfectly, on the day of Yesod shebe Netzach of the Omer, the 27th day, whose theme is humility: the Geulah is surely on the way!

Thank you Hashem.


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