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Friday, January 20, 2017

What on earth? ... Or rather, what in the sky?.... Very strange sights in the skies of Israel....

It looks like the battle of good vs evil, - the war of Gog and Magog - right in the skies of Israel!

Shabbat Shalom, and welcome to a new day, B"H.

PS: It doesn't mean that I believe in extraterrestrial life - actually I don't - but this is unbelievable. Anyone of our readers witnessed this themselves?


UPDATE January 25th _ posted January 28th _ in Spain.... what the heck?..... This is really, really weird, strange... what on earth? What in the sky???

Could all these be connected to the description of the Zohar, below? Just BEWARE, THIS GUY IS A J FOR J, or a missionary, I can't tell. Don't take his interpretations seriously, he is NOT a source for us; on the other hand he connects to very important passages of the Zohar as well as to Navi Yeshayahu. So, I divest myself completely from him and his propaganda, but I will check the passages he quotes ( how do I know he is a follower of Oto Ish? The way in which he is surprised that bible codes referring to Mashiach DON'T mention his false messiah - I can't imagine why, lol!!)

And what on earth was this, that happened on January 12th? There are some really strange goings-on in the skies of Israel lately,  paralleling the crazy and evil goings-on in their supreme court: the forced expulsion of Jews from Amona. When you plan evil, act evil, everything about you attracts evil. The government of  Israel today is so bad, just look what they are about to do to the Jews of Amona. So no wonder such a bad, scary thing appeared in the skies of Rishon.


ENEMIES OF GOD HIMSELF, UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE SUPREMELY EVIL SUPREME COURT OF ISRAEL... this is what the satanic police force of the state of Israel did today. Shame, shame, shame on them! Israel is asking for BIG trouble from above, and it WILL come to all the evildoers there; while the good, decent, God- fearing Jews of Israel, the true Jews, I have no doubt will be rewarded by Hashem for their sacrifice and suffering. 

Hashem sees everything, everything. He is right there, with us, manifesting His great power in the skies above. Just you wait, enemies of G-d, servants of Satan!


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