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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rabbi Hier, I am so proud of you! What you did at the inauguration was a real Kiddush Hashem. Now we are only waiting for the same thing coming from Israel!!!!

Thank G-d, the dawn of a new day has come. But the battle against the forces of evil is far from over; at least we are free of Obamanation, yet the foes are busy wreaking havoc as we speak. The task has only begun, both in Israel and in America. But at least the US has shown that its heart is in the right place , that it is rejecting the abominations sewed by the previous administration. Maybe blessings will flow to America again? Only G-d knows.

Meanwhile Israel is a long way behind. If only the Knesset showed the same faith in G-d that the American new administration has just shown!.... The day Israel affirms IN PUBLIC its faith in Hashem is the day WE will earn His blessings too. So, Knesset, where are you? We want to hear the same words we heard at the inauguration in Washington. Bibi, when are YOU going to proclaim a public acknowledgment of Hashem's role in Israel's public life, that we are a nation devoted to G-d and UNDER G-D???? When will the whole world hear this proclamation???

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