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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick, quick, the truth about the BANKS! ... Before they shut us up for good - at least here in Israel after the attack on a bank in Beersheva.

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Senior Israeli banker: Be'er Sheva rampage result of incitement by politicians like Yacimovich

'People should be careful not to incite in such ways, so that tomorrow people don't start shooting bank employees like ducks,' banker says in wake of deadly attack.

By Sivan Aizescu | May.20, 2013 | 10:41 PM | 3

Be'er Sheva bank shooting.
Be'er Sheva bank shooting. Photo by Eliyahu Hershkovitz
Yanai Yechiel
Eldad Yaniv. Photo by Yanai Yechiel
A senior Israeli banker responded to the killing rampage in the Bank Hapoalim branch in Be'er Sheva on Monday by calling it the result of incitement by politicians such as Labor Party leader Shelly Yacimovich against the country's banking institutions.
"People like Shelly Yacimovich and Eldad Yaniv have been for some time now been engaging in incitement against banks. People should be careful not to incite in such ways, so that tomorrow people don't start shooting bank employees like ducks," said the banker.
While Shelly Yacimovich declined to respond to these remarks, Eldad Yaniv responded in a Facebook post in which he wrote: "Mr. Senior, Your cynical attempt to use a tragic and painful incident to hurl a smoke grenade that would shut up a just and moral public – will not succeed. This attempt will not weaken the struggle against the banks and its executives, who forgo giant loans of the public's money – to Nochi Dankner and his tycoon friends, but torment small lenders, who don't seize Motti Zisser and his tycoon friends' private property when they don't pay their debts, but torment small lenders."
Yaniv went on to say that he would continue to struggle for "equality in the banks' treatment of all their customers, because all people were born equal, and to struggle for the establishment of internet banks, and for the abolishing of the account fees – like in the rest of the world, and for stopping banks from charging onerous interest rates, for stopping the overpaying of bank executives and the giving of excessive pensions to thousands of bank employees. This just and moral struggle will not stop. It will even intensify."
Shabbi Gatanio, CEO of the Organization for Advanced Democracy, responded to the senior banker's comments and said "The blood has yet to dry and senior bankers are already trying to divert the conversation from their forgiving policy regarding the tycoons' massive debts as opposed to their cruel policy towards the underprivileged. This is a vicious attack by the government-financial complex, which is losing its head. For us Eldad Yaniv is a fighting hero."

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Neshama said...!

DS said...

Yes: and courageous too.

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Ron said:

Your contributor highlighted the wrong sentence. The preceding one is of much greater importance and significance.

Thank you for both the link to Godfrey Bloom and the Banking Magazine excerpt. Both are excellent.

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Thanks, Ron. I agree, the highlight didn't make much sense, but I was unable to change it , some computer issue.

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Ron replies:

Glad you were aware. The sentence helps tie Rome and the banking system together. Mr Bloom associates the political and banking systems together. The overall evidence (albeit somewhat circumstantial) is that Rome is driving both the banking and political systems world wide.

Consider that at every significant juncture of recent banking and political history, Jesuits can be seen to have been involved. They worked with the Rothschild’s from their beginning, were involved in the setting up of the Federal Reserve System, founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which controls the political system in the US, now have their people in control of most of the significant countries in Europe etc, etc.

It is also significant that Rome holds a desire to control the world’s populations in common with the statements by the CFR and the banking system.

I promised you that I would not push New Testament writings on you but may I say that it should be very clear (but is not) to Christians that at the end times, Rome will control the wealth of the world. That day is upon us whether you look at Israel’s restoration, the Old Testament or New Testament Scripture. Devout sons and daughters of Abraham are looking for Mashiach’s first coming, Christians are (or should be) looking for His second coming.

God bless,

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Scott said:

Finally somebody understands the bigger picture

good job

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Mark said:

Fewer words are better, Thanks DS

Words on deaf ears go nowhere! Another one I'd have at my dinner table!

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And if this any indication....